I Suffer

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I try to keep it light and friendly on here for the most part,
except for the times I stray and accidentally write a darkly depressing post about being 
broke at age twenty five.
But can we agree I don't get serious on here too often?
Good. Glad we can agree on something.
Well that's going to change today because I'd like to open up a little and talk about
something I suffer from on a daily basis.
I've mentioned it occasionally on here before, but I think it's really time to have an in depth
conversation about my illness.
Who knows, maybe I'll learn some of you suffer as well.

My name is Taylor,
and I have WUD.
Winter Ugly Disorder/noun
But I'm not ashamed anymore. That's a lie.

Symptoms of WUD include but are not limited to:

Extremely dry and brittle hair.
Static electricity that clings to your head as if you just rubbed it on a balloon.
WUD sufferers are also known to have extremely dark roots.
Excessive hair growth on legs and ankle areas.
A bronzed face that does match one's neck.
Palms and fingers covered in a faux tan substance.
Nail beds that appear to have been chewed on by a wild pack of dingos.
Cracked lips like the kid from 3rd grade with the red ring around his mouth.

Okay, I just had a lol moment remembering all the kids who couldn't stop licking their damn
mouth back at Northern Hills elementary. You know who you are.

And these are just the superficial symptoms my friends.
WUD goes much deeper that simply physical side affects,
as all sufferers know.

Increased appetite. Mostly for pizza.
Lack of desire to change out of sweat pants.
Fear of being tagged in photos on Facebook.
Talking oneself into believing leggings look just as nice as jeans.
Strong urges to lay on the couch at all times of the day.
An unexplained desire to watch Lifetime.
cough cough Casey Anthony movie. 
And if I'm being completely honest I should admit I also watched
"She Made Them Do It" the Sarah Jo Pender story.
But I blame it on my WUD! I would never watch a movie like that regularly.

But I refuse to let my WUD run my life.
I am strong a girl and I am going to beat this illness one Instagram filter at a time.
(preferably X-Pro II.)
Or by hibernating until April....

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  1. thank god. i thought the lifetime movie problem was mine alone!! :(

  2. LOLOLOLOL . . . Amen, girl! I've been cringing at all my pics these days. I gotta get on it . . . exercise, sunshine, and stop drinking a bottle of wine damn near ever night. ha!

  3. Thank you for diagnosing me! Saves me a trip to the Doctor. I died laughing at Knox judging you.

  4. I think WUD is a common problem, but people are afraid to talk about it. Thanks for sharing your story.

  5. Leaving from snowy Michigan to sunny Mexico in two weeks and I have a legitimate fear of the first day or 2 of showing any skin beneath my face and neck. At least I'll blend into the sand. WUD is way too real.

  6. ohhh my gosh. I'm dying!!! I hate, hate, hate my pasty winter skin. :(

  7. Even as someone who is dark complected I totally suffer from this. I'm dry, I'm pale, and I'm occasionally smelly from the lack of wanting to leave the comfort of my room where I can't be judged. We're all in this together.

  8. oh man, I totally am with you on the fear of being tagged in FB photos

  9. I totally watched the Casey Anthony one...and I have She Made Them Do It DVRed right this second!

  10. I've been suffering too. BAD. Surely there's a support group we could join together?

  11. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels like hibernating through winter!

  12. This is hilarious. I'm right there with you!

  13. Hahaha this is so amazing. I've been suffering from WUD quietly for years...never knew other people suffered too.. thanks for bringing it out in the open :) I'm a blonde who gets so sick of their roots-washed out skin combo that I dye my hair dark in the winter... and then agonize over when and if I should start going back blonde (a tedious process)... UGH. WUD... how I loathe thee.

  14. Haha this is awesome! I suffer from most of these as well, I'm so glad you diagnosed me!

  15. Yep yep yep. I would say I suffer from... oh. ALL of these. How depressing. Except I'm pretty pale most of the year. For whatever reason my skin is like "HAHA YOU WANT TO BE TAN. WELL YOU CAN'T!" So yeah. Damn WUD.

  16. A bronzed face that does not match one's face ? Ha dyyyyinggg! Check, check, check to most of these! Wow. Can I just replace my WebMD app with your blog ? That would be nice thanks :)

  17. You're not alone!!!!! I heart Instagram filters and tan option on pic monkey. And bronzer. Irishgirlproblems.

  18. Thanks for sharing your story. You've given me the strength to come out about my WUD. Let's all eat pizza and watch lifetime until there's a cure.

  19. I suffer from the same disorder, but I'd go so far as to say I am hideous. I suppose WHD doesn't have the same ring to it. I have to be careful because my legs could literally burn holes in retinas. And why, oh why, does so much hair grow in the ankle region? I'm like a crab rangoon-devouring Sasquatch.

  20. oh my gosh, this is SO true. i was just thinking about it yesterday how rough the winter is on my appearance. pale, cracking lips, dry hair... oh yeah, girl. right there with ya.

  21. now you may have wud but i have wund which is winter ugly, nasty disorder which involves all of the issues you stated plus hands that crackle and bleed and skin that is akin to that of a person suffering with leprosy.

    I wonder if i lived somewhere warm if this would still happen....

  22. Taylor, since your WUD movie made you watch "She Made Them Do it", it is to be hoped it would compell you to watch the "Snapped" episode on Sarah Jo Pender. It will be aired on the oxygen network monday Jan. 28th at 8pm. You'll find it much more accurate than "She Made Them Do It", with interview of Sarah and many other persons involved in the case.

    We are many who believe than Sarah is innocent of those murders, and that she is victim of a wrongful conviction. You can read more info about her on our campaign website : Fair Justice for Sarah Jo Pender

  23. I too suffer from WUD but sometimes I even suffer from SUD (Summer) and even FUD (fall) it's just really sad.

  24. oh the red ring around your lips from licking them too much...rofl! I so remember those kids~

  25. Shew, I'm so glad you wrote this post. Here all this time I thought I was the only one that had this disease!

  26. You're delusional. Seriously.

    xoxo -- dysfunctionaleverafter.com

  27. I have been following your blog for a while and am finally posting a comment! This post is BRILLIANT. I love the way you think! :)

  28. This is a serious issue. I think we need to try to get this into the medical books. My WUD also comes with a strong urge to eat pizza all the time because "I'm really cold." Like that's a valid excuse.

  29. I think we all can vouch for the nappy roots!

  30. I get sooo sickly plae in the winter. It grosses me out. I have yellow undertones so it literally makes me look like I'm ill. I need my golden bronzed summer skin!!

  31. This is terrific. And don't worry, I look like death in the winter too!!

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