Making it Rain

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm officially two classes in with Second City.
Which basically makes me a professional improviser.
Tonight we even got to say a "line."
Well I didn't, but one of the guy's in my group got to say "why'd she do that?"
It was pretty cool.
I got to pretend I was a taxidermist stuffing an owl.
Which is a lot harder than it might seem. Most of the group didn't agree with the "fisting action"
I was apparently portraying. 
How was I to know you don't stuff an owl like you do a turkey...
But now I bet I'll never forget. And maybe neither will you.

Here's another thing I don't want you to forget.
The giveaway a few of the lovely sponsors on my sidebar are hosting right now.

So here it is.
Hear it from the people themselves.

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Hi Daily Tay readers!  
I'm Christina and I blog over at My Life, Laughs, & Love. 
 I started the blog as a joke, but found myself meeting some amazing people and becoming somewhat addicted to all the little perks of being a blogger, so here I am today...  
You can find me writing about my weight loss journey, love notes to my fiance as we countdown to our July, 2013 wedding,
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You won't find me bragging about my kids or my fashion sense (neither of which I have), 
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 Hey there lovelies!! I blog over at Girl on a Mission to Lose the Cushion,
my personal blog that documents my weight loss journey.
It shows the ups and downs, in my weight, waist size, and well mood because of it.
There's a big of my life thrown in there too.
I hope to inspire just one other person to change their life and also hope to make you smile,
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Hello there!  
I'm Jay and you can find me blogging about life overseas on From There To Here.  
Just over 2 years ago, my husband and I left our comfortable life in Canada 
to battle cockroaches, power and water outages and robberies in Gabon, West Africa.  
While life wasn't easy, we had a blast and decided that we definitely weren't ready to head home.  
This summer we moved to Norway and are loving life in Scandinavia.  
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Hi! I'm Michelle and I write a blog called You're my favorite today. It's basically my little place to unload the overabundance of useless observations that clog my brain and drive my family crazy.
You won't ever find photos that I took of myself modeling fun and funky outfits, but you will find out    
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You won't find recipes with step-by-step photo instructions on how to create a delicious (and edible) dinner, but you will learn extremely fascinating and important facts about me and the fam, like why I hate to fly and what exploded in my car one time on the way to the airport.
And you won't find pictures of how I organize my bathroom drawers or how I do my hair or what color I paint my fingernails, but you can read what I'd go back and tell my teenage self if I could.
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  6. You are doing amazing with your acting classes!
    Looking forward to seeing you on a famous show!
    {sorry couldn't think of any shows at this very moment}

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