I'm 25 During a Recession

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

That means that I've been laid off before.

I've had to ask my parents for
"Just a small loan, I swear I'll pay it back. I just need to pay rent. This is really the last time."
even though I've been "cut off" for years.

I will go weeks without checking my bank account because it's just too intimidating to look.

I can't get a credit card.
Which is a good thing because I already have four too many.
Thanks 2005!

I have problems with credit cards.
It's not like I'm really spending money if I don't see it come out right away...

I miss illegally downloading free music like TrimSpa misses Anna Nicole Smith.

Losing/breaking my iphone feels almost as bad as how I imagine
getting a DUI would feel.

I cry when I get speeding tickets.

Getting my tax return will be the highlight of my spring.

I occasionally look around my house and wonder how much money I could get for
certain things at a pawn shop.

I took out way too many student loans.
I had more money as a non-working college student than I do now.

I hate Linkedin.

I spend too much time on Facebook wondering what my college pals are up to.
And how do they have so much money?
 And why are they so ambiguous with their "I just got an awesome job" post.
Tell me what your job is, damnit.

I will delay paying bills until the very last day.

The shock and despair I feel when opening up a credit card statement is similar
to what I felt when Jamie Lynn Spear's announced she was pregnant.
She was 16! Still can't get over it.

Although, I feel like MTV's 16 & Pregnant could have been a real game changer for her career
had it been on TV at the time.

Having health insurance, and then not having health insurance.

I often google how much does (fill in any reality TV star's name) make per episode.
Then a little piece of me dies.

My fridge is frequently empty except for three things-
beer, shredded cheese and hummus.

My expectations for being wealthy continue to slide everyday.
Once upon time I dreamt of buying a house.
Or maybe just a new car.
A scooter would suffice.
Perhaps just a new coffee maker would do the trick.
And then I settle for new coffee tumblers with inspirational quotes from TJ Maxx.

I watch Honey Boo Boo to escape.
I watch GIRLS to come back.
But neither of these shows even compare to the kind of jollies I used to get off of watching

I sometimes steal Splenda packets from Starbucks.

When someone takes me out to dinner, I really really appreciate it.

I'm 25 during a recession,
but even that won't stop me from holding out for something better
while always believing something really great is just around the corner...

Because I'm a dream chaser, damn it.



  1. This sums life up pretty nicely, if you ask me!

  2. I have a job and I still think that it's necessary to always grab a few extra ketchups at Chickfila. Granted, their ketchup packets are slightly more exciting than your average packet of ketchup.

    Also, whatever you do, don't google how much certain reality stars get just to send out ONE tweet. That's when I really start feeling shitty.

    1. Oh good... I thought I was the only one who got excited over Chickfila's ketchup packets. :)

  3. I can relate. Completely.


  4. I'm 22 during a recession. I can relate. You are not alone!


  5. I can totally feel your pain. I'm lucky enough to be employed but I feel like everyone I know is making double what I am. I only allow myself to go to lunch one time a week and my student loan payments are WAY too high. I thought I was going to school to make money, not to struggle.

    I felt like I a white girl version of ballin' in college. Now I'm pinchin' pennies. What gives?

  6. i have a job and i still wonder how my small-town midwest college friends have money!! life in a city sucks all the money out of you i swear! i went out for drinks with the girls last weekend and ordered a "house" gin and tonic for THIRTEEN-effing-dollars, and i got one at my local Elks lodge in my hometown for a whopping $2.25 when i went home for christmas.... talk about a higher "cost of living"! cheer up, girl... you'll find a good job :)

  7. This is about it for me too...I just graduated and every day I go without a job I get a liiiiiitle more desperate...

  8. stealing splenda is always acceptable. i can't not do it. even if i was a millionaire.

  9. 27 in a recession! Preachin' to the CHOIR sista!

  10. You could start cooking meth in your cute tumblers and make shitloads of money. Oh wait. That's illegal. And dangerous. And dumb. Hmmmm...I'll keep thinking. How about I just pray for you?

  11. Girl, yes. That's all I have to say about that.

    One day at a time. Things will get better. Right?


    The Daily Sarah Jane

  12. Its going to get better- you'll land exactly where you're supposed to!

  13. Hey girl everything will get better! my husband is works contruction so his jobs are always hit and miss so i knowhow u feel one month we will make 9 grand and the next two months nada!! it sucks but i hope things getbetter for you soon!!

  14. Yes, yes, yes, right there with you - right down to stealing Splenda packets. Embarrassing, but those suckers are expensive.

  15. WHy do they post that they got a job and then NOT tell us what the job is? Don't they know how rude that is?

  16. But WHERE do they get all this money they are spending according to facebook and what is their job and how can I get hired?

  17. You are amazing! & Hilarious! Honey I am going through quite the little funk myself right now. I'm 28 and newly single after a broken engagement...on a single girl budget during a recession. Ouch! Let's just both hang in there!

  18. This is the best thing ever. My fridge and your fridge could be twins. At least you wrote a really funny book. That's way more than most anybody in the world. Even the Entourage guys.

  19. My god, we are the same person. Thank you for actually saying outloud many things I haven't been able to! I'm 25, college loans, scared to look at my bank account, etc. But I am a dream chaser too! Keep your head up! We are all in it.


  20. I've decided to stop even going to stores so I can just pay off my student loan debt and not hate myself every day for owing so much money. Sigh.

  21. I feel like I should day Amen to every single one of these. I'm 27 during a recession, which means I'm still driving a 2000 Ford Focus that the windows no longer roll down on, you can hear from a quarter mile away, and that, in theory has at least a 45% shot of dying any day now. And because I'm 27 during a recession, I'm trying to figure out how to pay $3500 of wedding expenses on a $25,000 annual salary. Crap.

  22. I have a McDonald's toy bucket in the shape of a goblin (circa 1990) that holds extra TB fire sauce, CFA sauce and ketchup packets. Ain't no shame.

    I think my parents have also now realized that "the last time" is never the LAST time. See: me living with them right now.

  23. Summed up my life pretty nicely there. Fellow dream chaser here!

  24. Ugh. It does suck. I feel like that about people our age buying houses. And they already have like 2+ kids ... whaaaaaat?!?
    At least hummus is delicious! And good for you!

  25. youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu are not alooooooooneeeeeeeeeee

    i ammm here with youuuuuuuu

    ...just a little michael jackson to spruce up your day.

    just got paid, except 75% of my check is going to bills.



    keep chasin those dreams girl :)

  26. ugh! Agreed. Great post, and we'll all make it someday!

  27. keep ya head up home girl! i totally used to get all my sugar/creamer/etc from chickfila.. my other condiments were stolen on drunken trips to waffle house.. and occasionally me and my roomies had to wipe with coffee filters. TMI? sorry. just sayin- i feel ya!

  28. Keep going girl! Have you heard of Brian Tracy?


  29. As a 25 year old too, I can relate to some of the above. It will get better!

  30. I too cry when I get tickets :((

  31. Dude, I've been laid off for over a year. Still can't find a job. I just got engaged and we can't afford to get married or get a house until I get a job. I seriously wanna scream all the time!! I feel ya girl.

  32. I just read your previous post before this one... and I'm still waiting to draw that $100k salary card in life too. Owning a house will feel like winning the lottery some day! My husband and I both have way too many loans.... those suck. I think I need to go get one of those inspirational quote mugs from TJ Maxx now. ;)

  33. I love this post! I may be 27 but i'm not far off from almost all of that :)

  34. Okay, so posts like this is kinda what makes you a great blogger. I don't know why but this post just really flowed. Now I'm sounding crazy and I probably shouldn't be reading blogs at 3am.

    I read an article today that new grad nursing students are having problems getting jobs. Two hours later, I was in tears thinking I will never stop being poor. It sucks :(

  35. I haaaaaaate when people post those ambiguous statuses! Glad I'm not the only nosey nelly :) Truth is, their new job is probably not as great as they make it out to be. And no one ever has as much money as it might appear!

  36. Ever think of working in health care? Lots of jobs!

    =) Brooke

  37. Thank you thank you thank you x20 for writing this. You took the words right out of my mouth. PS. This is my way of introducing myself as your new creepster/sponsor. :)

  38. I can't even begin to tell you have much I love this post. I'm reading and all I kept saying in my head was "yup.. fml"

  39. I loved the pin on the economy. I just about died laughing when I saw that one. I loved this post!

  40. My roommates and I occasionally steal bottles of ketchup from the bar across the street, and my last roommate used to take rolls of toilet paper from her work at Target. No we aren't college students either.

  41. I've been going through this for the past four years. I was 25 then...a newlywed...and sole bread winner. This all only changed a little less than a year ago. You know you're poor when you fill your gas tank when you only have $1 in your account because gas stations only charge $1 on your debit card when you use it as credit. Thats what overdraft protection is for. Ummmmm yeah. Totally feeling you on that whole ketchup packet / Splenda deal.

  42. Story of my freaking life. You are not alone my friend.

    We have even put off having kids because we can't afford them right now.

    But at least Girls will be back on in a couple of weeks :)

  43. I totally feel you on the tax return being a highlight. I honestly can't wait for mine, haha!

  44. Tax returns are like my After-Christmas party!

  45. I am 26 in a recession... I am a white Irish girl who just took a side job at a mexican restaurant...with no working knowledge of the spanish language. Thanks public school, after three years of spanish, I think the only conversation I can have with the kitchen staff is to ask where the bathroom is!
    At least we aren't in it alone... that's got to count for something right?!