The ABC's of Blogging

Monday, June 4, 2012

A all blogs are not created equally.
B but bribing people is always a great way to increase traffic.
giveaways hells yeah.

C Coding and html will most likely be the death of me.

D don't compare your blog life to other blogs,
we just have to face the fact the girl at the Daybook will always be better than us.
In. Every. Single. Way.

E every blog has its day, especially when you sponsor on bigger blogs
and give out presents, see letter "B."

F frustration has another name, it's 

G gonna have to really immerse yourself in the secret online blog club
if you ever want your blog to get "big." Took me over three years to figure this out.

H however, first rule of the blog club is never talk about the blog club.
So forget what I just said.

I Instgram is the only chance photographically challenged people like myself
have at posting halfway decent looking photos.

J just accept the fact every post is going to take twice the time
you thought it would to create.

K Keep your bloggy friends close, and your bloggy enemies closer.
You know what I'm talking about...

L Living in Yellow may or may not have inducted me into the Blog Club.
I'll just say this, there was a lot of hazing.

M Mormons are to blogging like unplanned pregnancies are to 50 Shades of Grey.
and I mean this as a compliment.

N Nobody ever said blogging was easy-
except for everyone who has never actually done it.

O only the strong will survive.
Or the very bored.

P Payed sponsors on your blog? Congrats, you've made it.

Q queen or princess, if you blog title has either in it I will not be reading.
Unless of course you mean it an ironic way, then I definitely will be.

R Rockstar Diaries should probably be called 
"Living the life straight from an Anthropology magazine 
with an adorable family to match Diaries"
- instead.

S Slow internet connections will happen.
Don't throw your computer on the ground, it doesn't help as much as you'd think.

T There will always be a blog that is better that yours.

U Unfortunately there will always be a blog that isn't quite as good, either.

V virtual friends are easier to make than real life friends.

W When in doubt, just blog about it. 
Someone will probably like it.

eXcept for Mr. Anonymous, they might give you a negative 
comment or two if you post something really dumb. 
But they're anonymous, who gives a shit.

Y yes, I do enjoy getting more followers and I honestly don't know why 
it's as gratifying as it is. I'm almost ashamed at how much it delights me.

Z zoo is one of the only "z" letters popping to mind right now. 
As you can probably imagine, I always lose at as scrabble.

And that's that.

PS- the guest blitz has began! 
Check out my post today @ The Sweet Life.


  1. HA HA! Love this. It's ALL so true :)

  2. Yet again.. nailed it with another funny and sarcastic post about blogs. I don't mean anything rude by this but seriously WHY are there so many Mormon bloggers and WHY are they all so popular. I don't get it! Been there done that with the failed link-up.. I tried to pretend like I didn't care but I totally did. I mean putting kitties into pictures. How is that not funny?

  3. Hahaha this is fabulous!! And so true!! So um what's this blog club......haha!

  4. HAHAHAH!!! this is great!!!
    & I am trying to find out what the blog club is all about

    Happy Monday.

  5. Love this. As a new-ish blogger, it's amazing how many of these things I've already witnessed. You have a new fan!

  6. Looooved this! I'm relatively new to blog world and am just now beginning to pick up on all the shiz that it is. Great A to Z. You nailed it!

  7. Talk about a love hate relationship! Ahh blogging! I Iove you! I hate you! (maybe I will blog about this...ha)

  8. this post is amazing. you and i totally get each other. living in yellow and the daybook are my two favorite blogs ever.

    xx brie

  9. Hahaha omg. So funny. Love it!

  10. I love this very cute but now I want to know what the heck a blog club is oh never mind I wouldn't be invited anyways i'm to crazy to fit anyway love the post and so happy i stumble upon your blog think i'll stick around and stalk you some if that's ok

  11. lol this is great. They were all perfect :)

  12. Love!! I'm with a friend who said she never reads blogs except mine...and yours. She found you through my page and she wants to hang out with you soon. Like really soon.

  13. This is so funny, but SO true! You hit it, spot on.

  14. You're a total freakin' genius. I think I need to hop on this 50 Shades of Grey bandwagon....maybe. First I need to decide if I wanna make Mommy Porn my thing. Ha!!

  15. Z- zero in on the love. Love your blog. Love your blog friends.

    If you want to be sappy. Love this post!

  16. Ahhhhh everything you said is SO true! Blogging and trying to actually make it successful IS's such a slow process before you get anywhere. And Dang that Daybook--she's so flippin pretty and successful!! (& I'm totally one of her blog followers.) Ps- what's this 'secret blog club' you speak of...and then didn't speak of...

  17. Haha, what a great post! Too funny and absolutely true! I saw "Morons are to blogging" instead of "Mormons" and was confused for a second. Then I thought I was a moron and reread, lol.

  18. Awww, everything a blog post should be, honest, funny, dramatic, intense! You just won my vote for best blog post ever! Until someone else writes one better ;) For now though WINNING!! I knew I liked you the first time I "met" you!

  19. taylor my dear, you never cease to amaze me.

  20. I have just popped over to your popular posts section today and I am just wondering how do you get into the blog club because if you and Erin are a part of it then count me in! Love you both! You are at the top of my daily reads and have me cracking up with each post!

  21. I saw you on the life of bon and had to come check you out. I seriously do love this post...

  22. Could some please explain M? "Mormons are to blogging like unplanned pregnancies are to 50 Shades of Grey" this analogy mean? I've never read the book. Haha, please forgive my ignorance on the subject.

  23. Hahaha this was really great! God how come I've never discovered your blog before?! any how, I'm a new follower now <3 Thank you for the amazing and nice post <3