Thursday, January 24, 2013

Today is KJL Day.
Work has been cancelled, the mail isn't coming, and free HBO is on TV all day.
Because it is the birthday of the biggest diva I know,
Knox James Lafleur.

This charismatic little guy turns the big 0-2 today.
I wrote all about his birth story here.
Although I should warn you that if you venture back into the archives things 
are a bit messier. And I was slightly more inappropriate when I knew no one was reading.

It seems like he's getting so old, and yet I'll stop and realize that I still own clothes that
are twice the age of him.
(But only because Platos won't accept them.)
He hasn't even been around for 1,000 days, but this kid has got it figured out.

He's simplified the English language down to only three necessary words.
Yes. No. Ball.
(His yes sounds more like a Norwegian "yah.")
But what more does a guy need to know?
He's got a glare than can make even the most self confident person question their self worth.

I'm guessing he learned this look on the street.
Thanks to Romney, the Sesame Street is a lot rougher than it used to be.

He's fearless.
Yet caring.
Here he is encouraging Chris to get in the ocean when Chris was hesitant at first.
He's patting him on the back saying, "it's okay buddy, there's nothing to be scared of."

He knows what he wants out of life.
And knows exactly what he doesn't.
This is his "damnit Taylor, I told you not to take my photo" face.

It was family time, I shouldn't have been on my phone anyway.
See, he's constantly teaching me life lessons like that.

He's not about falsehoods or trying to be someone he's not.
He was just born with swag. 
He's been dressing like a mini Ryan Gossling before even Ryan Gossling was.
But of course he doesn't dress himself.
He's got people to do that.

He's old fashioned in that he still believes in wearing a tie to dinner,
even when just dining at home.

But I've already said enough, should he happen to read this he'd be upset I spent
so much time talking about him rather than focusing on more important issues in the world
like the anti-toilet movement, and increasing the bottle age limit to two years old.

So happy birthday little Knoxer.
Wish I could make it to the Elmo shindig tonight but I'm trapped in snowy Chicago.
Instead I'll share the birthday video I made for you last year.
My how you have grown...
Cheers to making your second year the best one yet. Because it's all downhill after three...



  1. Knox, you little fox! Happy Birthday!

  2. Dang he is cute. And his name is THE BEST! Happiest birthday to KJL. :)

  3. Knox, love tha tname. He is so darn cute. Love the picture where he's teaching you a life lesson ;)

  4. That Knox is going to be one hell of a heartbreaker

  5. Happy birthday to Knox! He is totally adorable!

  6. It's my nephew's 7th birthday today! Being an aunt rocks. :)

  7. Knox is going to be a ladies man. Except without a lisp.

  8. He is so adorable and I just love his name!

  9. Love him in the little tux so cute!

  10. Ryan Gosling has nothing on him... Knox is way cuter! Happy Birthday lil man!

  11. That video is too cute for words! Well done super Aunty Tay x

  12. That Knox is a class act. Happy Birthday!

  13. He is the cutest fella
    Hope Mr. Knox has an absolutely amazing birthday :)

  14. Aww this is so cute. I might want to support the anti-toilet movement. Peeing is soo inconvenient.

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