The Daily Tay's Best Week Ever

Friday, December 14, 2012

It's Friday, Friday, Friday.
And even though I'm currently enroute on my second eight hour car trip of the week,
I couldn't leave without posting another edition of
The Daily Tay's Best Week Ever.
Just call me Jenny Blogger because I'm that dedicated.
This might be a short list today.

First up we've got 
Elf on the Shelf.
Did I miss something?
Since when is hiding a creepy little Dutch boy around the house a fun thing to do?
Is this a new tradition? Or just an old thing revived thanks to Pinterest?
And is it a requirement that every single day must be documented on Facebook?
If so, that really makes me question its origins...
I'm guessing Mark Zuckerberg on a Shelf just didn't have the same ring to it.
Well I've got my own tradition like this, I call it Vodka in the Cabinet.
I think I put it one place and yet the next day it always seems to show up somewhere else.

Next on our list we've got the 
Pope's Tweets
representing this week.
Pope Benny tweeted for the first time on Wednesday and it was glorious.
"Dear friends, I am pleased to get in touch with you through Twitter. 
Thank you for your generous response. I bless all of you from my heart."
A little generic, I know. But it was his first tweet, give him a break.
By the end of the week he's already vastly improved. Here's some of his latest-
"Dinner & drinks w/ my bestie. Love this time of year!"
"Watching XFactor. BSpears is awesome! Praise my Father."
You can find him online @therealODP

You know what else is having a great week?
Bieber's Man Bits.
Because they're still with him, 
and not in a plastic bag in the bottom of a river like a few sick SOBs had planned.
Selena Gomez Someone actually created a realistic death plot to murder the Biebs,
 and then {gasp} castrate  him.
Shocking, I know. I didn't think he had any balls either. Apparently he does,
and somebody wanted to take them from him.
Luckily the sickos were caught before they could carry out their plan
and Justin is currently safe at home in his racebar bed as we speak.
And in the meantime, all Jonas Brothers concerts have been cancelled until further notice.

The last thing on my list  has been all over the news this week.
Or lack there of... 
I'm talking about
(and yes I know many of you loathe this word)
Thanks to Annie Hasnopanties, underwear has never looked so good.
I don't usually like Anne, she bugs me. I might be a little jealous perhaps.
But I do think it's shitty photographers have the right to snatchp this photo of her private 
parts and then sell it all over the internets. 
It's gross and wrong. Thus the reason I chose not to use the actual pic in question.
I'm just classy like that.
My intention is not to draw anymore attention to this incident.
So her Princess just told its Diary to the entire world. Whatever, it happens.
The Devil wears nothing. That's fine, it's none of our business really.
Love and other Britneys.
The Dark Knight Rises... Okay this one's too easy, I'll stop while I'm ahead.

Have a great weekend, everyone.
Try not to make too big of an ass out of yourself at your work Christmas party.
Or do. The world's ending next week anyway.



  1. You are so right on right on with that frickin' elf! I think he may be taking over the world, or at least Pinterest!

  2. elf needs to hit the road. you will never catch me with one. You are good with the movie titles and anne hath-her-way pic.
    and now I have to go cry bc of the news of the cancelled Jonas Brothers shows. What's weird is they are both initials of JB. that's on purpose, I'm sure of it.

  3. Elf on a shelf is a reminder of all of the "MOMMIES!!!" on pinterest. really.

    And I've never been a huge Anne fan either. However, I liked her response, which was similar to yours. Instead of saying she was embarrassed she said she was "sad we live in a world where someone would rather sell the photo for a few hundred bucks than do the decent thing and click the delete button." right on.

  4. I am cracking up! I have no idea what this elf on a shelf nonsense is. We didn't do this when I was a kid. Someone explain! I am literally laughing at the picture of the Pope tweeting. I totally love it though!!! And Biber is coming to my city, and I want to go but no one will go with me. Damn. Happy Friday!!!


  5. Hahaha love it. Elf on the Shelf freaks me out. The only thing worse would be taking a troll doll and hiding it around your house. In other news, I'm glad you have the same problem with vodka as I do.

  6. WTF even IS the Elf on a Shelf? I don't get it. If I were a kid I'd be legit frightened.

  7. I love your posts so much.

    We love our Elf. I don't pin my elf's positions or anything like that. I take one IG a day, just so I can make a little book out of them after Christmas.

    I also don't go to a lot of trouble to set him up. It's just something fun for the boys to look for every morning.

  8. Let's be honest... I fell in love with your blog today! Too funny! :) I nominated you for a libester award in hopes to get more followers. Plus it's fun to do too! It's not a scam. Haha! Two followers ain't cuttin it for me! :(
    Please go follow my blog and check out the rules to the libester award!!!

    PS.. I subscribed to your blog! LOVE IT

  9. I'm apparently a bad mom. Our elf has been on top of our hutch {read: liquor cabinet} since the day after Thanksgiving. He's a creepy motherfucker!

  10. I'm so glad someone else thinks elf on the shelf is weird. It is the creepiest thing ever! I never had one growing up and I turned out okay!

  11. My favorite part of this was: "Selena Gomez with a line strike-through" Bahahahahahahahahaha! I'm at working dying! Glad to have found your blog :)

    xo, Setarra

  12. What is this vodka in the cabinet you speak of? My stays in a glass whenever possible

    "The Dark Night Rises"- I have no words. Perfect

  13. I don't get the elf thing. And I am now going to look up Ann's picture.

  14. The Pope tweeted? Can't he get his Cardinals to do that for him?

  15. You crack me up.. I must admit I always look forward to your best week ever :D Every week!

  16. Your Best Week Ever posts are amazing! It is truly the blog post I look most forward to every week. Keep 'em coming girl!

  17. haha I am loving these posts of yours, you always make me laugh!!
    And i learn so much too,JB has balls,the popeis tweeeting???Geez whats next!?

  18. Agreed hands down with the elf. Seriously WTF.....I don't remember this EVER as a child. If I did I am sure I would have been traumatized.

  19. cute blog! and funny post. just found you through a friend! excited to get to know ya better.

  20. Hilarious! ;)

  21. I found your blog through the Living in Yellow giveaway and I am so glad I did, I love it and I am now following you!

    Sparkles and Shoes
    500 Follower Kate Spade Giveaway

  22. Totally agree with the elf business!!

  23. i am seriously hoping that elf thing goes "out" before i have kids... call me lazy, but i don't want to have spend my time after my kids go to bed setting up an elf diving into marshmallows and all that mess. i have better things to do... like have a glass of wine and blog, obviously.