Ask Ashley

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

And just like that it was May.

As much as I'd like to just sit here and gush about how much I love May
because it's my birthday month, and it's basically the start of summer,
and the two year anniversary of Bin Laden's death,
as well as the one year anniversary of the biggest baby ever to be born,
(Jessica Simpson's)
I've got something else up my sleeve for today...
It's a little game I'm bringing back from the 90s called
Ask Ashley! .... That's Me!

Dear Ashley, 
Young celebrities seem to have it so hard these days. They're always getting into trouble and presenting
themselves in questionable ways while out in the public eye. 
What would your advice be for a young starlet who has been seen out and about town looking like a dirty squirrel monkey?

Any advice would me much appreciated!

Oh wow, solid suggestion my friend. Thank you! Moving right along.

Dear Ashley,
What do you make of this tweet?

I feel like it's really mean, but maybe I'm just being sensitive?
What would your response be to someone who tweeted something like this for all of the social media
 world to see (while also often complaining about being bullied herself?)

Well said.
You don't mess around, do you? Let's go on to the next question.

Dear Ashley,
It seems like people in Hollywood will do absolutely anything these days to make themselves
stand out or seem super trendy.
What do you think of the new half long/half buzzed hairstyle we've been seeing more and more of lately?

Pretty cool, right? It's like the mullet's hipster cousin:
party on the right, business man on the left.
So what are your thoughts,
are celebs doing this just to get attention, or do you feel they really think it looks good?

Point taken.

Well this has been fun, I've certainly learned a lot.
I hope you all have a wonderful May Day!
I'm sure the old Dixie cups with a pipe cleaner handle, full of popcorn and leftover Easter jelly beans
no longer cut it as May Day baskets thanks to Pinterest.
So if you consider something like this to be a May Day basket,

well then you only have yourself to blame as to why all the other mothers hate you.
Just kidding!
But not really.



  1. Oh Aman..err, the mighty have fallen.

  2. this has got to be my favorite post of the month. Who cares if it is only May 1st. Ask Ashley has always been a fav and our girl Amanda seriously needs her help.

    1. Haha thank you! This was a pretty self indulgent post for me I gotta admit, I had way too much fun creating it...

  3. I find it very disturbing that they all seem to follow the same pattern, like there's a guide book on how to be a dysfunctional former child star.

  4. This is fabulous- I love some old school Nickelodeon. Our girl needs a good slap of reality, she's clearly going through some tough times.

  5. Seriously need people to stop shaving half their head! The whole head wasn't funny when Brit Brit did it and half the head isn't cool now either! And your pictures are gorgeous. Makes me miss Chicago!

  6. This is hilarious. She is quite the train wreck. I feel like the next stop is her and Lindsey getting into a slap fight.

  7. hilarious! .... I am not sure if non small town Nebraskans know what may day baskets are!?

  8. hahaha I used to love The Amanda Show! I would have never guessed she would wind up being a crazy b!

  9. I loved that show... poor girl. wtf happened there

  10. This blog post is amazing. I lived for "Ask Ashley" back in the day and have always been a fan of Amanda Bynes - so sad to see the state she is in now!
    - Heather

  11. Hey AShley, is it ok for me to be a total nut job?

    the answers always no.

  12. Laughed so hard. I seriously think she believes she is being edgy and cool. It would be a HUGE resounding Hells to the NO! But she seems to believe it. Her publicist needs to put that craziness on lockdown, quick!

  13. LOL! I wish they would get The Amanda Show on Netflix, I would watch every episode! Nice to remember when she was a cute, normal kid and not....whatever she is now.

  14. Bahaha, this was amazing. Thanks for cheering up my Wednesday!

    -A fellow Tay blogger.

  15. new follower here! you had me at "2 year anniversary of Bin Ladens death" and had me chuckling at "looking like a dirty squirrel monkey" anyways, just wanted to say hi! :)

  16. can't.stop.following.Ashley, I mean Amanda. Terrorists are obviously involved in her downfall.

  17. Small town Iowa girls know what May day baskets are, too!
    This post was awesome

  18. I don't know what can I say pretty
    Ok the dirty squirrel monkey looks like one of my neighbours.......the whore just in case you were wondering which

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