Blogger Faux Pas

Monday, January 7, 2013

People often ask me what makes a great blogger.
And by "people" I mean no one.
No one has ever asked me this.
And for good reason, because I obviously don't know.

after reading some really great posts lately from other bloggers regarding their tips and suggestions for mastering this blog world I thought I'd go ahead and share some of my own advice.

I should also note after reading all these posts I've realized I don't really do much right.
So my tips are going to be more along the lines of "don't dos" and "probably shouldn't haves."

Blogging Faux Pas
(Basically just a list of everything I do)

#1. Not enough selfies.
I hate selfies (of myself) I love them of you.
I just haven't got the whole "hey, will you take my pic" thing down yet.
Even when I'm just asking myself this question while standing in front of a bathroom mirror.
I say no every time and then immediately shame myself for even asking...
The last photo I took of just me was in 1989 and it looked something like this.

Oddly enough, this jumper (which I can only presume my mom bought at Dress Barn)
still fits today.

#2.  Respond to all comments.
Guys, I love your comments.
What kind of asshole wouldn't appreciate hearing such funny
and nice responses regarding something they wrote?
But I don't respond to all comments, and from what I've read on other blog posts,
this pisses a lot of you off.
(Not me in particular, just bloggers in general)
Most of the time I don't respond just because I'm not sure what to say,
I read the comment, I usually chuckle to myself, and that's that.
I'm not not responding because I'm like so busy and I think I'm like way too cool
(because we all know if you have a blog you are neither.)
I guess I just didn't realize every comment needed a response.
I comment on other blogs all the time and don't ever expect a response.
Here's the bottom line- I genuinely appreciate every single comment/email ever sent my way
even when I don't respond.

#3. Proofread.
There is nothing worse than reading a blog with punctuation errors.
(According to other blogger's posts about punctuation.)
So to that I say, I'm sorry.
My Inglish major is not terning out to good.

#4. Blogging is not just about blogging.
It's about cliques, and popularity, and gossip, and whatttttt?
I'm not really into all that in real life, so I guess that's why I don't notice it in my blog life, either.
Four years ago I started blogging because I love to write,
always have, always will.
Four years later I blog for the same reasons.
Let's not forget this in an online world here, guys.
Yes, it's fun, and yes it's a great community,
but allowing online people to make you feel bad about yourself
is opening up the flood gates for all sorts of other shit.
Unless you're reading that blog about that stylish Mormon girl and her two babies in NYC,
it's completely fine to feel like Joe Dirt next to her.

#5. Sometimes other bloggers have JOBS, which means they are super busy.
True story, I recently emailed a blogger whom I had paid to advertise on her site.
Ten days into the month she decided to stop blogging, okay fine we all need a break.
But this also meant she didn't keep her end of the deal and never posted that damn guest post I paid for.
(before you continue please note this should be listed under the hashtag "blogger problems"
meaning it's all very petty and completely bizarre to anyone who doesn't blog.)
I sent her numerous emails asking her if she got my post, with zero response.
Finally I sent her one last email asking for a refund.
Mind you I kept it very cordial saying things like
"I'm just frustrated" "I don't want to sound bitchy" "You seem like a nice person"
you know, all of those cowardly nice phrases that I usually don't use.
Within minutes she responded with an email starting with her own nice phrases like
not sure what was so laugh out loud about what I said, but continue
"I have a JOB"
way to hit the unemployed girl while she's down... and really, are caps necessary?
I remember what a job is. I think.
and my favorite
"I have a lot going on"
Okay, point taken. She's better than me because she's busier.
If only she could see how much TV I have to watch a day! Then she'd be sorry.
And my blog reader? Well that thing is damn near full.
And that Dorito bag isn't going to eat itself.
But I digress. I think I might just be bitter, what do you think?
spoken in fast radio voice: she said a refund will be coming my way shortly.

And those are just five things you shouldn't do as a blogger.
I've got a whole bag of them.
Maybe someday I'll tell you about the time I emailed Erin out of the clear blue last March
and casually mentioned to her I'd love to guest post on her blog for a day!
Because that's how I assumed this whole bloggy thing worked.
I'd choose blogs where I wanted to share my lovely opinions, and they would gratefully accept.
Luckily I choose to solicit Erin first, probably the nicest of all bloggers,
because she kindly responded with a very polite email explaining to me things worked a little differently.

And speaking of guest posts, I am about to share one below with you that is one
of the most to-the-point, no none sense, shortest guest posts ever.
i.e. you're going to love it.
Her name is Jen and she doesn't mess around.
She's too busy planning her sky diving trip.

Hey I'm Jen and I blog at Mama Said There'd be Days Like This. 
I am a 27 year old single mom who works full time as a bookkeeper and is going to school online to get my accounting degree. 
Since it's the beginning of the year I thought I would share with you a few of the things I hope to accomplish this year:

~Hike Pikes Peak
~Go skydiving
~Get in great shape
~Do well in school

I hope you will stop by and say hey!



  1. I think it's perfectly ok to ask for a refund when a blogger comes up short on their end of the deal. If she (or he) is charging for ad spots that include guest posts, they need to fulfill that deal. If she is too busy to blog, which is fine because folks have got schtuff to do, then don't charge. I'm also terrible at proofreading and end up having to edit posts 5+ times and I've got to get better at taking pictures. Did you ever get your post up on her blog or a refund?

  2. Nailed it. Also, you emailed me and I let you post on my blog.. because I probably didnt know what was going on either. Also, I'm dying to know who this nut case is that you sponsored. RESPOND TO THIS COMMENT OR ELSE. Jk bye.

  3. i never have a clue what's going on. i probably have it all wrong. but that's ok. selfies of me tend to look like i have 6 chins (maybe I should hit the gym) and I wish that I was in a blique. then I would take over the world?

  4. How DO guest posts work!?! I've been blogging for a few months now and i've always wondered! Details please! :)

  5. i love your blog because you seem so real. sucks about the nutso that had a JOB {earning your money that you paid to sponsor her} ... what the deuce?
    have a fabulous monday night. if you don't respond to this i will assume that you hate me. but i will keep reading anyway. peace out.

  6. I don't have the first clue what is going on and what the etiquette is for guest posting or anything else in the blogosphere. And if I paid for something and didn't get it, I better get my money back!


  7. I think we may be getting a refund from the same gal! She was way nicer to me though.
    And man, I have a draft like this that I've been adding to randomly. Great minds! ;)

  8. Haha this is so great! Is there really a stylish Mormon girl blog with two babies in NYC? I'm very intrigued haha

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I have a JOB, too, but she's gotta be a special kind of rude to just ignore emails, and then act like you've done something wrong by trying to get in touch with her multiple times.

    And "a lot" is to "what's going on?" as "fine" is to "how are you?"

    We're all "fine" and we all have "a lot" going on.

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle

  11. But I thought we were going to sit at the cool table and be total BFF's. This is more disappointing than the time I got screwed over when I sponsored a blog and never heard from the chick. Womp womp.

  12. I love your blog. I just joined this world a little bit ago, and trying to get up and going but time is so limited with a job! That sucks she was so rude to you, I check my email on a daily basis and she should've had the common courtesy to email you back! Glad you're getting a refund :)

  13. Haha spot on. I did a social media one of these today. I too have emailed Erin asking to be a part of something in which she cordially replies and accepts even though that I completely went around the normal way things work. Whoops.

  14. Blogging is like high school. All. Over. Again. Minus my large wire-rimmed glasses, permed bangs and mouth full of metal. Thank goodness. So many perfect women and their beautiful children. Who probably don't eat their boogers. Lucky. I've had to rebuild some serious emotional walls lost thanks to years of therapy since becoming a blogger. Every word you write is the truth. I don't do a daily outfit post (no one wants to see that), I go to school (which is the opposite of a costs a lot), and my husband and kid make me crazy on a regular basis. And I haven't written a single post about Him. You know who I mean. I'm doomed to fail. Oh, and I just sprung for a 3-month ad spot on a popular blog (a huge advertising leap for me) only to get an email the very next day saying she was going on vacation and wouldn't be posting for two weeks. Well, crap.

  15. I have a job, but I always put my blog first. jk, sorta.

  16. I think responding to every comment is just crazy talk. If someone responded to one of my comments I'd probably never even see it!

  17. I love it all, especially #4. Cap locks were NOT necessary in that sentence. I'm glad you got a refund.

  18. I think you did the right thing. If you're going to take a bloggy break, you should not be taking sponsorships! I've wasted more money with sponsorships than I've gained. It's such a shame when it happens.

  19. Hahahaha - you crack me up. Maybe it's because my daughter is named Tay, but mostly because you're funny and shit.

    And yeah, that stylish Mormon chick makes me feel like dirty diapers. WHY DON'T I LOOK LIKE THAT WITH RED LIPSTICK ON!!?

  20. I stopped blogging this past summer (your welcome, blog world) because I was overcome with comment guilt. I'd get a handful of them on my posts but rarely responded to them. I almost miss the days when I was an ignorant no-reply blogger and I didn't realize people could respond to comments via email. Ha! I am back in the blogging game, but I don't let the hype get to me as much. Same goes for guest posts. I can barely come up with material for my own blog, let alone someone else's blog. Meh. Overrated.

  21. hahaha loved this!


  22. What the what?! These are faux pas? Dammit, I'm doing it all wrong...

  23. The only thing that would have been better about this is if you would have told us who this JOB girl is. I have a job and I'm not blogging right now because I would like to keep my job. I think that's absolutely ok. But I was smart enough to say "no sponsors" this month. And apparently the less I blog the more I read blogs. It's kind of a nice trade off.

  24. These are things I think about daily. Sometimes I think bloggers get "too big" and forget about us little people. I think sometimes "Man I sound like I'm begging them to follow me". It makes me wonder, how do i get new followers? How do these bloggers have thousands of followers. It does feel like a community but I am not getting myself into all of that. This is not high school and I do this for me and to express my passions with the world not to fit in. Thx you so much for sharing. It's nice to hear feedback from a fellow blogger. Have a great day!
    XO Brooke

  25. I kinda like that you do everything wrong. Don't change a thing. Selfies do suck. I should work on that too.

  26. I love your blog because you are one of the only people who actually tells it like it is. And I'd like to think we could actually be friends in real life! Ha. I like that you are sarcastic and funny and self-depracating... makes your blog more enjoyable. It isn't always sunshine and rainbows and perfect bullsh*t that everyone else seems to post about these days. And, your dog is presh!

    Thanks for being you. :)

    (And don't feel like you have to reply! Lol. ;))

  27. How is that you are so funny but yet so right too?! Haha, well done girl!
    So open and honest - only the truth from you! And it makes who you are!

    P.S. Hope I went through the right protocol with my guest post??

  28. I always struggle with the comment thing. I read all of my comments, but sometimes I just don't know how to respond to them.

  29. I probably do blogging all wrong - but isn't that what blogging is all about anyway?????

  30. I agree with all of these, and am shocked that someone so "OMGBUSY" would be taking paying sponsors if she can't manage it properly. I'm not surprised it happens, I seem some shiesty shit in blog land, just saying.

    Btw, I bought your book as a Christmas present for a friend - only I guess I didn't realize it was your book? I have no idea how I found it, someone must have linked to it, but I just saw the tab in your header and realized I'd seen it before. I loved it, and so did funny.

  31. I like commenting on peoples blog, and never really expect a response. It's always fun getting one though! and wow! Shame on that person for making their advertising available and then not following through. WTF!

  32. Holy shit Taylor I wonder if we sponsored the same person who dropped off the face of the earth?! I was pretty pissed about that. Anyway, I love this post. And your selfie is awesome! I think we had the same jumper from Dress Barn!

  33. Great it...feel free to not comment in reply ;)

  34. LOL - love all of your faux-pas I just posted a new about me section that says I take way too many Selfies, haha! Byotch you better reply to this comment - haha, jk jk! Oh and BEST guest post ever!!! Checking out her blog now :)

    Wait, how did I forget to mention you paid for a guest post then she quit blogging?? That is SHIT-TAY!!! Literally, okay I just cracked myself up... Bye now!

  35. Wait, you mean people do other things at work than blog and read other blogs? Maybe I need to find a "real" job so I can blog about how busy I am since I have a JOB.

  36. Mkay - I love this post so much I'm going to do my own list...cuz I suck at blogging WAY more than most people. Hopefully you can pop over and read it. I'll do one right thing and link you, I promise. I know, I know. I'm impressive. Just call me Master of Links. xoxo

  37. I'm not expecting a reply ;) but a new follower here from Drazil....I always wondered how to get over a 100 followers..

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. DO guest post work? No, seriously? Haha. I'd like to know. Newish blogger over here!

  40. Tay, you can guest post on my blog any day you want!

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