Monday, December 17, 2012

So what do we do now.
Tighter gun control to prevent this from happening in the future?
Sure, good idea. How about we make meth and cocaine illegal as well so people can no longer do drugs.
Let's also bring God back into the schools.
I personally don't think it can ever hurt to have God involved in things,
and I find it sad there is no mention of Him in schools any more.
But I guess I'm open minded enough to know not everyone shares my views on this.
Who cares though. Let's force our views onto everyone anyway.
Just because I happen to believe in the one God I do, everyone else should too.
No, no, here's the best idea.
Let's instead use this horrible tragedy to post mass statuses on Facebook about our own
personal platforms, and then proceed to watch the arguments that unfold in the comments below.
(Just look at all the "likes" you're getting!)
If more arguments and fighting won't solve this problem, nothing will.

Here's a weird thought.
What if everybody waited just a few more days to start fighting with each other about
possible solutions to this violence,
and instead we focused on the fact that two families are having to bury their children today.
Noah and Jack.
Jack was an avid sports fan, New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz, played
yesterday's game with Jack's name written all over his cleats and gloves.

As for Noah, well he was the youngest victim of this evil rampage.
His twin sister, Arielle, managed to escape.

I get that everyone is asking why.
And in doing so they're looking for answers, which in turn leads to arguments.
Who's to blame? There has to be a reason for this. We as humans need a reason.
Blame guns, video games, lack of God, or the shooter's parents.
Truth is, I know a lot of good parents who raise kids that aren't so good.
And I also know a lot of awesome people that came from parents that weren't so good.
So can we really throw that stone at this point?

People aren't supposed to be capable of such horrific things.
I mean I have a mini heart attack every time I almost hit a squirrel.
I thought everyone else did too.

I don't know what I'm saying here.
Who am I to judge the people who want to fight with each other on Facebook.
To each their own, I guess.
As for me, I choose to think about the victims at this moment.
I keep thinking about the Christmas gifts that will go unopened.
The little rooms that will remain untouched. The small pjs that probably still lay in the laundry basket.
The siblings who don't understand why their brother or sister didn't come home from school.
And why their parents will never be the same again.
In doing so I hope it will help me to be a little kinder to everyone I pass.
I need to honk less when people cut me off,
be more patient with others while out and about,
offer to help someone who looks like they might need it.

Is this going to solve the world's problems?
Probably not, but I don't think it will hurt.
You never know when someone is at the end of their rope,
just waiting for that final straw to push them over the edge.
What if instead they're waiting for that one random act of kindess,
that could pull them back?
We're all fighting battles out there.

And now after such a dark post I'm going to leave you with some happier thoughts
to remind you that good people still exist.
All from 26 Moments That Restored Our Faith in Humanity This Year

The New York police man who bought a warm pair
of boots for the homeless man.

The soccer team that gave their team manager a chance to start.

The owner who comforts his dog's aching arthritis to pay him back for when
the dog comforted him during a time in his life where he contemplated suicide.

And one more happy thought-
the winner of the giveaway from last week is Jen Foley! Congrats!
Any relation to Matt I wonder?

Have a good day.
Be thankful for what you have.



  1. This was just perfect. Couldn't agree with this any more :)

  2. Great post! There isn't an answer somewhere out there that will ensure things like this don't happen again, but if we all focused a little more on kindness, patience, love and laughter, maybe all be better off.

  3. OMG! You seriously took the words right out of my mouth! Thank you so much for posting this... you said it perfectly!

  4. Such a great post! thank you!


  5. This is such an amazing post, thank you. I couldn't agree more with you!

  6. This post is wonderful. Wish more people thought like this.

    And, I WISH I were related to that Foley! So excited--thanks!

    Jen Foley

  7. I feel the exact same way. When stuff like this happens I always look at my life & realize all those things I get annoyed or angry over are so petty. Great post Tay!

  8. What a great post & great way to look at things right now. I feel the same way. I think we should be thinking of the families and the pain they are having to endure in their everyday lives now. And I think a random act of kindness can go a looooooong way. And even if it doesn't, it certainly isn't hurting anything. Have a great day :)

  9. Couldn't agree with this post more. Very well said.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing. I am feeling the same way. I hate all of the finger pointing, and soap box rants on Facebook. Give these families some respect for goodness sake.

  11. Just love. I've sat down to write something a thousand times since then and deleted it. It isn't about politics, or gun control, or the separation of church and state, or mental health: it's about loss that I can't even fathom. It's condescending and shitty to try to categorize it as anything else.

  12. it's all just hard to think about... instead of pointing fingers, give your heart to those that were lost, and be thanksful and cherish the ones you have. all too often we are reminded that sometimes lives are cut too short, and that it's not fair... so pay it forward, and be happy :)

  13. This was so perfectly written. I actually copied and pasted it to my sister and a few friends.

  14. A lot of my favorite posts ever are already from you, but this one takes the cake. Brava, dear girl. Thanks for putting into words the thoughts in my head that I couldn't form into such eloquent phrases.

  15. Great job Taylor! I completely agree and hey it's nice to see your serious side on your blog ;)

  16. A - freakin' - men. What a wonderful post.

  17. Bawling at work...I'm so professional. Great post.

  18. Couldn't have said this better if I tried.

  19. Well said. The truth is there is no "answer" or way to fix this. I think that sadly this is our new reality: really bad things are going to happen and we can't stop it. Bad or sick people will find a way to hurt others if they really want to no matter the precautions we put in place. But we can't live in fear. Gotta keep keepin' on.

  20. this is a great post taylor. and I agree with you. I don't have the answer but neither do people who "think" they do. And it makes me sad. I read that 26 moments thing, made me happy.

  21. Agree 110% great post. The only thing we need is to focus on the ones we love and not freak every 10 seconds over things we can't control. I also freak if I almost kill a squirrel :)

  22. well said. couldn't agree with you more.

  23. I think the focus should be on what to do with people that have mental issues. The lack of diagnosis or parents refusing to believe that there is something wrong with their kid, or the parents that see there is something wrong, but don't have the medical coverage to help their child in need. There was a huge blog post floating around over the weekend about a mother who has a son with multiple personalities and how he pulled a knife on her and has threatened to kill him self etc etc...let me know if you didn't read it I'll send you the link. Anyhow, I said it should be about people with mental illnesses because they are saying the shooter as with all the others have serious mental issues. You are absolutely right it's not about video games or gun control or teachers like myself arming ourselves?! haha not going to happen. I think it's about helping the parents that NEED help with kids that have problems such as these that seem to reoccur.

  24. Such a lovely post and I really love your point of views.

  25. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post.

  26. Best post of the day. And you are so right, one act of kindness from one person won't change the world, but it could change THAT one person...but just think if at least 75% of this country did what you just said...we would all be in a much better place. Nobody has the's a whole lot of stuff piled into one...but each of us MUST try to make the difference every day....not just for a few weeks after a tragic event. God bless those babies and their families...and cut the FB crap,'s ridiculous!

  27. A beautiful post on such a tragic event.

  28. I couldn't agree with you more. And thank you for sharing the 26 moments. I think it's what a lot of us need right now!

  29. So very thankful. Those "moments" got to me. Your writing got to me. I agree with the others ... well said indeed.

  30. High five on an awesome post! Everyone wants an answer, but I don't think we will ever understand why this happened.


  31. You have a diet coke ad on your blog. I approve.

  32. this was amazing.
    thank you for this.

  33. This is by far, the best post written on such a morbid tragedy. I cheers to you for writing all of it. It made me cry, shake my head in agreement and want to give you a big hug.. and I don't even know you. So thank you.