What Full House Taught Our Generation

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

As if I can even sum this up in one post.
This would really take an entire new blog to do it properly.
But I'll give it a try anyway.

Never exercise without eating first.
You will faint.

Just don't let Kathy Santoni make you feel insecure, ever!

Nepotism is never a sure thing.
Sometimes you just can't beat true talent.

Revenge is not always sweet.
Think twice before making fun of the sassy dumb girl in junior high.

Never drink alcohol at a college party.
You will get intoxicated. And your best friend will turn against you.

Never trust someone named Rusty.
No exceptions.

A clean house is a happy house.
And Wednesday is sock day.

Yeah, this might have to turn into a bi monthly thing.
There's just way too many lessons.

So I'll wrap it up with the most important lesson of all,
have mercy!

Speaking of TV, have you heard of these new shows?

Okay I'm kidding.
These are actually the names the girls below came up with when I asked them what a 
TV show about their life would be called. Clever gals, huh?
See if you can match the blogger to the show.
Answers will be at the bottom!

Hey guys! I'm Kelsey and I blog over at Stories of Kel
I am a 22 year old newlywed living in Salt Lake City, UT. 
I'm a master aesthetician so you can often find me writing about my love and passion for skin care.
 I have a body that loves to be sick so you can also read about all my exciting trips to the hospital. ;) Come stop by my blog, and say hello! 
I'd love to get to know you and your blog better.

I'm Andrea Bai, and Glam Hungry Mom is where I call home on the internet.  
I blog about life as a football wife, modern mom, and my obsessions - beauty, style, food, and family!  To me creating recipes is my therapy, and makeup and fashion are art forms.  
I even make YouTube videos from time to time.  
I'd love for you to stop by and say hello!  I love meeting new blogger friends.

Hi, I'm Niki and I'm the lip gloss loving blonde behind Glossy Blonde.  
I am fashion-obsessed and quite the beauty product addict, and on my blog I share my favorite fashion and beauty finds, along with my personal style!  
I also love to bake (and, admittedly, eat), so from time to time I'll throw in a fun baking recipe as well!  You may or may not also get to know my pets really well. 
 Stop on by and say hello - or you can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Hola! I'm Lindsey and I share my travel adventures with my husband over on my travel blog, 
Villa de Lynch. 
 We moved to Costa Rica six months ago for his job, and are fortunate enough to be able to travel all throughout this beautiful country.  
You may find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of pictures of Costa Rica on my blog, 
or you may find yourself booking a plane ticket immediately.
Either way, I'd love for you to stop by for some sunshine! :) 
Pura Vida!

Thanks so much and have a wonderful day! :)

Hey, y'all, I'm Gayle, and I write over at Grace for Gayle.  Contrary to some emails I've been getting, my name isn't Grace (seems worth mentioning).  My day job is in Human Resources as a Compensation Analyst, so I spend all day looking at salaries and trying not to laugh and/or cry I analyze compensation.  I live in Dallas with my two dogs and two cats.  I love peanut butter, animal memes, chips and salsa, scary movies, working out, borrowing people's kids, and I have an unusually difficult time describing myself without just listing stuff (no autobiography for me, unless a 500-page list counts).  Taylor has awesome readers, so I hope y'all come visit me, too--I guarantee my blog content is more entertaining than this paragraph has been!!! :)

Hi lovers! I’m Kelly & I write a Fashion & Lifestyle Blog called Messy.Dirty.Hair.

The main purpose { besides my love of fashion } for starting Messy.Dirty.Hair. was that I wanted to show people you can still be trendy & chic but natural at the same time. You will never see me standing in front of the mirror for hours globing on the makeup & making sure every single strand of hair is perfectly in place. It’s just not real to me.  It's actually really rewarding to be able to not care about what I look like & still feel secure & comfortable with myself to go out in public.


So it’s okay if your hair isn't sitting perfectly on your head today, or if there's a small stain on your jeans, or a button is out of place. It's okay if you leave the house without any makeup on. Be the real version of you. Stay true to yourself. Embrace the imperfections because let me tell you, no matter how hard you try you will never ever be perfect. So instead of driving yourself crazy trying to make everything look perfect join the movement & Embrace the Mess.

Try it one day...i dare you...

hear my full Embrace Messy Hair story HERE....hope to see you around the mess


  1. so much nostalgia, so little time.

  2. Love the full house post! Clever idea! Mad props! :)

  3. I don't understand why they always had their shoes on in Full House. I mean, when I am home I don't make sure I have tennis shoes on at all times. WTF? That should be another series "WTF Full House??".

  4. I wish I would have remembered that exercise tip. I almost fainted one day doing Zumba! What was I thinking?

  5. Thanks to Full House I was always waiting for calming piano music to play whenever I was in the middle of resolving a conflict. I was always left disappointed.

  6. Awww I would always love it when uncle Jesse said have mercy. Seriously. Love that man

  7. Love this! I was all about Full House back in the day!

  8. I loved Full House! All of these are SO true! Great post!

  9. My favorite Full House lesson was to never disrespect the pink bunnies. Also, when kids drive a convertible into the kitchen, a tiny bottle of touch-up paint will not do the trick.

    My life wouldn't be the same without Full House.

  10. Omg you literally make me Lol every time! You need to get a job working for buzzfeed! Seriously send them this post bc if "22 looks Justin should brig back" is an article "things we learned from full h0use" has got to be up there... Or even better , turn it into a bimonthly feature but "things TGIF taught us" then you could feature some Bly meets world too ... And maybe sneak saved by the bell in there!

  11. I agree with Kim over there- get yourself working for buzzfeed already! Or yahoo news. This stuff is way better than half the crap they feature over there.

    And your reality tv idea match up with the guest posters was genius. I envy you.

  12. You are SO funny!!! I used to love Full House (okay.. I still do). LOL.

  13. I want to watch Full House again now!! You have to do this as a bi monthly feature!! It's just too funny!! =)


  14. Gahhhhh Full House...gotta love that DJ Tanner! This was on the money funny. I love how your brain works.

  15. for real, after reading your readers' comments- i have to agree! why ARENT you being featured on buzzfeed!? this is sooo awesome! love full house.

  16. Haha! Oh Full House. Such a tender memory in my heart :)

  17. that full house post is possibly the greatest thing i have seen in a while. need to go back and re-read parts. laugh out loud great!


  18. Ooh goodness...this is hilarious, but my parents said that I got my bad attitude from Full House!!! When I would get it trouble for my smart mouth, that is what they would say!! How in the world was Full House bad?? They would lose it if they saw what I watch now!! :-/

    -Sarah B.


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