Christmas Comes Early

Sunday, December 9, 2012

So in the past three weeks I've got 
a speeding ticket
a parking ticket
a car that needs four new tires 
a polite "we're restructuring the company and you're no longer a part of it" phone call
pizza that never came last night (this might be the worst of all)
and then today our plumbing decided to stop working
which led to the bathroom flooding, as well as the drain in our entry way.
To say I've been short on my luck might be an understatement...

However, I believe in the power of positive thinking.
So I'm certain something really really awesome is just around the corner.
And in the meantime I'm going to pump up my karma as best I can by giving
one of you lovely readers 
a chance to win all of this great stuff below.

First of which is the ironic childrens book I published earlier this year,
A Bottle For You, A Bottle For Me.
I haven't pimped out my book on here in a while so I thought it was due time.
Let me just preface this by saying it's an ironic childrens book
 not exactly meant to be read to children.
 The illustrations however, are meant to be enjoyed by all.
You can actually preview the entire book and its awesome art work by clicking here.
So if you're still in need of purchasing some Christmas presents,
give the gift everyone wants- 
a book that playfully praises the joys of parenthood, and the wine everyone needs to do so.

And now on to all of the other great products you could win...

(from the illustrator of A Bottle For You, A Bottle For Me)

sponsor giveaway december 2012

Because I want the winner to receive all of their goodies before Christmas,
this giveaway will only go on until Friday at 12:00 a.m.
So get to entering!
Merry everything!

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  1. really really great giveaway!! esp. the book.

  2. Oh man, you've been having rotten luck! I'll send some positive vibes your way. I'm sure you're going to be extra lucky and blessed in the future. Just hang in there!

  3. oh dear, i hope something better is just arouond the corner for you! pizza not turning up,that is just pure evil!!x

  4. Damn, you are much overdue for some good luck!

  5. Bless your heart girlie! You have been put threw hell & back these past few weeks hopefully it gets better soon & not worse!

  6. Just found your blog and I LOVE it! Just subscribed and I really hope I win this giveaway! :) Hope your luck changes!

  7. no Pizza? WTF!
    Hope things turn around for you soon

  8. Any giveaway that includes multiple Sbux is a great giveaway!

  9. Your book is my new go-to baby shower gift!! :)