I'm Back!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

So much to say.
So little internet usage I have right now.
How we don't live in a world where Wifi is simply everywhere is beyond me.
We can have internet on an airplane but not everywhere on the ground?
What's that all about?
Someone needs to get on this.

Anyway, for now I'll just start with this.
This is when Knox was pretending to like me.
He really likes to toy with me, that one.
I've decided he reminds me a lot of Regina George.
He only likes me when he wants something from me.
Then he gets rid of me just as fast.
But he knows he can be nice to me again a minute later and I'll get all excited and come crawling back.
It's sick.

And then we set sail for the Bahamas...

And our days went something like this-

I finally learned how to make a beer whistle!
Big moment for me.

And we rang in a new year.
Good times were had.

More to come.
Much more to come.



  1. I cannot get enough of that little child, Knox. I bet he's already back to the grind at McD's today...

  2. Awesome! I can't wait to see more pictures of the cruise! Also, I think that's just how it goes with little ones.. my nieces and nephews are the same way!

  3. Your nephew is the cutest little thing in the entire world. Good luck getting some wifi soon. xo, Maria

  4. Such a cute dress! I love it. I also love the Regina George comments, that movie is my favorite.

  5. That dress is gorgeous!! Love it! Happy New Year :)

  6. I am SOO ready to go another cruise! Love your dress!! Soo pretttyyy!! Happy New Year!

  7. we all missed you. and I am digging your longer locks. and slightly jealous of your trip.

  8. All children are little Regina Georges. Seriously.

  9. Ahhh you spent your New Year on a boat, in the Bahamas. Life's lookin pretty good lady, lookin prettyyyy good.
    And Knox being referred to Regina George cracks me the hell up!

  10. I LOVE cruises! I can't wait to read more about yours :)

  11. Ha, VERY good question. How can we have internet in the air but not on the ground. My parents live in a rural area that still doesn't have high speed cable Internet or DSL. Wtf?!

  12. Agreed, all children are that way. Haha. Looks like you are having a blast!!

  13. I am so jealous I have been DYING to go on a cruise!

  14. I know, I wish wifi was on highways especially. Would help with long car trips. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Love your NYE dress!!!


  15. a cruise for NYE?! What a fabulous idea!! my favorite vacations involve cruises!! Happy New Year!!

  16. So we have been thinking about taking a cruise to the Bahamas...any tips and/or suggestions? I have never been on a cruise, and I am a little anxious that I will be sick the whole time.

  17. A. I am obsessed with your sparkly dress! B. My niece hates me too. Her favorite game to play is to act like she wants me to get up and follow her, and then steal my chair. And freeeeak out if I try to sit with her.

  18. I'm lovin the "Ecstasy Dining Room" sign in the backround. What kinda cruise were you on Miss Taylor?! ;)