We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2012

And the holidays have finally arrived.
I feel like every year I spend months getting ready/excited for Christmas and yet it always
seems to sneak up on me in the end.

Anyway, this time of year I'm always reminded of one thing.
That Hallie O'Fallon was, and still is, my ultimate fashion icon.

Because it just doesn't get better than Thora Birch circa 1991.
I wanted that white muff so bad.
Um... if you're thinking what I'm thinking after just typing that get your mind out of
the pedophile's gutter.
It's almost Christmas for God's sake.
I'm talking about that gorgeous hand warmer thingy she's holding, obviously!

And her gold chain clutch?
I die.
Thora owned this role like it was nobodys business.

If you still don't know what I'm talking about, we probably can't be friends.
Because I'm referring to one of the best holiday movies ever,
All I Want for Christmas.

I've watched it on repeat for the past five days.
Clearly, I've been very busy.

And now since I need to get back to doing Christmas things I'm going
to let you all read a little ditty from a very talented blogger
regarding her tips on how to bother your boyfriend.
Because I know we all need advice in that category.
It's quite humorous, which isn't hard to believe given the fact that
Cassandra is pretty funny herself.
If you're not already reading her blog you need to be.
Just read on below and you'll see why.
Here she is...

Hello Daily Tay readers! 
I'm Cassandra and I blog over here
I'm so excited to share some blog space with Taylor today. She is so funny and smart and talented. She takes improv classes, writes books, makes us laugh... When thinking about what to share on her blog, I thought, maybe I could talk about what I'm good at since Taylor is a multi-talented lady and all. I decided to ask my boyfriend what he thought I excelled in. He was busy with some grad-school-yada-yada homework and didn't have time for yet another blog-related question. So of course I persisted until he eventually came up with...
"You sure are good at bothering me".  
Well it's something.
Everyone is good at something and I'm good at annoying my boyfriend. So here it goes...

When I saw that Taylor's nephew had the exact same bear costume as my nephew, I knew I had to sponsor her and then find some cheesy way to show the coincidence.

1. Constantly challenge his memory of the major milestones of your relationship.
 "When was our first date? What was I wearing? When did you first realize you loved me? Why did it take so long?" Does it matter if he can remember exact dates or what you were wearing during them? No. It's about the feelings he had then and the bond you have now, BUT best to keep him on his toes I say! To help him along maybe create some flash cards!!

2. Go for comfort when shopping for nightwear.
3.Babies, Babies, Babies! 
Never let him forget that the main biological purpose of your relationship is to procreate. Here are some fun ways to remind him of just that!
-Show him all the pictures your girlfriend just posted of her newborn son/daughter. Or even better... the sonograms! Add oohs and ahhs to the most graphic of photos for effect.  

 -Volunteer the both of you to babysit your baby nephew at least once a week. Find yourself busy during diaper changing time.
-Keep adding to the number of children you claim you would like to have. Every six months or so if it comes up in conversation hike that number up. Go from '1 child probably' to 'Well of course two children' to 'No less than four' . I have gotten Derek to go from maybe wanting one child in his life, to the possibility of FIVE children. Do I want to bear five children? OH HELL NO, are you crazy? I just like knowing I am in control of the predicted baby count of our relationship.

-Constantly ask him when he thinks he will be ready to have children. NO rush... but I mean... it is the Year of the dragon.

4. Find the loudest and most embarrassing ways to show your affection.
To show my love in the loudest way possible I go with hand-made topical cards. For example, this Valentine's Day card circa 2012.
 Why yes! Those are our heads copied and pasted to the bodies of the royal couple and YES, it is pop up card. If possible present this manifestation of your affection in a large crowd setting, like a sporting event or company party.

 5. Never miss an opportunity to get festive.
I don't think I need to explain much here.

6. Decorate the house with all those tacky Yankee Swap gifts you got at the family Christmas party. 

 7. Decide to start a blog and OBSESS about it.
 Talk about it all the time and make him edit your posts. Add embarrassing photos for good measure. Go to him for blogging advice even though he never signed on for the project. Here are some things I'm frequently asking Derek about my blog: "What do you think of this post? To whinny??" "Does this sound...." "Does this have the slightest potential to be misconstrued to sound even the least bit sexist/prejudice/racist/ageist/discriminatory?".

So there ya have it! If anything these tips will definitely help you test the bonds of your relationship! Oh I'm just kidding... mostly.
It's been great sharing some blog space with Taylor and I hope to see you over here soon!


  1. White. Muff. Yep... definitely dripped right down the pedophile gutter on that one.

  2. "All i Want for Christmas" is my favorite holiday movie. ever. maybe just favorite movie. Yes, it IS that good. Cassandra is hilarious, as are you Taylor, so thanks for sharing all of these shenanigans- you ladies made my day!

  3. What a cute post! I love #5!! hehe
    Merry Christmas! <3

    Glam Mania

  4. Thora makes Suri very jealous.

    Love the tips, especially the night wear.

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