Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Friday (still.)
I'm back because I just can't get enough of blogging, obviously...

No but seriously, 
I need to introduce you all to two really awesome girls.
Meagan's fashion sense puts even my "fancy wardrobe" to shame.
She's chic, stylish and bold.
And she blogs about it the entire way so people like me can try to steal ideas on how to put 
nice looking outfits together.
Here she is...
Hi There! My name is Meagan and I'm that weird girl posing in my backyard in the photo's above
I have a blog called Because of Jackie.
 Intrigued yet? Well then, read on!
I do a lot of personal style stuff (let's be honest, it keeps me out of my sweatpants) and a bunch of other random things that make up my day. 
  I don't have a perfect house/perfectly styled kids/bow tie wearing husband/adorable baby bump. Sorry if that is up your alley! I do have a sense of humor (though really, can anyone beat Taylor???), a pretty good outlook on life and a love of writing and sharing my story. Minus the bow tie wearing husband. He would never. I've tried.
 I watch a lot of ridiculous TV (Sister Wives and Extreme Cougar's, oh my!) and keep two kids alive year after year in what has become quite the challenge. I write a bit about that, too. Don't be scared, I won't bore you with kid stories. Too much.

So come on over and say hello. Let's be friends. Friends that stalk each other online and learn ridiculous amounts of information about strangers type of friends. Sound good?

Told you she was cool, right?
And next up we've got Jenn from Beyond the Stoop.
She's a Jersey girl living life in her incredible brownstone.
You have to check out this section about the renovations she did on her place,
it looks like it's straight out of an Anthropology magazine.
Jenn is definitely a very talented artist and designer.
So read below, then scurry on over to her blog!

Hi! I'm Jenn, and I write over at Beyond The Stoop.

(wait... what the heck is a stoop??)

You know... those adorable stairs in front of adorable brownstone in Brooklyn.  The ones that when you dream of living in a big city, you dream of just drinking a glass of wine on those steps as you chat with your neighbors who are doing the exact same thing on their steps in front of their own adorable brownstone.  

No? You didn't have that dream?  Well that was mine.  I moved to the NYC area 3 years ago, but instead of having that dream, I paid triple my Ohio rent for half of an crappy apartment in Hoboken, NJ above an animal hospital over a mile from the nearest train.

Once Mr P and I moved in together, we moved to Jersey City, found that dream brownstone with the adorable stoop (hence the name), paid less than half the rent as in Hoboken in lieu of renovating the place how we wanted to, and live just 2 short blocks from the train.  

We are both from Ohio, so life on the east coast is QUITE a bit different!  We take advantage of the diversity, and try to cook as much as possibletry local cuisine, take advantage of how close big cities are and travel a lot, and DIY as much as possible to stay on a budget (because, you know, we've got big purchases in the future once that rock gets cemented to my finger.. like a wedding, a house, babies, lots of babies, because Mr P is asian and we'll have adorable halfies :P)  But that doesn't mean we don't enjoy life!  We work hard each day as an engineer (me) and an executive assistant (Mr P) so that we can save and have fun at the same time!

Please take a second to step into our lives, over at Beyond The Stoop. I promise you won't regret it!

And now it's really really the weekend. 


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  1. I love Meagan's style!! What a fun blog, thanks for introducing us.