My Dog Hates Puppies

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I've really done the best I can to try and raise a well rounded,
intelligent, kind,
young dog.
Back in the day when I worked 8-5 (I don't know how I ever did but I did)
I only hired the best dog walkers and pet sitters.
I made sure he was surrounded only by others that I felt would have a good influence on him.
As a young puppy, I would start off each and everyday by telling him
you is smart 
you is kind 
you is important.
So how I wonder, how did I end up with this smart mouthed teenager?

He does what he wants. When he wants. How he wants.
And makes no apologies for it.
He's back to insisting we go on at least ten walks a day.
Five of which must be off-leash.
Pretty soon I think he's going to start asking me to wear the leash.
Who am I kidding. I already do...

When I tell him it's time to get up in the morning,
this is the look I get.
He doesn't get up.

When I ask him to help out with simple chores,
such as washing the sheets and making the bed, this is what he does.

 I think he's just going through a phase.
Chris says I need to stop "coddling" him and giving into all of his demands.
Easy for him to say, he gets to go play at work everyday with real life adults while I'm stuck at home all day conversing with a two and a half year old dog.
So yeah, sometimes when I'm trying to get my own work done and Harlow's whining at the top of his lungs staring at his treat jar it's just easier to give him another filet mignon bite.
It shuts him up. Sue me.
I think he ate a total of 37 filet bites yesterday.
That would probably explain why he pooped out a NY Strip today.
TMI. Sorry.

I haven't even mentioned the worst part of Harlow's new attitude problem.
He's decided he hates puppies.
Like really hates them. No joke.
If I see a puppy at the park we have to walk the other way or Harlow will get super pissed.
He growls at them. He glares at them. Once he even tried to bite a sweet little lab pup.
I was humiliated.
Because everyone looked at me like I was some awful dog owner who raised the vain Vizsla who can't stand other dogs who are
a. younger than him and b. cuter than him.

When I scolded him at home for trying to eat the puppy he just covered his eyes
and yelled at me to get out.

Things are getting bad.
For him and I.
I just wrote an entire post about make believe conversations I have with my dog.
And on that note I need to go find some human interaction.

But seriously, he is super mean to puppies.
Does anyone else have this problem with their dog?
Or is Harlow just a total Naomi Campbell?



  1. Hahaha, oh my goodness, thank you for the laugh! And sorry, no advice for the dog thing.. no dogs here! xoxo

  2. My dog's a turrrrrrrrible teen sometimes, except she's five now so technically she's just a bitchy adult. But she has fear aggression issues and has since she was a puppy, so not only does she hate puppies, she hates... dogs, kids, men, strangers, big trucks/buses, appliances, etc. Ya know, the usual shit in our lives. (UNAVOIDABLE shit, might I add.) It's definitely stressful a lot of the time, but she's just so dang cute, what am I supposed to do except let her go nuts and give her more sweet potato treats?!

  3. This is too funny! I've been told many times I treat my dog too good. But is there even such thing? She just loves cuddles and attention

  4. You may need to take him to a family therapist. Or leave him home and go to therapy alone.
    Probably the last one.

    (I'm completely kidding, Tay mafia. Don't throw things at me.)

  5. My cat freaks out around other cats. But not just around other cats... If it makes you feel any better, when my friend & her kids were over, my cat swatted at my friends tiny BABY when he was crawling around! :S

    Some Snapshots Blog

  6. This is so funny! My dog only barely tolerates other dogs!

  7. My entire post today is about my dog also :) and she doesn't like puppies. She hasn't tried to bite them, but she gets really annoyed and weirded out by them. She is a bigger dog so they jump up at her and bite on her. She just looks up at us like get me out of here before something bad happens and you are fully responsible for it!

  8. How adorable is your dog!! His coloring is great, and his face! I just want to give him a big smooch! My pit, Shirley, is pretty lazy herself. She never helps out with chores. Don't know how she feels about puppies, but since they are the same size as cats I'm going to say no - she likes to eat cats.

    Sometimes I think she's a little evil.

  9. Harlow is a diva. But he's good at it... Hawkeye does the same thing when I tell her to help me make the bad. Epic fail.
    She likes puppies though, she's a big fan of dogs that are smaller than her (at 16 lbs, it's not many) I think it's a control thing...

  10. My pooch, Murray. Totally cool with puppies. Loveessss people. Always voted most popular. Now when it comes to tiny humans, aka children... loses his cool. Im sure you can imagine my horror when a kid runs toward my fluffy cockopoo only to be barked at! Ive tried everything to try an condition him to tiny monsters.. no luck! Love your blog!

  11. Isn't it amazing what personalities that dogs can have?? I have no advice though. :( My dog is strangely very afraid of humans. A big lab and he barks, cowers, tucks his tail, and runs when someone comes up that he doesn't know. Even kids! It makes me sad because these people just want to love on him but I don't know how to fix him. Maybe I need to watch Caesar's show more.

    Good luck with your Naomi Campbell!

  12. My dog gets super excited when she sees other dogs and starts barking like crazy which is turn off number one. Then when we get too close to the other dog she gets all angry like the other dog is going to eat her and she starts growling. I dunno I just grab her and walk quickly by cause I know people think my dog is a biznatch.

  13. This post is awesome. My dog Bianca doesn't hate puppies, but everything else you said just about sums her up. She does anything and everything she wants when she wants, except for the dog trainer-she listened to him, but no one else. You're in the shower and she wants to come in and get a drink, yep, does it. She needs to stretch out more on the bed, yep she kicks you till you fall off or are far out of her way. She wants that pizza you are eating, oh yeah, just acts like she's coming to give you a kiss, and then knocks it off the plate onto the floor.

  14. One of my dogs loves other dogs, puppies included...and the other HATES other dogs in general. I think it is a jealousy thing.

  15. I can't ever tell if my dog just wants to play with other dogs, or if he wants to fight them! He only growls at big ones, but he always wants to get closer to all dogs! One time, he lunged at a little poodlie thing, and the old lady gave me the dirtiest stink eye! Oops! He's a bit of a spastic child still, he's a little over a year! (One thing he needs is to get his little self fixed, mommy just keeps forgetting to make the appointment...)

  16. First of all, how cute is he?! Secondly, Casey likes puppies/other dogs and cries and gets excited when we see them on walks, but he needs to be the dominant one and gets all bitchy when he does get to see them. It's so awkward, I always feel like a bad mom.

  17. I've been following your blog for awhile and first of all, I think you're hilarious! Second, I finally have to comment because my husband and I also have a Vizsla, a two-year old (this month) boy and EVERY time you post about Harlow I'm nodding my head because Arnold does the exact same things. Your blog is like therapy because we seriously thought we were the worst dog parents ever to raise such a needy, nutty animal, and now I'm thinking it's just a Vizsla thing! Arnold LOVES other dogs, but goes totally Cujo on puppies. He's insane. My husband blames it on my coddling too. How can you not dote on that face? We should form a support group!

    1. Haha that's hilarious. You're right, it must be a Vizsla insecurity thing. He is the most needy, weird, insane dog but I wouldn't have it any other way!

  18. OMG! I love this! I totally coddle my dogs too! Grace will come in the kitchen and squeal and do a jump and EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to the treat jar. She's got me trained. :)

  19. I have a dog who hates puppies as well. Makes me sad because I think she'd be the human that hates babies, which is OK if you're that person, but you probably shouldn't admit it - people get offended. So, I really wish my diva dog would keep her feelings about puppies inside because I think other dogs are offended or judging us. Until she shapes up, we go on walks at weird times when other people aren't really outside... it's embarassing.

  20. First, this is hilarious. Second, as a person who works with dogs every day, many adult dogs hate puppies. It's like how we (or at least I) roll my eyes at high schoolers in the mall and tell myself "surely I wasn't so obnoxious at that age..." It doesn't make you a bad dog mommy, it's just a fact of life. Some of us tolerate less than others. :)

  21. LOL Naomi Campbell!!!! Maybe he has early onset spring fever??

  22. My dog just turned 7. She hates children, as well as other dogs. She doesn't descriminate, she hates them all, including our other dog whom she makes a point to bite and growl at every hour on the hour. I do not know what happened. She used to be so friendly. We've had a lot of pretend conversations about this. :)

  23. Can I tell you how jealous I am that you get to hang out with Harlow all day? That's a dream for me. Screw humans, and puppies while we're at it.

  24. Is it sad that I'm most interested about how you stopped working 8-5?? I want out!

  25. haha I am dying right now. This was great. It's really just me myself and mia - so I talk to her like a human to. Though I get to go to work and play with humans most nights I am home having hot dates with a dog...

    i feel you.

    shame on you harlow!

  26. I agree with Elle. I want out of my (actually 8 to 4) job!


  27. Haha love it.
    My dog tried to "dominate" any dogs smaller than her by standing over top of them..they tend to not appreciate it!

  28. Bahahaha! love the way you described you dog! You is kind. You is important.... Really good stuff!


    So Much Sunshine

  29. Ha ha I love this post. You have pretty much convinced us that our next dog is going to be a Vizsla!!

  30. This post made me laugh out loud! Too funny! I actually just wrote a post about my cat today and all the weird (and sometimes annoying) things he does. He went through a phase at about 7 months old where he was just AWFUL so maybe all animals have a weird phase like this??

  31. haha this post made me laugh! My husband is deployed right now so i spend a lot of quality time with my dog too. I actually think i should be committed sometimes for as much as I carry on conversations with her :-/ She is the same way with other dogs too. But only when she is on her leash. If we are at the dog park she is fine. Those glares from the other pet owners are brutal. I just remind myself that my dog is cuter than theirs when this happen! Good luck!!

  32. Haha my dog is the same way! And he is a little 7lb guy too, but he thinks he is waaaay bigger than he is and likes to be a bully to any puppy we come across whether they are bigger or smaller than him!

  33. These are some of my favorite posts! Is he listening to different dog whistles now?

  34. LOL! He's a diva! Puppies be stealing his attention! Seriously though, my dog doesn't get out of bed and gets SUPER jealous of puppies too. I don't get it.

  35. hahahaha!! omg!! too funny and such a little brat!! my ctas get a little bratty sometimes...the older one starts meowing to let him go outside and the little one meows for food or nudges us to play fetch with her...silly animals!!

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  37. My dog is EXACTLY the same! Never wakes up past 11AM, demands long, off-leash walks (she's at the door right now), and worst of all, just started to hate puppies! My boyfriend says it's because I spoil her, I don't know what to do! Did your dog get better with the puppies?

  38. I have the same exact issue. Mine loves dogs but as soon as a puppy is introduced to the mix, he goes ape shit. He HATES puppies! He is about 9lbs and I thought maybe it was the fact that they hover over him and don't respect his space, but he hates small puppies too! Today at the dog park he attacked a bigger puppy about 3xs his size, thankfully he is small and did no damage but it's embarrassing and have no clue what to do?!?