Friday Morning Buzz

Saturday, July 20, 2013

You guys, my mind is still blown from last night. Chris and I were sitting front row at a show at The Second City, it was just like any other night, the improv set just got done, and then Phish came out. As in the super famous band, Phish. I'm just still in awe. It was one of the coolest experiences ever. I'll talk more about it tomorrow, for now I'm going to introduce you all to the cutest little news anchor in all of Alabama.

1. What are three things you'd like the blogging world to know.

--My AIM screennames were DancingQueen484, BroadwayBabe626, and qtpietams, in that order
--I dislike smoothies, milkshakes, icees and anything else that walks the fine line between liquid and solid. 
--The way to my heart is through coffee, chocolate or cats.

2. What's it like working in the world of news?

Crazy. It's absolute chaos some days. One day it'll be like pulling teeth to put together a story about a new playground, and the next day there's a shooting, a stabbing, a fire and a hurricane. Wtf?

3 Did you always know you wanted to be a news anchor?

Not really. I kind of fell into it in college when I had no idea what else I wanted to do. 

4. Any embarrassing stories from being on camera?

Tons. One that comes to mind is one time when I was trying to say "eight o'clock", I misspoke and said what sounded a lot more like "ate a cock". My coworkers jumped all over that one. 

5. What's your ultimate goal with your job?

Honestly, I don't know. The hours and schedule are so crazy that I don't see myself doing this forever. I'd ultimately like to go into business for myself, doing what I'm not sure. 



  1. Oh soooo 80s the tv moderation outfit above:)!

    NIKA B.

  2. I am definitely going to have to check out her blog! Love her AIM screen names ha ha!

  3. Gah! Phish is my husband's long time favorite! And yes, Tami is awesome, duh. "Ate a cock." HAHAHA!

  4. so funny! I think that is the coolest job!

  5. I love Friday Morning Buzz and am so happy to see it here! I can't believe she met the Harlem Globetrotters. I was obsessed with them when I was a kid.

  6. Ha! Reminds me of one time I meant to say I was cooking something in the crock pot ... instead I said crotch pot. Nice. :)

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  9. I just turned 24, I am the PR director for a law firm, and I have no f****** clue what I want to do... Therefore, the last part was rather refreshing.

  10. Have to say thank you because "ate a cock" cracked me up.............

  11. ate a cock. bahaha (i have the humor of a 12 year old boy)

  12. Tami is so funny and so down to earth! Love her!