The Daily Tay's Best Week Ever

Friday, November 30, 2012

Finally, after what has seemed like a twelve day week,
another Friday has arrived.
TGIF, Rebecca Black, TGIF.
I figure we might as well jump right in and cover this week's edition of
The Daily Tay's Best Week Ever.

First of all, we gotta start with Dick.
As in Liz and Dick the Lifetime movie that premiered on Sunday night.

This movie is so awesomely bad everyone is talking about it.
Or maybe nobody is, I don't actually know.
I watched about thirty minutes of it and saw all I needed to see.
But if you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and get a little blitzed,
put on a black wig, smoke an old fashioned cigarette, and then watch Parent Trap.
Because that's about as much sense as Liz and Dick makes.

Next on our list would have to be
Ugg Boots, Kindle Fires, and Video Games.

Because those were the top three selling items on Cyber Monday.
Now the only hard part will be finding a time machine to travel back to 2004
to find someone who hasn't already owned, and thrown out, and least three of those items.

And then we've got
Bo Obama. Bobama. Boma.
As if his entire life isn't the best week ever, it just got even better.
Bo just became the new internet sensation thanks to this video--->

I just wonder how many plastic tubs Michelle owns to store all of her decorations.

You know who else is having a great week?
Mark and Cindy Hill of Dearborn, MO.
They just won the $500 million Powerball from Wednesday night.
I honestly still can't believe it wasn't me...
Or at least one of my Facebook friends.

But by far, the one person having the best week ever is
Kim Jung-un the North Korean dictator.
Are you ready for this story? It might be one of my favorites from all year.
The satirical American magazine The Onion recently named Kim the Sexiest Man of the Year. Well, good old Communist China somehow got wind of this
and proceeded to reprint the news all over their country.
Reposting various Onion quotes such as:
"With his devastatingly handsome, round face, his boyish charm and his strong, sturdy frame, this Pyongyang-bred heartthrob is every woman's dream come true."
China's newspaper, The People's Daily, even went on to run a 55 page spread
of the sexy beast, Kim Jung.
You go Kim Coco.

And this has been another edition of The Daily Tay's Best Week Ever.

But seriously, how pissed are you that you're not the Hill's right now?
I mean really.
Feel free to follow along with all of my non-millionaire weekend shenanigans
on Instagram @taylorgracewolfe

A Visit From The Mormafia

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Well today was just another day in the life of a game show host.
I was busy making dreams come true letting middle school kids have their turn in this.

And this would be a money machine.
Have you ever been in one?
Sell just four tubs of cookie dough and I'll bring it by your house and let you have a spin.
I suggest wearing baggy clothes when you go it, because you get to keep anything that 
gets stuck in your hood or pockets.
So to all of the little thirteen year old hos in their tighter than tight Justice clothing today,
let this be a lesson.
Tight clothes are not the way to go about getting cash,
not in a money machine or in real life.

Anyway, today I've got my very favorite member of the Mormafia chiming in below.
All of the lovely Mormon girls with cute husbands and cute kids and cute clothes
who run the blogging world who sometimes make you feel bad about your own life.
(but never intentionally...)
But Bon's not just any blogger, she's like a writer.
Like a real writer.
She has one of those rare blogs that actually consists of more words than photos.
And she's good at it.
She writes about the good, the bad, and the blugly, and makes no apologies for it.
ugly topics most bloggers stray away from.
And Bon also has that amazing ability to make people feel truly connected to what they are reading.
Even though I'm a fan of laughing, this post she wrote about her dad last week is probably one of my favorites in blog land.
But I've said enough, here she is:

I'm Bonnie and writing nonsense is my game.  Sometimes I get in trouble for what I write, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles.  Some call me Bonnarrhea and some call me Bon Bon Sexy Pants, but you can just call me Bonnie.  Or Bon.  Whatevs.  I write over at Life of Bon where life is always a party.   The husband's name is Greg, but I've been told I would be a fool for letting the internet Gods know my husband's name because now they can steal our identities and invade our home, GASP!  Therefore, to protect us from cyber devils and because it seems somehow hip I have named him Hubs.
During the day I teach high school English to ungrateful seventeen year olds who have somehow completely stolen my heart. Ain't that always the way it is with ingrates?!?  I'm an avid reader, a hopeless romantic, and a terrible driver. (I once got two speeding tickets in twenty minutes- ouch!) I write mostly about failed attempts to yank underwear off of mannequins, awkward visits to gynecologists, and absurd things that come out of the mouths of the hoodlum students.

That picture above is me.  But don't be fooled.  I very rarely look that good.  In fact, I have looked like that a total of once in my entire life.

Moving onward...If you are a big fan of Tay Tay's blog like I am, you know that every Friday she does a little thing called "The Best Week Ever".  It seems like I remember her saying that she stole this from somewhere, but as far as I'm concerned it's Taylor's original little baby genius.  I figured since Taylor is letting me take over the blog today, it's time that we got a little "Best Week Ever:  Special Tay Tay Edition."  Come with me as we enjoy the different aspects that make up Taylor's days as we decide which thing in her life is indeed having the best week ever.


Just the fact that I know the name of this pooch and I live 27 states away and have never met Taylor in real life should tell you something about how awesome the dog is.  Plus, he's getting walks and Dairy Queen up the wazoo.  Considering I keep my poodle outside in the mud all day, I'd say Taylor's doggie is having a pretty dang good week.


We all love ourselves a good blue eyed, bearded man and if you hang around Taylor's blog much you know that we get to see a lot of this one.  He's been chasing Taylor for 5+ years and she finally agreed to commit and get matching tattoos so his week really could not be better for old Chris.  At the end of the day, though, Harlow still wins because he gets to spend all afternoon with Taylor.  ALONE.  What do you think of that, Chris?!?

Plaid Scarves

I don't know who these girls are rocking this picture with Taylor, but the only important thing is that they are bringing back the once fading trend of plaid scarves.  It's been years since I've seen a plaid scarf on anyone anywhere, but with so many cute girls wearing them, maybe they won't fade into oblivion after all?

Let's face it, isn't every week the best week ever for wine on Taylor's blog?

White teeth

Ever since Taylor's blog rocketed to bloggy blog world fame, sales for teeth whitener have been going up nationwide.  How else would she get such beautiful pearly whites?  And the awesome thing is that in every post her teeth only seem to be getting whiter!  Or is it creepy...?


Who are we trying to kid here?  I don't even know what this food is, but pretty sure it will never be having the best week ever.  Like ever.

But who is really REALLY having the BEST. WEEK. EVER?!?


Not only is this the only time in his life that Cookie Monster has looked half way decent, but he just found out, thanks to our re election of Obama, that he won't be going anywhere soon!  Go ahead, everyone breathe a huge sigh of relief for the old guy.  Now Taylor can go on doing her thing, rocking cookie monster costumes and tearing it up on her unicycle.  Congratulations Tay Tay!  And congrats Cookie Monster!

And that wraps up our Special Tay Tay Edition of Best Week Ever.  Don't forget to stop on by my bloggy blog where we talk about lots of uber important things like how to get people to give you the birdie in traffic, breast feeding in public, and parking in handicapped stalls.  
Follow me on twitter and facebook where life is always a freaking party.


Boys vs Girls

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Living with a boy is hard.
However, I'm honest enough with myself to say that living with a girl
(when you're a boy)
is probably a lot harder.
Sometimes I think all of our crazy antics can be traced back to Queen Crazy herself,
when she was told repeatedly not to take a bite of the damn apple
but she did anyway.
I'd understand if it was a piece of sausage pizza, or chicken nachos or something,
but an apple? Really, Eve? You couldn't have waited just an hour until dinner?
Because of that one decision I think God gave all girls the crazies.
As well as the inability to not eat something when we know we shouldn't...

How often does your guy go crazy because you left the dishes out?
Or the toilet seat down?
Or didn't make the bed? Or ate the last of the Cinnamon Toast Crunchies without buying a new box?
He probably didn't. Because guys are more sane than girls.
And if you disagree with me, well then I suggest buckling up, because your crazy train
is obviously moving a lot faster.

Let's look at some perfect scenarios, shall we?
Scenarios in which it's painfully obvious God is laughing His heavenly ass off from up above knowing there will never be a solution to the madness.

1. The bathroom sink.
God gives men facial hair that must be shaved.
God gives women the ability to notice details. ie facial hair lying everywhere.
And the monsoon that's left on the sink and the mirror and the floor every morning?
Don't even get me started.
And let me just point out that Chris is (for the most part) a really clean guy.
But I always seem to set my makeup in that one puddle of shavings on the sink that will send
me through the roof.
And I hate it. Because I know it's crazy of me. And I know it's Eve's fault.

2. The kitchen.
God gives men the desire to eat.
God gives women the nervosa to want to eat, but not want to eat, but do you want to eat,
are you hungry, I'm not hungry,
but I could eat, what are you eating, should I eat it?
How am I supposed to eat a salad when Chris eats pizza?
And at 10 p.m. when he makes popcorn and melts a bowl of butter to pour on top am I
really supposed to say, no thanks I'll have an apple instead.
Isn't that what got us into this mess in the first place?

3. On Making the Bed.
God lets man sleep.
God lets woman sleep, but in a way that she doesn't mess up the bed too bad because damnit
she's just gonna have to make it in the morning and nobody likes making a messy bed.
I'm real bad at this.
When I lived alone I pretty much folded down one tiny corner of my bed
and then parachuted in, making sure I didn't mess anything up, so the next
morning it would take all of three seconds to make again.
That's coo coo, I know. But sometimes I'm short on time in the morning and I can't stand
leaving the house with an unmade bed.
Chris typically gets up after me. And like 99.9% of the gentlemen I know, he doesn't make the bed.
You don't tie your shoes after you take them off, do you? 
He has a good point, I suppose.
But still, every girl I know makes the bed every morning,
and every guy I know doesn't.
What the hell is with that?

4. Putting Things Away.
God warns man to be weary of woman,
she is never putting things away, she is hiding them. Always hiding them.
If I had a dollar for every time Chris blamed me of "hiding his shit"
I wouldn't need to play the lotto tonight, because I would already have 500 million dollars.
"Where did you hide my shoes again?!" they are in the closet.
"Why can't I ever find my dob kit?" it's under the sink.
"What did you do with that chord I had two years ago?" it's in the chord bag.

And lastly,
5. The TV.
God gives man interest in things such as gold digging, and pawn shopping, and storage warring,
and duck dynasting.
God makes women shame themselves by watching other wealthier women fight about
parties, plastic surgery, and the Richards sisters.
My taste in TV is awful and I know it.
When Chris walks in the door and I'm watching RHBH I change the channel like
a fourteen year old boy left alone with free HBO in a hotel room.

And on that note, I need to go erase some of my DVR shows so Chris
doesn't realize I've started watching Nashville.
I hate myself more and more with each episode.
But those songs are so catchy...


Smells Like Engagement Season...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tis the season my friends,
tis the season for engagements.

In case you haven't been on Facebook for the past week, let me fill you in on what you've missed:

"Today my best friend asked me to marry him!"

"She said yes!"

"I just became the happiest girl in the world!"

"I get to marry the girl of my dreams!"

ext and so forth.
And I'm loving it. I'm a big fan of engagements.
If you're having an engagement party soon, you should invite me.
I'll make a toast even, it'll be great.
I've heard of some naysayers who hate this time of year,
and maybe it's because I'm in a good relationship,
or the fact I live in a city where people don't typically even think about marriage until 28ish
(I think the only ring single gals in Chicago care about is the Nuva ring)
 but I honestly love engagement season.

And because I'm a huge creep when it comes to Facebook life,
I've come to the conclusion there are essentially three types of newly engaged people on social media:

1. The "Tell All Spare No Details" People
This package includes constant status updates leading up to the actual engagement,
mobile pics of the boy on his knee (taken by family members hiding)
the girl crying, hugging,
and then 72 (sometimes 75ish) shots of the ring.

2. The "I Can't Believe This Just Happened" People
This package includes a status update or two, but they are much more vague:
"I can't believe this finally happened! I am so happy!"
Followed by some shots of the actual engagement (just a few)
and then maybe one ring pic.

And I saved the best for last-

3. The Mysterious "Tell Nothing" People
Gotta admit, this is my favorite type.
I love the couples who are super nonchalant and make you work for your information.
They don't post anything. They don't have photos.
The only way you find out is when the wall posts start coming in from close friends.
And to whoever that close friend is who gets the honor of writing the first "congrats" on the wall,
to that I say, touche. Touche.
And when a girl doesn't immediately post a pic of her ring?
Well done, keep the creepers waiting.

And now, because I'm in the mood to do so,
I'm going to post a chapter from a small book I wrote a few years ago called,

Facebook Girl- 
The girl we want to hate, but love to creep.

Chapter 16
Going to the chapel, and I'm gonna update my status.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, 
and something Facebook blue.

It all begins with the status update "is engaged!" And with those two little words the congratulations begin to flood your wall. The girl who sat next to you your sophomore year of college in Geology gets to tell you how happy she is for you before even your grandma has the chance (unless grandma is on Facebook.) Within hours the entire engagement event is posted into an album. We get to see every sweet detail the fiancé planned, from clues hidden around the house to ending up in a party room with- Surprise! Family and friends waiting to celebrate. It's all very sweet, sometimes when I'm looking through these albums I'll pour myself a glass of champagne to pretend I'm right there celebrating. But then I remember I don't even know the bride or the groom but just happened to land at their party after hours of creeping.

I blame Facebook for the rise of frantic young girls seeking an engagement.
More specifically, I mean frantic young single girls trying to find someone to date for 
6-8 months, so it won't be too soon when they announce they're engagement via Fb. Hell, I get tempted to get engaged based solely on the fact champagne is my favorite drink ever. And then throw in the mass amount of wall attention the bride-to-be gets, we're talking more attention than a birthday even. You've got the well wishers who actually write stuff, but you've also got the jealous creepers who just creep hoping to get a few more details. Then there are parties for the bride every other week- oh, and the groom too, he gets to come as well. And a pretty ring and presents and at least ten of her closest friends on their best behavior anxiously awaiting the wedding party to be announced. Doesn't sound too bad to me, either. But then I remember that marriage typically coincides with an engagement, as well as a wedding, so I am able to relax for a few years. 

So after Facebook Girl has gone through years of torture and heartbreak, gradually her relationship status begins to change less and less. And finally it seems Fb girl's wishes are coming true, she has found the Affliction man of her dreams! But this doesn't come as a huge shock as we have seen a few posts from her regarding "ring shopping with my love..." and "princess cut or oval?" Not only does she not want a surprise engagement, she doesn't want the Facebook world to be surprised, either. I think that's very considerate. 

As expected, her Facebook life becomes her Facebook wedding planning life. Facebook fills the role of wedding planner, "what flowers go good with a June wedding?" Mother of the bride,"my mom wants to wear a grey dress that I think looks creme, should I let her?" And even shrink, "I am so stressed right now, I just don't know what's right or not anymore!" How reassuring for the groom, he probably doesn't realize she's talking about napkin color.

Every step of the way it seems Facebook is there documenting it to the very last detail. 

FbGirl: "So much to plan in so little time how am I going to do it?!"

Ah yes, I forget you are the first bride to ever plan a wedding.

FbGirl: "Got the church, reception hall and band booked. Happy to check the big things off! So far so good!" 

Now just to find a groom...

FbGirl: "Trying on more dresses. Should I do ivory or white? Strap less or sleeves?
Lace or flowers?" 

Take photos of all of them and put them into an album and let all your Facebook friends vote on their favorite! 

FbGirl: "Two weeks and counting until the big day. Hopefully all the planning pays off and we have the best wedding ever!" 

Yes, I've heard it's all downhill after the Wedding. 

FbGirl: "So excited! Just about to walk down the aisle!" 

Quick! Send a mobile photo to Facebook with that exact caption! 

Oh, how Facebook never ceases to let me down.
Where would the world be without it.
And that's all I've got for today.
Happy Engagement Season, everyone.

And PS-
Cyber Monday's over, but that means today is Taytuesday! 
So use the code: Taytuesday and get 30% off all ads.
Every single one of them. Exciting stuff, I know.


Monday, November 26, 2012

I intended to write a lovely little recap about this past weekend.
I was going to ramble on about shopping, and going out to nice dinners,
 and walking around Zoo Lights with two-year-old Knox last night.

But thirty minutes ago I got a speeding ticket and now my mood has gone to shit.
Absolute shit.
The second you realize you did in fact receive a ticket rather than just a warning
is the worst. feeling. ever.
I imagine it's somewhat similar to what Jenny must have felt when she learned she was
pregnant with little Forrest while also being HIV positive.
In the time it took Officer Dipshit to tell me he was going to ruin my day week,
and then actually write out the damn ticket in his car I think I literally
went through all seven stages of grief.

1. Shock and denial-
Oh no, not me, not me. He made a mistake. I can't get a ticket. I wasn't even speeding.
It was the BMW. This can't be happening today.

2. Pain and guilt-
I'm gonna be sick. Or cry. Or both. 

3. Anger and bargaining-
This is bullshit! I was going with the flow of traffic.
I'll tell him I'll never speed again if I get a warning. 
Maybe I can offer him some beef jerky to change his mind...

4. Depression-
My life is over. 

5. Upward turn-
There's got to be a way out of this...

6. Reconstruction-
Google: how to fight speeding tickets.

7. Acceptance and hope-
I'll see this sonofabitch in court. 
This was social profiling at it's worst.

And I was going to be so productive today.
But now I just want to sulk in a bath tub full of leftover turkey and mashed potatoes.
Did I mention I got a $70 parking ticket just two days ago?
Chicago's been quite the bitch lately.
Or perhaps I should say Karma has...
I'm quite sure I've self inflected all of this bad "luck."

Last Wednesday night we all went out to dinner to celebrate the start of a wonderful
weekend, and well I got a little tipsy and did something I shouldn't have.
I'm so ashamed I don't even want to say it.
I "accidentally borrowed" the copper mug I was drinking my Moscow Mule from.
I accidentally put it in my purse and took it home.
I feel the need to say here that I don't steal. -says guilty people.
When all of my sketchy teenager friends were stealing from Target I never went along.
I've never taken money that wasn't mine, and on the rare occasion a store clerk
might give me too much change back I always speak up.
Because I believe strongly in karma.
What comes around, goes around.
So why I thought it was cute or funny or cool to take a copper mug that doesn't belong to me,
I have no idea.
I told myself it wasn't stealing because people take glasses from restaurants all of the time.
I mean, right? No. Probably not.
I felt bad about it the second I got it home.
And then I even hid it under the sink because it was haunting me.
I knew immediately I would pay for my shitty decision one way or another.
Less than five days later I now owe $250+ in parking/traffic tickets.
Thanks Karma, I got it.
The mug is currently packed securely in an envelope with an apology note attached,
 addressed to the restaurant.
I can't get that thing out of my house fast enough.

And now I have to figure out if I should pay the tickets,
or fight them...
The parking ticket is definitely a mistake on Chicago's part, I'll for sure fight that one.
As for the speeding ticket... I'm quite sure I was singled out because of my Nebraska plates.
Has anyone ever went to court to fought a ticket and actually got out of it?
Because I'm real tempted.
My streak as a part time attorney is really pretty good. I've won six cases and counting...

But now I gotta go.
I feel like sulking again.


Best Week Ever- Thanksgiving Edition

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Black Friday, everyone.
I missed writing yesterday because I was waiting in line at Best Buy.
And then I dyed my hair brown, got a butterfly tattoo on my ankle and read every one of
Lauren Conrad's books.
Gross. Kill me.

I was actually busy doing some of this-

Riveting stuff, I know.
I've heard turkey makes you tired,
but I also think drinking four bottles of wine, eating six pounds of shrimp, and motor boating
four pieces of cheese cake can make you kinda tired, as well.
Who knows.

And even though today feels like Sunday, I think it's actually Friday.
Which means it's time for another edition of
The Daily Tay's Best Week Ever
Thanksgiving Edition

Naturally, the most obvious choice to bring up as #1 for this week
would have to be sweat pants.
Have stretchy pants ever been more awesome? I don't think so.

Of course I like to think I pull off the "cute/comfy" look as illustrated above.
But in reality I look a little more like this.

Which brings me to the next item on my list.
Why does a couch always feel so much better after you've just stuffed yourself to oblivion?
Better yet,
 why is finding the perfect spot on the couch like finding a Duggar at a jean skirt convention?

as with any true holiday season, the next thing on my list having a great
week is Petty Arguments.

"No it's fine, I don't need help. Keep watching football. I'll just do everything."-girl
"Are you serious? I said I will help. What do you want me to do?" -boy
"Why do I have to ask?" -girl
"Well what the hell? I took the trash out." -boy
"Yesterday!" -girl
I think you know how the rest goes.

You know what else is having a great week?
As in Black Friday shoppers.

I've never shopped on this day, or had any desire to,
but if it's anything like I've seen or heard on TV,
I would dominate.

But I think you all know what is really having the best week ever.
Oh, you definitely do.
And if you don't, you probably will soon enough. I hope. Unless you've got some issues going on.
The Toilet.
The John.
The White Stallion.
The Ivory Beast.
The Corn Dumpster.
Whatever you call it, it's having the best week ever.
And it's incredibly disgusting so I'm going to leave it at that.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend,
I'm off to spread some cold turkey on a piece of bread with a slab of mayo,
because I'm just classy like that.


Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

And you know what this means.
People will be running around drunker than two cats at a Parisian circus.
If you weren't aware, Thanksgiving Eve is the new New Years Eve-
only it's ten times better because there's no pressure to wear a tight shiny dress
or go to some stupid club you'd never normally go to.
Nope, tonight it's your hometown hole-in-the-wall bar's night to shine.
And it will, indeed it will.

Thanksgivings of the past: Cabo.

After giving this some thought, here's why I think people are in such a jolly mood on this
particular night:

1. Because they don't have to work tomorrow.
And any day off during the middle of the week is a mini vacation.
Sad but oh so true...

2. Their mom will be cooking for them tomorrow.
Unless you still live with your parents, this is pretty damn awesome in itself.

3. For the next 24 hours the only thing on one's agenda will be "to eat."

4. And then to reheat the food to eat again four hours later.
Oh hells.

5. This is the one day of year Americans have the right to eat all damn day until
they are literally sick,
 and can feel patriotic about it.

6. Because it's nice to break up your regular Thursday night routine
by not having to pretend you still like The Office.

7. The Turkey Wishbone.
Name me another bone in a animal's body that grants you a wish if broken correctly.
See, you just can't beat it.

8. Stuffing.
Any other time of the year it would probably be illegal to eat something that you have stuffed inside
of a dead body.

9. Turkey cookies.
They were fun in the 90's and they're fun now.

10. Because the day after is Black Friday.
And after we've all said what we're thankful for it's always fun to go beat the shit out of
each other to acquire even more things to be "thankful for."

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
This is the first year my family hasn't celebrated in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in over six years.
It's gonna be strange eating turkey rather than tacos.
But it's totally okay.
We're gonna do it "big city" style this year in Chicago, instead.
I'm sure we'll go toss a football in the park and wear a turkey on our head
like all of the big city dwellers supposedly do.

And on that note,
I'm out.
Love, Peace, and Turkey Grease.


Camp Fremont

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Note to self:
when you are missing your puppy don't try to make yourself feel "better"
by visiting the Chicago Animal Shelter.
It will not make you feel better. It will actually make you feel much worse.

Harlow's been away at Camp Fremont for nearly ten days now.
Camp Fremont= Chris's parents house in Nebraska.
Camp Fremont has all of the luxuries a dog like Harlow could dream of.
A huge backyard full of squirrels and rabbits.
A cabin outside of town where he can run freely and chase deer until his heart desires.
And a wide open pasture with one old grump horse named Amicus where Harlow
can pretend for just a second he truly is a stallion, after all.
Until Amicus notices Harlow and then he runs away as fast as possible barking and yipping until he's safe back at the barn.
Most importantly, Harlow can poop freely without having someone always standing right behind 
him with a plastic bag in hand.
So wipe that look of shame off your face Harlow (yeah, you know the one) 
you can finally have some privacy!
And at the end of a camp day he cozies up to his cousin, Vandal, for a long restful sleep.

So yes, I know Harlow is in good hands at camp.
And I know it's good for a city dog to have some time away like this.
But after ten days I miss my Harvey so very bad.
sidenote- Harvey is one of Harlow's many nicknames.
He also goes by: Harls, Har, Harvard, Harbie, Harbow, Harloso, Carl, Charvey, Carl's Jr, and Jimmer.
Doesn't everybody have this many nicknames for their dog? I thought so.

So because I'm missing my pup so bad,
after I received my weekly email from the shelter about which dogs are available for foster this week, 
I decided to go meet some of these pups because I'm thinking about fostering one for the holidays.
Once I got to PAWS (the Pets Are Worth Saving shelter)
I learned that the foster dogs are actually at another location.
But the worker told me I could go meet some of the dogs up for adoption if I'd like.
And when I walked down that first hallway the amount of sad puppy dog eyes I saw staring back at me 
broke my cold little heart.
But it's actually a really nice shelter, I just can't stand to think of all those abandoned dogs 
sleeping in those tiny rooms night after night. Better than cages though, I suppose.
But before I go on another tangent about Let's Save the Animals I'm going to turn it over
to some other really great bloggers that I assure you will not be talking about
depressing matters like animal shelters and abandoned dogs.

Here they are...

My name is Caitlyn and I blog at The Daily Post. 
I currently live in Boise, Idaho and am attending college. I like to act like I am fashionable
post semi-repulsive images and all other good things about my daily life and what makes it so special. 
Come on over and say HI!

Hi everyone! I'm Brie over at Simple Single Girl Life I'm a twenty-something single mom to two fur babies that I love and adore. I write about the trials and tribulations of being single, the random thoughts that run through my head, and normal girl talk type things. I think I'm funny, I make myself laugh, and my mother finally informed me that she didn't know I was this funny until I started my blog. Thanks for that mom, feeling the love. If you want to swing over and check me out feel free! 
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I'm Kim, and you can find me over at The K.O. Jewelry.
 I make jewelry that I sell on Etsy, I'm a wedding planner wanting to start up my own business soon, and I'm really good at pretending to be a housewife- drinking and all. Some more exciting facts: I'm married to a beer distributer and brewer, I'm a huge Arkansas Razorback fan (Go Hogs!), and I grew up in Alaska! Just hop on over and check me out if you want to find new music, some crafts, and a whole lot of nonsense. 
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Hey everyone, I'm Paige and I blog at Eloping Stethoscope. 
I used to be "The Eloping Stethoscope" but like faceboook, 
I dropped the the because that's what the cool kids do. 
I blog about life with my brand new shiny husband, Cody.
 I can say only he's shiny and new for another six months, so I'm milking it while I can.
 I also blog about nursing school, which is the most awesome and difficult thing I've ever done in my life. Other than that, you'll find a bunch of random stuff. Hope you'll stop by!

My name is Allison and I've been blogging for about a year now. 
My blog is just a journey through my life, I like to write and share stories and a blog 
is a good place for that. I just did a little make over on the blog, so come over,
 relax and stay for a while. 
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