Taylor Wears Yoga Pants

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

And now for the girl who needs no introduction, my yoga pant wearing bestie,
Whitney Ellen.

Hey there, Daily Tay reader. If you're looking for Taylor, she's not here today, she's off in some cabin with no WIFI and her red sandals, just being the American patriot she is. So inspirational, that one.

I'm aware guest posts aren't most people's favorite read, so let's try and make this as painless as possible, shall we?

I guess I should introduce myself first. I'm Whitney and you can find me over at my blog, 
I Wore Yoga Pants to Work. Here is what I look like sometimes when I'm trying to be a decent blogger with quality photos:

Don't be fooled, photos like that are few and far between around my parts... which will probably be a disappointment to you Daily Tay fans, seeing as she always has the highest quality photos in blog land and she's always so damn cocky about them too.

Anyways, today I'm going to tell you a little story about Tay and how she, unknowingly, almost sold me and my blog out to a group of people in my real life that have no idea I live a double life as a Blog Master Flex.

You see, I was out at a bar one night, chatting with said group of people when Saturday Night Live came up. As you all know our little comedian super star, Taylor, is going to be on SNL before we know it and as her friend I personally take pride in such a thing. So, when the topic was brought up and I quickly jumped in to the conversation with vengeance, bragging about my funny friend Taylor, who lives in Chicago, was totally going to be the next SNL superstar, I got quite the reaction.

Except I forgot to think that whole thing through before I blurted it out 
(shout out to Miller Lite for that one) and then everyone paused in silence, looked at me, 
and asked "who?".
"Oh... you know... just this... uh, person. This person I know. She has blonde hair and stuff."

Here's where I realize I'm with friends from college, so I definitely can't use that as my answer.
Here's also where I realize I've never been to Chicago, 
so I can't really dig out anything pertaining to that.

How. The. Hell. do I know Taylor? I had nothing.
So, I did what any rational person would do, I told them Taylor was my cousin.

Wait what?

Yeahh... not my fastest thinking ever but I dodged that bullet. I think.
They all kind of looked at me like I was still nuts, which isn't really too far from the truth so I'm pretty used to those kind of looks.

Anyways, the moral of this story is that if you're like Tay and I, who keep our blogging double lives on the DL, come up with a back story. Or don't blurt out random facts about them over drinks at the bar. Just take my word for it, unless you enjoy awkward situations where you are forced dub someone you've never actually met in real life as your relative.

If I haven't thoroughly freaked you out (what's wrong with you?), come stop by and say hello to me over around my parts. I promise not to claim you as my relative. Or maybe I will.



  1. HAHA! ALL of my friends and family know I blog but don't have the address-- I guess they could find it and I'm myself in the blog just as I am "in real life"-- but heck yeah-- a guest post by one of my fave bloggers on my other fave blogger's blog.
    WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hahaha! Thanks for the chuckle! I thought perhaps I was strange for wanting to keep my blog on the DL, but I'm learning that I am in very good company on the matter.


  3. haha last time I was in Chicago I was like "my blog friend (b/c if I read your blog I refer to you as my "blog friend") Taylor says we should go to Snickers". I got similar looks.

  4. My "real life" friends always make comments about my "computer friends" I correct them- its "blogger friends"

    When I read "taylor wears yoga pants" the firs things that popped into my head was- ME too!

  5. Haha OMG, yes. Uhh well I don't really KNOW her

  6. My blog is my best kept secret...until I have alcohol. But other than that I'm like, "Oh yeah, I think I've heard of blogs. Uh huh."

  7. Sometimes I talk about all you fabulous blogger ladies and my husband is like "who are you talking about?" and he looks at me all cray. Then I just take another sip of my drink and change the subject.


  8. Ha! Awesome. I do this ALL THE TIME! It is so embarrassing to admit that you have "internet friends." What is this 2001? No, I didn't meet them in an AOL chatroom.

  9. Luckily I'm from Tampa, went to college in tally, live in NYC and have studied abroad in two different countries and traveled all around so if this were to happen to me I'm just like " oh yanno I can't even remember how I know her" lol! Nice cover though!

  10. I'm so awkward about blog friends to real life friends even though I tend to like my blog friends better. They get both worlds. You know all this already but just wanted to say hi to you both. :)

  11. I always blurt out "my friend" and then I realize I don't know the person....haven't even spoken....but when you read something every day you feel like you do...lol

  12. Well what can I say other the Hi Whitney............you know me and I know you so no introduction needed as for guest posts well I like them I like meeting new bloggers and finding new people to stalk..........I mean follow.
    When I talk about my blog friends as if I have met them in real life no scrap that lets say in the flesh because this is real life it's not a movie or tv show it is real life..........any lets get back to the point which was let me think it will come back to me............ok when I talk about my blog friends some members of my family are like who is that does Jo-Anne have a friend that can't be Jo-Anne doens't have friends and when I say it is a blog friend they are like...........Oh that makes sense.......bloody family members........

  13. hahaha whitney is too funny!! but ditto to her prediction that we see you on SNL

  14. Oh man getting caught in your secret blogger life! Good attempt at the cover story though! Everything Erica Loves

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