It All Starts Right Here

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Excuse my absence yesterday,
Knox insisted we see the sights of the city and didn't allow me a spare minute to myself.

Naturally, he wanted to go to the zoo for sixteen hours.
He's a pretty organized kid, so I think he must have stared at the zoo map plotting out his plan of attack for at least twenty minutes before he decided he wanted to go to see the "moo moos."

Always a good call to start with the exotic animals first, well played.
You can take the boy out of Nebraska, but you can't take the Nebraska out of the boy...
After the moo moos we rendezvoused over to the seals for a bit.
I love seals because they remind me of swimming Harlows.
Speaking of, have I mentioned Harlow's been away at summer camp for over a week now?
That will have to be a post for another day, it's a good thing he's gone (for him)
because I know camp allows him to really stretch his legs and run like the country dog
he was meant to be, but I'm not going to pretend it's not a hard two weeks for me.

But anyway, we concluded the zoo day with some ice cream.
Which by the way, don't ever let someone tell you ice cream can't be eaten with your hands.
Because it definitely can.
Ice cream can be eaten as easily with your fingers as say ranch, ketchup,
or barbecue sauce can be eaten.

After the ice cream escapade, my mom and I thought it was only right we treat ourselves to some
beers and oysters at Fish Bar while Knox listend to the trains go by across the street and liked to mimic the recording of "doors closing" every time one stopped.
Mind you this was around 5:00 p.m., so rush hour was in full force. I think he shouted "doors closing" about forty times in the short twenty minutes we were there.

All in all, a pretty solid day.

Now I'm not sure how I got so off topic, but my intention today was originally to talk about my graduation show at The Second City on Tuesday.

Truth be told, I hate being bad at something. Like it drives me nuts.
As opposed to all those people who love it...
And I know I'm still pretty bad at improv, and it kills me. It downright pisses me off.
So I've never been super pleased with the performances, mostly because I get out there and just start
word vomiting all over the stage only to stand back and think of one hundred better things
 I could have, and should have said.
The coulda woulda shouldas are the worst in improv life.

My part was to be a contestant in Jeopardy, so as I looked out into the dark audience and the lights shown bright in my face and I had literally one second to think of a character, the first thing that sprang to mind was to introduce myself as Donna McNally, from Omaha Nebraska,
who owns a dog grooming business called Doing It Donna Style.
But that's not even the worst part, the worst part is that before I could help it I realized I was doing the
"Target Lady" voice from SNL.
So I was basically doing Target Lady, as Donna McNally, as myself.
Real original, I know. As soon as I pronounced Omaha, as Ermerha, I knew I was done for.
I just had to go with it. In improv, it's go hard or go home. I should have chosen home.

Luckily I know you're going to fall on your ass about 900 times before you get something right,
so que sera sera.
It sounds weird, but my favorite part of the show was probably the backstage area we had to wait in before going on.
If you look in one of the photos above you can see it's just a tiny blue room
with chairs hanging on the wall,
but what you can't see are the thousands of signatures and one-liners plastered all over from every actor that has graced the stage in years past.
The one that stuck out the most to me was written right above the door before heading on stage,
"it all starts right here."
What that is, I'm not really sure because it's different for everyone.
But I took it as a good omen regardless.

So there you have it, it all started at The Second City with my first improv group known as
"My Friend Matt."
Cheers to figuring out what "it" is.



  1. I want to steal that line and put "it starts right here" about something in my classroom. Target Lady. Teehee. Well, I think Doing it Donna Style is v funny!

  2. Well a huge high-five to you for graduating! You went for something and you achieved it, that says something. Improv is incredibly difficult.

  3. Seems like you had such a great time there!
    Well done with graduating! :)

  4. Congrats Taylor! I think you are your biggest critic since I know that you are one of the funniest people to read. Ever. And now I'm off to eat some ice cream with my hands.

  5. Congrats on the graduation.
    I am now longing for summer so that I can eat ice cream with my hands (I probably could do this in winter too but it won't melt as fast which I view as essential to the experience)

  6. Congrats! Can't wait to hear more...

  7. I'm sure you were great at the grad show! The very idea of doing improv freaks me out... but I absolutely love watching it. And I was just at Fish Bar on Sunday night with my mom! It's one of my fav summer places in the city.

  8. That is a great picture with Chicago in the background. Looks like Knox is quite the little man.
    Congrats on graduating! Do you enjoy improv? Are there a lot of opportunities to keep going with it?

  9. I am definitely going to put that quote on a sign above my front door.

  10. This makes me want to visit Chicago again! Love that city!

  11. Congrats on your graduation! And I do love that quote. Cannot wait to hear about Harlow - I'm sure he's having a wonderful time. And I have to tell you, I'm finally de-creepifying myself with this post - I love your blog and go to it every day! I love what you do here!

  12. i am just still impressed you can get up on stage in front of people and just go for it. i would be a splotchy red mess!

  13. Could Knox please get outta town with the pensive, arms folded stance as he studies the map?! That's just really too adorable to handle.

  14. Congratulations on graduating, that's such an amazing accomplishment! I really do think that most people feel like they are terrible when doing improv, but you're obviously not since you've graduated! It's definitely a weird place since everyone says what comes to mind first which leaves the potential for a lot of horrifying things to pop out of your mouth. I don't think I would have been able to think up such a clever character!

  15. I'm really impressed with your form in that picture with the beer. So excited of you.. which I know can't be true since you had just endured ice cream and the zoo with a toddler. I think I'm going to try eating my ice cream with my hands tonight.. Knox makes it seem so simple.

  16. Congrats! I personally think Donna McNally sounds hilarious...but what do I know haha Also Knox is beyond adorable, glad you had fun with him!

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