Monday, June 24, 2013

The Monday after a really great wedding is always a very hard day for me.
I miss waking up to Mimosas with my best friends, I miss seeing all of the wonderful new family members I met of the bride and groom, I miss being skirted around in a limo,
and I really miss cocktail hour in the mountains, and bacon wrapped appetizers.
I wish everyone could have a honeymoon after a wedding,
because I don't know about you, but I could sure go for a trip to St. Lucia right now.

In other words I just really love weddings.
I like to think I embrace them full on, last weekend especially.
I danced a lot, I ate a lot, I drank a lot, and by the end of the night the groom's Spanish uncle invited Chris and I to come stay in one of his homes in the Canary Islands in Spain.
Although I can't take any credit for that one, luckily for me Chris loves weddings, as well.
And since he lived in Spain for awhile, he especially loves Spaniards.
The first night we arrived Chris was the last one up drinking and speaking Spanish with all of the groom's family like they were old pals.

Here's a photo of the lovely bride and groom, Codi and Domingo.

Domingo is in the Air Force, thus the uniform you see above.
I obviously understand the importance of the fact those in the Air Force protect and serve and country and find that in itself incredibly admirable, but on a more superficial level I also find those uniforms
to be incredibly attractive.
Well done, Mrs. Astiasaran (ah-stee-a-ser-en.)

A few of the bridesmaids "rehearsing" the night before the big day.
Sadly, we messed up our one and only big part and forgot to stand when necessary.
Sorry, Debbie Donna about that one.

The day of the wedding we were all whisked away to Codi's parents house to get ready.
Although once I found out that Mountain Lions have been spotted on Codi's land before,
I more or less spent most of my time in her backyard looking for cats.
I have a very weird obsession with wanting to see a Mountain Lion, like I am seriously dying to see one. I also had fun playing with the family dog, Rocko, as well.

 Codi was super sweet and gave us all cute little navy dresses to get ready in,
while professionals worked on our hair and makeup.

Although I opted to do my own makeup, only because I'm super picky about the type of products
I use and I wasn't sure the makeup artist would be using last night's mascara as a base,
followed by Target brand bronzer and Dr. Pepper flavored chap stick.
I did get extra fancy and let the stylist do my hair though, I let her do it twice in fact.
And I took it out twice... But I loved the way she curled it.
I'm just weird and never seem to like how someone else does my hair, unless of course they french braid it, I'm always down for a good french braid. Same goes for cornrows with beads on the end, especially if it's 1998 and I have a summer soccer tournament.

We finally slipped into our little pink dresses right before we left for the church.

For the actual ceremony, I was the bridesmaid who stood on the end, closest to the flower girls.
And I gotta tell ya, sitting by flower girls is AWESOME. I was entertained the entire ceremony.
It was completely quiet in the church and one of the flower girls (they were Domingo's twin cousins) suddenly asked me, "what is the right age to have a baby?"
After the kiss she also said to me, "that's the only reason I wanted to come today!"
As well as, "Domingo said he was going to stick his tongue down Codi's throat!"
But this one was my favorite, "someday Domingo said that's gonna happen to us,"
(regarding getting a tongue down their throat.)
I miss those girls already.

I'm already starting to get nostalgic rehashing this, so I'm going to wrap it up here with just a few more photos of the reception.
The venue was Spruce Mountain Ranch in Colorado Springs, it was probably one of the most beautiful places to host a wedding reception.

I wish I had taken more photos of the ranch because it was simply amazing,
but at this point in time I was in full on wedding mode and couldn't have cared less about snapping a few shots.

We got in the limo to head back to the hotel around midnight, and I'm pretty sure that limo ride might have been the most fun thirty minutes of my life.
Which may or may not have led to this, dancing in the bathroom in my suit coat and TP covered shoe.

Man, it was a great night. Followed by a not so great morning.
My only saving grace was grease. And lots of it.

Codi and Ming, thank you so much for having me a part of your amazing weekend.
I am obsessed with both of your families and all of your friends, I now completely understand why both of you are the way you are.
(And I know you're not reading this because you're currently on the white beaches of St. Lucia.)
And I kinda hate you for that.

On that note, let's call it a day.



  1. Such a beautiful wedding! I might invite you to my wedding solely so I can have such a fun recap that next Monday ;)

  2. What an awesome wedding! You look beautiful! And the flower girl is too funny!

  3. Those are the most perfect bridesmaid dresses. I looove them.

  4. Wow your bridesmaid dresses are SO pretty! Where are they from? Gorgeous!

  5. i want to be friends with the flower girls! also fun fact, i grew up in the middle of no where oregon where there are mountain lions and one time my mom came home on her lunch break to find a sick one chillin on the front porch. #scary.

  6. Those bridesmaids dresses are really pretty!

  7. Those pink bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous!

  8. Wow, sounds like you had an amazing time. You looked lovely as a bridesmaid. I totally understand what you mean about not liking when other people do your hair and makeup. I am the exact same way.


  9. Those flower girls comments are the best!

  10. You look gorgeous! And love that puggle!

  11. What a fun looking wedding! And seriously, those the the cutest bridesmaid dresses I have seen in a LONG time! Where are they from?

  12. I'm such a sucker for a good wedding and that one looked AMAZING! So did you! Love that bridesmaid dress! Huge plus that you can totally wear it again! :)

  13. Fab pictures! Although I had to admit, I was following along a little bit on instagram, and with the hashtag codiandming, I assumed Ming was Asian. Please tell me that happens a lot and I'm not just an accidental racist dummy? Haha:)

    1. haha not at all! there's nothing racist about thinking Ming might be an Asian name! It's just short for Domingo!

  14. Oh my goodness, it looks like such a super fun weekend! At the moment, none of our friends are getting married soon and I'm a bit jealous. Weddings are so much fun. Glad you had a great trip!

  15. This line, "Same goes for cornrows with beads on the end, especially if it's 1998 and I have a summer soccer tournament" totally blew my blog reading cover at work. I cackeled and topped it off with a snort. Well played.

  16. Looks like a fun weekend. So, it's really not weird that you have an obsession with seeing a mountain lion because I have an obsession with seeing a bear. Every time we're in Tahoe, I keep my eyes peeled. My husband thinks I'm a weirdo. Oh, and mountain lions up close are pee-your-pants scary...that's another story for another day though...

  17. It looks and sounds like you had such an amazing time.

  18. wedding weekends are the best! especially when you're in them and then you're kind of better than everyone else (oops) i mean I'm kidding. a

  19. Ahh I love wedding weekends! Those flower girls rock. & girl can I just say...you have KILLER arms!

  20. Love your blue and pink dresses and I realllly love your hair curled like that!
    Wedding weekends are just. the. best.

  21. love your dresses for the wedding!

    Looks like a fun weekend.

    I love a good wedding.

  22. SO pretty!! I agree, I don't letting other people do my makeup. Those little cousins cracked me up. Kids are the most entertaining!!

  23. Those dresses are sooo pretty! Me thinks you could even wear it again. Imagine! The food, the friends, the alcohol! No wonder you are hating life today. I love weddings too. It's been over a year since my last and there are none in sight. It's all baby showers now!

  24. you looked beautiful!!! sounds like a great wedding!!

  25. This looks like such a great wedding, makes me wish that my friends would start tying the knot already!

  26. Looks so fun. And those girls? Hilarious!

  27. Totally feeling you on the post-wedding depression. Gorgeous dresses...you looked amazing!

  28. Everything about that wedding looked magical!!

  29. Looks like an awesome wedding and those bridesmaid dresses!! I rarely see any I think are so cute!

  30. You look so gorgeous in your bridesmaid dress. Lovely photos and it looked magical!

  31. Sounds like some good times! Maybe I should stop avoiding weddings like the plague. In fact, I refuse to have a wedding for myself-- I'm totally happy with the courthouse deal. My sadness with it comes from not being able to register and have a massive party..


  32. I was just at a wedding at the same ranch in Colorado Springs last summer...gorgeous!

    I am also a Nebraska girl...

    Two of my sisters live in Norfolk...

    Coincidence, I think not! Stalker...that's sure what I sound like!

    Been enjoying your blog since a friend of mine told me about it. Love a funny, Nebraska girl.


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