The Daily Tay's Best Week Ever

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Friday, my friends!
I am sad to say my mom and Knox officially left town as of yesterday.

The three of us sure had a fun time together... I'm already counting the days until he returns!
(Permitted he works on his "hitting" issue.) He doesn't hit everyone, just me.
Really though Knox is a funny kid. Sometimes I think he's two going on eighteen.
I asked him if he was excited to go home to his baby sister and his response was,
"no, pink baby's working."
He doesn't call Lola his sister, just "the pink baby."

But anyway, before I get into another edition of The Daily Tay's Best Week Ever,
I've decided to buck up and share a brief clip from my improv show because a few friends have asked to see it... And because it's just too bad not to share the humiliation with others...

However, per the usual, I need to preface it with a few things/lay out my insecurities for you to judge.

1. You can go ahead and make fun of me, just know that everything you want to say/think
I've probably already thought about myself.
We're not professionals, we're just a bunch of improvisers having a damn good time.

2. Improv is scary as hell, posting a clip of it on a blog might be even scarier, however.

3. This is not my normal voice. I wish it was, it would probably make life a little more entertaining.
Sadly those are my facial expressions...

4. What you're about to see is the middle of our "Jeopardy" game. We are holding onto imaginary podiums, as well as imaginary buzzers. We get suggestions from the audience and then have to work them in.  It probably won't make any sense to you, most times it doesn't to me either.

And lastly, this is one of the weirdest things I've done. But I had a stupid amount of fun doing it so I guess the saying is true, sometimes you just gotta get a little bit weird.

Without further ado, meet "Donna McNally, owner of Doing It Donna Style."
As well as Melvin and Father Fitzpatrick.


Now let's move on before I get cowardly and take it down.
Time for another edition of The Daily Tay's Best Week Ever.

I'll tell you who isn't having the best week ever,
Only because their fairygodbutter, Paula Deensy, has been through the ringer thanks to the fact
it was released she likes to throw around racial slurs.

For the most part I like Paula, but c'mon. Just because you're big and blonde doesn't mean 
you're allowed to speak like an old Southern racist. Get a hold of yourself.
But I guess this means Giada and Rachel Ray are most likely having a pretty great week.

This next one on my list is really cute, I'm talking about 
Rusty the Red Panda.

Rusty is the sweet one year old Panda who escaped the Washington Nation Zoo earlier this week.
He was gone for almost twenty four hours.
Can you imagine what he did in those 24 hours? I certainly can.
And now if I were good at making videos I would insert a cute little montage of 
"Rusty's Day Out" featuring him all over the city, popping in and out of places just after the Washington police were there looking for him.
But I'm not good at videos, so instead I'm just going to imagine him day drinking red beers on a 
patio somewhere, because I'm mature like that.

And currently in Chicago we've got the 
Stanley Cup Parade going on.

And I'm watching it from home like the 85 year old grandma I am.
It just looks like a lot chaos I'm not in the mood to deal with, it's predicted over two million people are currently in attendance.
The only way I'd like to be at the parade is from on top of one of the buses. Who's a girl gotta know to actually be in the parade? That's always more fun. 
I don't mean to boast, but back in Nebraska I've been in my fair share of parades, what with my mom owning a Jazzercise and my aunt owning Ricardos mexican restaurant.
Let's just say I've roller bladed down the main street as I held onto a huge blimp while simultaneously tossing out tootsie rolls.
No big deal. (But it kinda was.)

I'm going to wrap it up with the most important thing having the best week ever, and that's
I'm talking about the historic win for gay marriage on Wednesday in the Supreme Court.
If you don't agree with me on this one read this letter from a father to his gay son.

And if you still can't wrap your head around this please click on this post-->
I may not be guilty of getting married to a woman, but I am guilty of eating seafood,
and a ham sandwich (but only after Easter leftovers.)

Cheers to the weekend!
And cheers to taking risks like posting a video that literally makes my palms sweat when I think about all of you watching it.... Do something that scares you today, it's a cheap high I gotta admit.

*Follow along on Instagram @taylorgracewolfe as I do fun stuff this weekend.


  1. I loved your video. You're right, everyone's gotta do something scary at least once a week. It makes for a fulfilling and happy life! Keep it up, I think improv and comedy totally suits you!

  2. That letter just made me cry. So sweet.

  3. You are awesome! I'm glad you decided to post the video. Keep doin what you're doin girl!

  4. Love the video and the pretend podium was very funny. How cute is that Matt? As always, impressed with your bravery! Great letter. It was a good week!

  5. I want to be like you when I grow up.

  6. I think your video clip is excellent, thanks so much for sharing! What great courage that takes and judging by the laughs the audience enjoyed you and so what that your voice wasn't as original as you'd liked - the jokes are ALL YOU! You should be proud of yourself :) I wish I had the balls to do something like that!

  7. Oh my goodness can you please post the whole thing? You were great, and you're right, you do sound so much like Kristen Wiig in that clip! Fairygodbutter, hilarious!

    1. I should probably start working on voices that haven't already been coined by Wiig... I just can't help myself she's too good!

  8. So funny .... you are hilarious! You shouldn't feel nervous!

  9. Ohymgosh, that letter is the sweetest thing I've ever.

  10. Wow.. having issues today. Haha.
    Ohmygosh, that letter is the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

  11. Omg Taylor I love this video!!! I thought it was great ( even without seeing what was prior).

    And love that letter. Makes me happy that people are finally coming around to those that are coming out.

  12. You are awesome! Thats so cool you have the balls to do improv!

    ps-did topeka really change their name to google like the bing commercial says?

  13. I loved the video!!! You did awesome. Most people could never stand up in front of people and be funny & entertaining and you did it!!! Congrats!

  14. A couple of things.. a. only a toddle like Knox could look so cool in Nike slip ons, a muscle tee, and raybans. I'm actually really intimidated by him. b. You sound JUST LIKE KRISTEN WIIG. It freaks me out. Also, the thought of doing this terrifies me so I am not intimidated by you too. c. That letter is going to make me cry damnit.

  15. Thanks for posting that video! I think you did great. It would scare the pants off of me so I have so much respect for you going for it!

  16. That letter brought tears to my eyes! So sweet.
    Kudos on the video - you do a good Donna from Nebraska!

  17. I loved the clip, I was cracking up over here! Keep up the good work.

  18. Loved the clip it cracked me up.............

  19. A friend of mine bought me a Stanley Cup t-shirt as an early birthday present. I'm so excited!

  20. That letter just actually made me cry! Whew!
    And good for you for sharing this video! I really like Donna :)

  21. yay for equality!!! seeing this in a post made me so happy. it's all over my facebook feed, but i'm in the broadway community in new york city sooo seems kinda appropriate in regards to my facebook, you know? but out here in the blogger world, this is the first i've seen of it. sure does make me like you a super lot! as does that little nephew of yours, "the pink baby" line killed me.

  22. I just died reading that letter...thanks for sharing!

  23. I don't know why you are being so hard on yourself...that video was hilarious! I wish I could have seen the rest of the show! Good for you for doing something you love and sharing it with your loyal readers.

    And I love that letter, gave me goosebumps.

  24. The video is hilarious! :)
    Love the makes me cry every time I see it. :)

  25. I love improv... and that was not a fail by any means. Way to put yourself out there!

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