Confessional Friday

Friday, March 30, 2012

It's 11:00 p.m. on a Friday night and I'm playing on blogs. But I'm okay with it.

I just finished a bottle of wine (to myself) while watching The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

I didn't love the book.

So far, I think it's a very boring movie.

Same with My Week With Marilyn from last night.

But I'm still very intrigued with Marilyn. Not so much the girl from Dawson's Creek.

I'm full from dinner, but still jonesing for a bowl of chips.

Chris and I legitimately thought we won the megamillions lotto for roughly 5 seconds tonight. We didn't.

But there's always the Powerball tomorrow...

I also bought a scratch ticket tonight. My WT'ness is getting out of control.

Pretty soon, we'll be opting for Hamburger Helper rather than steak. Mmmm Hamburger Helper...

We should have gone out tonight, but I just love staying in soooo much.

I was supposed to start my book today. I didn't.


I've spilled my wine on the couch 3 times now. 

It's time for another bowl of chips.

The Always Changing Blog..

Playing around with some new blog layouts thanks to the ever talented 
Kammie Russel...

Check out her site featuring some of her amazing art work at:

She's just cool like that.

Hello Friday!

As of today...
Chris and I signed the papers and this lovely little brownstone will be ours on May 1st.

And by “ours” I mean ours as renters of course, by “papers” I mean the lease. And do I even need to say we have only just the first floor? Didn’t think so.

Speaking of, I still can't figure out how I keep seeing so many Facebook posts about "signed on our house!" and they mean like bought, not rent. How did I miss the "we're at the age to buy homes" train? 

I'm still trying to figure out how I can afford my next pair of colored jeans. Which WON'T be another pair of $180 purple Joes jeans. Probably not my best purchase. And that might be why I'm still on the renter train... Hmmm.
But take a look at our very “own” wonderful side yard/patio we will be acquiring. In Chicago, having a yard this huge is pretty much un heard of. It’s almost as good as having a water slide that leads from your bedroom to your pool. Will any child from the 90s ever get over the movie Blank Check? Or am I the only one still obsessed with having everything Preston Macintosh had?

Clearly I am very excited. Chicago summers= amazing. I love this time of year, when I start to get the "schools out for summer" feeling. Doesn't matter that I've been out of school for almost 3 years now (gross.) I still get the feeling that it's time to toss things up a bit. 

Like... do a good spring cleaning and get rid of all my ugly clothes (purple jeans) start staying up later and playing outside longer... 

no good.

And does anyone else crave a good old fashioned ride on the zipper at the D.C. Lynch Carnival right about now? Nothing says the start of summer like a toothless carnie selling cotton candy and funnel cakes from the back of his trailer. Oh  Nebraska, I need to come visit ASAP.

Speaking of carnies/gypsies. I realized today that since I moved out of my parents house back in 2005, I have moved every year, at least once a year ever since. Sometimes twice a year. That's a lot of moving in 7 years. Maybe I can settle down in this new place for at least two years... Maybe. But probably not. You can take the girl out of the carnival, but you can't take the carnival out of the girl. 

Remind me sometime to talk about my summer job of 2008 where I worked right alongside the workers of D.C. Lynch carnivals traveling from one Nebraska fair to the next. Good people, those carnies.

Anyways... Happy Friday. I'm feeling good about this one. Kammie and I are just days from getting our website up for our children's book, A Bottle For You. A Bottle For Me, which means we can start taking orders soon! She did in ten minutes, what would have taken me over 4 hours to design on the website. I think I've talked her into revamping my blog here pretty soon...

And even more exciting, I think I'm going to have my first giveaway within the next few days! If you haven't yet, check out the shop at Peaceofme. The shirts are super cute and fit really well. More deets to come on this later.

Time to enjoy the weekend! and go buy another mega millions ticket...

and sorry about the font/size problems going on in this post, it seems was trying to ruin my great Friday... nice try.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

In the midst of me feeling super sorry for myself this morning-
what with my car not starting, having to get up sooo early, paying too much at the vet... all very serious "problems"

I stumbled across a pretty sweet article about a little girl from Nebraska named Addie Hestermann. 

Take a look- puts things into perspective a little bit. At least it did for me..

"The short, busy life of Addie Hestermann"
by Cindy Lange Kubick- Lincoln Journal Star

SYRACUSE -- The founder of Heartland Pet Sitting, named for the street where she lived with her mom and her dad, her two little brothers and two cats and Bailey the pug, died Monday.
"Dogs Rabbits Hamsters Lizards Fish Etc," Addison Hestermann, 9, wrote on the business cards she made.
"No cats or snakes, please."
Her grandpa was allergic to cats, Addie's mom Jamie explains Wednesday, standing in her daughter's yellow bedroom, where 2-year-old Tripp is hiding behind the curtains wearing Addie's pink cowboy boots.
Addie also ran a pet hospital in the basement playroom -- Isaac, 4, and Tripp assisted with the sick stuffed animals when possible.
The fourth-grader was president of The Furry Friends Club as well. "Mostly in charge," she wrote in her careful printing on club stationery.
Addie was diagnosed with leukemia March 20.
She would have turned 10 Wednesday.
For her birthday, the girl who loved animals had planned to have a sleepover.
No presents, please.
Instead, she wanted her friends to bring something from the Capital Humane Society's wish list -- pet food, bleach, dog treats, window cleaner, paper towels, blankets, batteries, kitty litter ...
And in the days before her funeral Thursday, they did.
* * *
Addie said her chest hurt.
She'd been fine earlier that day, playing softball in the front yard. Maybe it was her asthma acting up, Jamie thought.
But the breathing treatment didn't help, and Addie had a fever, too, so in the middle of the night they drove to the hospital in Lincoln.
Two days later, they followed up with a doctor's visit. Probably a virus, the doctors told Jamie each time.
But when the fever still was lingering four days later, Addie's dad took her to another doctor.
This time, they drew blood. And this time, the doctor called Scott Hestermann into his office.
"I knew it wasn't good when he put the box of Kleenex out."
Scott loaded Addie into the car for the drive to Children's Hospital in Omaha. They picked Jamie up from Eagle Elementary School, where she works as a media specialist.
A pink-cheeked fourth-grader at recess peeked into the truck.
Jamie looked in at her daughter, so pale, so sick.
"I knew it was dire."
On the hurried drive, Jamie kept looking back at Addie, strapped in her seat. It was like the day you bring your baby home from the hospital, she said.
The way a mother can't help turning around to make sure everything is OK.
* * *
The family moved to Heartland Drive, part of a small subdivision just north of Syracuse, when Addie was 8. They'd been living in Gretna, but Jamie and Scott -- a bank auditor -- both grew up in small towns, and this felt like home right away.
Especially to Addie. She found a group of girls at school and in the neighborhood.
She'd started her fledgling pet-sitting business there and made her first $20 babysitting for Grandma and Grandpa's rambunctious dog, Maggie.
She and her friends opened a lemonade stand at the end of the driveway, attracting neighbors and relatives on summer afternoons and weekends.
And Addie offered spa days, 10 cents for a massage, 10 cents for styling your hair, 50 cents for a package that included a foot massage and nails.
"We were good tippers," her mom said.
By the end of the year, Addie had $87 to deliver to the Humane Society in Lincoln.
This year's goal: $200.
She'd collected $2.11 in her black piggy bank before she got sick.
And on the day before her funeral, the day of her birthday, bags and boxes and totes appeared in ever growing piles at businesses and at Addie's school in Syracuse.
Pet food, bleach, dog treats, window cleaner, paper towels, blankets, batteries, kitty litter ...
In memory of a kind-hearted girl, a beloved daughter, a loving sister and a faithful friend to animals everywhere.

Read more:

Harlow's STD

After only two and half hours at the doctor, 3 new bottles of pills, and $300 later,
I'm back at home.

Me? I'm a-okay, never been better. It's poor Harlow who is the one under the weather. As of today, he's on the Magic Johnson pill regimen. The vet gave me over six different pills to nurse him back to health. Six! That's a lot of meat slices I'm going to have to go through- especially because I give myself a slice every time he gets one (no one likes to eat alone.)

It all started yesterday afternoon when Har began hacking like an 80 year old smoker on an oxygen tank. I assumed he just had some bone stuck in his throat (is a "that's what she said" joke too easy here?) I thought so too. As the night wore on, his cough got worse and worse and eventually he started gagging up what dog's often gag up (white foam and yellow liquid.)

He would lay on the ground. Then jump to the bed. Back to the ground. Up on the bed. And every time in between he'd jump right on my head to make sure I knew he was awake. It was a long night.  Eventually I made him a little bed on the couch. Which of course, he left the minute I left.

I was literally waiting for my alarm to go off at 7:30 a.m. so I could drive him to the vet. But that would be too easy. My car battery was dead. What is this the 90s? Am I 16? I didn't realize car batteries still died. In Nebraska, everyone has cables in their trunk and a jump is just a friendly stranger away. In Chicago? Doesn't seem to be the case..

Luckily, Neleigh is coming over tonight to lend her cables (she's from Nebraska obvi.)

So I started walking to the vet, which was roughly .5 miles away, so not a huge deal. I'm lazy, I know... I got inside, and like a frantic mother, started explaining to the staff about how sick my dog was and how last night he wouldn't stop coughing and puking and his head was spinning and he was writing demonic formulas on the wall... All the while Harlow is wagging his tail and smiling at the front desk girls like he doesn't know what I'm talking about. He can be such an asshole.

They showed me to a back room where I was to wait for the doctor. And only 2 hours later he showed up. Talk about service... But I was a walk-in, so don't worry, I wasn't super pushy about how long it took (as if I would ever do that anyway!)
Notice the lovely swipe of drool across my leg. Thanks Har.

The doc took his temp (anally, of course.) Can you imagine if this was standard human procedure? I feel like I probably wouldn't have gone to the nurse in elementary nearly as much. And certainly not in high school.

He took an X-ray, took his blood pressure, asked him to cough twice, advised him on the HPV shot and then finally diagnosed him with bordetalla (not officially though) aka kennel cough. Which is ironic because Harlow doesn't go in a kennel, he doesn't get boarded, he doesn't share water bowls, so your guess is as good as mine where this so called doggy STD (Sniffing Transmitted Disease) came from. 

After the X-rays, the antibiotics, the two hour visit itself, I was sent home with a $300 bill. Can I afford this? Nope, probably not. Did I pay it without batting an eye? Of course. Who wouldn't for a little guy like this?


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm all about change this week.
So to continue on this little change-train, I'm trying to win my first blog giveaway (yes Dannie, your Facebook post prompted me to check into all these fab giveaways you talk about) this one happens to be an awesome blog makeover. 

I try to make this page look fancy, but clearly I struggle. I don't understand color scheme, I couldn't space something correctly to save my life, and it took me roughly 38 days just to create the three photo collage you see in my "header" above.

Bottom line: I suck. And I want this shit to look good so I can quit my errr, well so blogging can be my job. Wouldn't that be nice? Yes, yes it would.

Melissa, over at CherryonTop is obviously very good at what she does. I'm hoping with her talents, she could turn my cynical little blog into a pretty looking, cynical little blog.

I don't think I won the lotto this evening, so maybe I can win this amazing giveaway instead.

Again, wish me luck. I could use it this week.

Tuesdays with Tiffany

One last brief tribute to the girl who hates:

"old people, babies, cats, sharks, and horses."

It's a Tiff in the box.

"I don't like to be alone, can I prop the door open while I go to the bathroom?"

Fortune cookie Tiffany.

"On my last day of Vegas I always swear I'm never going back. But I always do."

Fits in an envelope Tiffany.

"You need to change your pants, never wear that shirt again, and trim your eyebrows. Then we can maybe talk."
(when a guy tried to hit on her in Vegas last weekend)

Just relaxing in a box Tiffany.

Do your jam girl, do your jam.

When in Rome

Monday, March 26, 2012

Before my travels are officially over (depression is already in full force) I have to fit in one little recap of our last day of adventures in Rome. It was only last Wednesday, yet it feels light years away now..

Rome was unlike any other place I've ever been. It was bustling and busy and hectic and yet in the middle of it all were crumbling buildings and pillars from like 86 AD. How nuts is that? Totally reminded me of the cliff park in Norfolk where that old cave from the 1970's still has partial remains.

In under 24 hours we saw the Vatican (overrated) just kidding.
But let's just say I will no longer feel guilty about not always making my contribution into the money basket at church. I might start taking out actually.

Trevi Fountain, which our hotel was literally ten steps away from.
I think I made about 100 wishes in here. Banking on at least 3 or 4 coming true any day now...

The Coliseum, which reminded me a lot of Memorial Stadium in Lincoln.
Wonder if Rome became the third biggest city on their game days, as well?

We some saw Gladiators.
Who knew gladiators looked so much like Michael Scott.

We rubbed the foot of this dude for good luck. 
The line was super long full of others hoping to get a touch of luck from this age old statue. Naturally, I wanted to touch the foot and fall to the ground and scream in pain just to see what kind of reactions I might get. But I resisted.

And we were also able to see the changing of the guards outside of the Vatican. Why the guards dress like Elton John is beyond me. Would these guys scare you off if you were trying to break in? Me neither. The only thing I would be hesitant about challenging them to is a dance off. And also perhaps a heel-clicking contest.

And before we knew it, it was time to go home. Sad. 
Like my sweet peace shirt? Get one for yourself HERE.

Before all of our fun was completely over, we had a nice little layover in Munich for some much needed R&R& beer.

I don't know why, but I really like Germany. I zink it vust be vecause of der accents, yah? Yah. I'm definitely going back to this country soon.

They could probably work on the size of their wiener schnitzels, however. This thing was tiny.

It's back to reality tomorrow. I'm already struggling. 

Playing in the Veggy

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Okay... Enough is enough. I'm tired. I think I'm ready to retire my suitcase for a few weeks.
Waking up in Vegas for day #3 all I can think is how nice my couch sounds back in Chicago. That sounds pathetic, I know. But I haven't seen that couch in almost nine days. 

Here's the view from our room at Cosmopolitan. So don't get me wrong, I've a had great time. I'm just a bit Vegas'd out at the moment. Or maybe that's just the 37 drinks from last night talking... It was kind of a drastic change to go from the countryside of Tuscany, immediately to the sluttyside of the Las Vegas strip.

I got home Thursday evening around 10 p.m., dumped out my suitcase of scarves and boots, and replaced it with short dresses and high heels and was back at airport less than 12 hours later at 7:00 a.m. I was running on fumes, and still am.

Immediately upon landing we headed to the Cosmo pool and began boozing. And it feels like it hasn't stopped ever since. We've hit up all of the hot spots like Marquee, Chandelier bar, STK, and my favorite yet- the infamous Cosmopolitan breakfast buffet. The Country Inn just won't be the same now unfortunately. 

Dinner at STK wasn't bad either. I mean if you're into things like lobster, steak, oysters, crab, ext. Which I think I kind of am. The atmosphere felt like a club within a restaurant. I pretty much hate clubs, but at STK I was feeling it.

I was also feeling the Cristal we were all sipping on. You know you're not a regular Cristal drinker when you pause to take a photo of it on your phone... Oh well, I'm from Nebraska. Andre is usually my drink of choice from a champagne flute.

We're heading to the Beatles show tonight and then flying home tomorrow. I can't wait to lay on my couch for hours on end. It's never sounded so amazing.

Fast Forward to Our Last Day..

Thursday, March 22, 2012

And somehow I’ve already found myself back on the 12 hour flight from Munich to Chicago. The lovely German stewardess hasn’t been by to refill my plastic wine cup in nearly 35 minutes and I’m starting to get a bit angsty. My new Italian wine diet has me with the shakes if I’m not constantly fueling my blood stream with a nice fruity red wine every 20 minutes. I’m so parched I’m about to ask for water. That’s so American of me. Eww.
Here’s a little recap of what we we’re up to with the last few days in our Italian paradise.

We ventured off to Venice with a brief stop in Florence. 

Lessons learned in Florence:

It rains there.

Umbrellas purchased from gypsies on the street don’t protect one from the rain.

The Zach Potter fan club has a world wide membership. Go Jags #88!

We were only able to spend a few hours in Florence before hopping on a train to Venice.

Venice was... pretty amazing. Almost as cool as the Venetian in Las Vegas according to Chris. 
It truly reminded me of a fairy tale- a fairy tale with a lot of Italian cigarettes and dirty looks directed at Americans. But a fairy tale, none the less.
We arrived on Monday evening just in time for cocktails. Although, on this vacation somebody was always saying “I’m ready for a cocktail” at any hour of the day, usually my dad or Tyeler.

We sipped a few pre-dinner drinks in our quaint little hotel bar. I was in love with this bar, it felt like we were in Venice in the 1950s. Or as Zach put it, “feels like we’re in the old market right now.” Omaha, Nebraska... Venice, Italy... Pretty much the same thing.

 Determined not to look like tourists, we stepped off the beaten path in hopes of finding a  great local spot. The restaurant we found seemed like just the place. The hard liquor bottles were covered in dust, as were a few of the patrons, one particular man who Chris couldn’t stop staring at and desperately wanted to invite to join our table. Our Italian waiter served us so graciously as if were the first Americans he’d seen in five years.
Best part of all was that they had calamari and french fries!!! I was in heaven. Perhaps this place wasn’t so authentic? I swear it was though.
After dinner we were in search of a bar. A good “old fashioned Irish bar” to be exact. Which as it turns out, Venice doesn’t seem to have too many. We walked down small curvy street after small curvy street looking for this elusive bar. The streets got so small that eventually Zach had to walk sideways scaling the old walls just to fit down them.

We ended up back at our hotel bar. Which seemed to be a-okay with everybody involved.

By far though, my favorite part of Venice was our gondola ride. I knew Venice didn’t allow cars, and it’s surrounded by water, and blah blah blah, but I really couldn’t grasp it until I actually experienced it. And even thinking back, it still blows me out of the water... har har.
But strolling through the canals in a gondola, going under some of the 500 bridges, seeing the homes of people like Casanova and Marco Polo, made it about as real for me as it gets. I’m already wanting to go back.
We had one final night in the villa in Tuscany before heading off to Rome. Given it was our last night with the GodPots, we felt it would probably be for the best if we didn’t play our regular nightly game of “the name game.” 

We wanted to leave still speaking to each other. I might recap the name game incident in another post, it takes a lot to explain and I just don’t have the energy right now. Let’s just say when playing this game, don’t ever use the name Clint Glasscock. Or Rikki Tikki Tavvi. Because you might get called “fart breath.” Chris and I almost broke up. Jk. But...

Wednesday morning we left the comforts of the villa for the hustle bustle of Rome. We were sad to leave John, Beth, Tye and Zach, but it was for the best since they were all planning on participating in Zach’s NFL workouts on this day. Tyeler was just chomping at the bit to push a tractor wheel up the insanely steep hill into Montepulciano. 
Rome may not have been built in day, but we saw most of it in under 24 hours. So much to say, so little time. Will have to talk about this later.

I need to attempt to sleep. Departing for Las Vegas at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow will come very soon...