When Spring Finally Came to Chicago

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yesterday as a blizzard swept through the lovely town of Norfolk, Nebraska
it almost reached 70 here in Chicago.
And it was amazing.
Although, this long and painful winter has made me realize one thing about Chicagoans;
they are a hard ass group of people.
On Sunday it was barely 45 degrees, but just because the sun was shining people were wearing shorts and tank tops.
While I was still in my winter coat, the guy next to me was in a "Go Bears" cut-off.
It was impressive.

So of course Harlow and I took full advantage of the beautiful weather that presented itself yesterday.

We took a quick trip to the beach.

This would be the running path I occasionally like to pretend I run on.
Because he's a mountain lion, Harlow prefers to run up high on the rock path.

And finally Lincoln Park is going green!

And then Harlow ended the day hunting for squirrels.

I realize this is a pretty lame, photo heavy post, 
I'm just short on time today because I've got an interview coming up here in an about an hour.
So now I've got to go see if I remember how to put on makeup and curl my hair.
I've also got to practice my interview laugh and corny jokes.
If there's one place I truly hate myself the most, it's in interviews.
Wish me luck. 



  1. Yay for good weather! I can't wait to visit this summer. My mom lives in the Elgin area and I haven't visited Chicago is almost 2 years so it's about time I went. Good luck on your interview!

  2. good luck on your interview!

    that view looks amazing! It is still below 40's here in MN...I would take your 70 degree weather any day!!


  3. glad y'all have semi decent weather. good luck on the interview!

  4. I grew up in Chicago (but I live in St. Louis now) and the first day of spring was always my favorite. It always felt like everyone was patting each other on the back and high-fiving (in our heads via smiles and glances on the CTA and on sidewalks) to congratulate each other on making it through another Chicago winter. Everyone walks happier. Not like that hurried, head down, aerodynamic walk of windy, cold, winter days.
    Chicagoans are tough people...until the 95 degree July days.

  5. So glad Chicago's finally getting to see some Spring! Good luck today!!! Can't wait to hear your updates! xoxo

  6. It takes a little while longer for winter to get to Chicago, but it's so wonderful!

  7. Nice! Now please give spring back to Maryland. We were doing OK and now we're chilly...

  8. you curl that hair and make those corny jokes!

  9. it looks like spring was worth the weight, because it is beautiful out there!

  10. Okay, I absolutely adored your blog post over on Wonder Forest the other day. You are just too cute girl, and these photographs are perfect!
    xo TJ

  11. love the photos! good luck on the interview. I hate them; they are the worst and this is coming from an old HR chick.

  12. So fucking jealous. It snowed last night and made me hate my life.

    Good luck on that interview! If it sucks you can just throw a Reese and ask them if they know who you are and then threaten to bad mouth them on your blog. Sound like a plan?


  13. Yes one amazing day of spring it was glorious and now it's rainy and cold again :( I would so much love to stop wearing my winter coat! Good luck a the interview!

  14. I was born in SoCal so every spring I like to torture myself by thinking, "hey stace, remember when you were eleven and wearing SANDALS at this exact same time instead of UGGS and smartwool socks?! HAHAHAHAHA!!"

  15. gooood luck today! I love these pictures though, I want to come to Chicago so bad. I'll bring Brie & we can all hang out!!


  16. We're the same way in the town I live in. I live on top of a mountain in NC, and the second it's above 40 we're happy. Today was only about 50 and I wore a dress and sandals and pretty much everyone was in shorts! Glad to finally be done with all the snow!!

  17. "If there's one place I hate myself, it's in interviews." That is so damn true! Good luck to you!!

  18. Oh my gosh, this post made me so homesick for Chicago!!! I'm studying abroad in New Zealand right now, and it's just getting to be their winter so it's grey and rainy everyday. There is nothing better than spring/summer in Chicago and I'm so excited to come home to it!!!

    :) Liz

  19. Wow I love the photos...........................

  20. I'm so excited that it finally feels more like spring weather in Chicago, most weather reports ranging from mid-fifties to mid-sixties. It's so great, I'm so excited to wear more warm weather clothing!

  21. What stunning pictures!
    I really want to go to Chicago one day!

  22. I love all the pictures!
    good luck for the interview

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