For The Dogs

Monday, August 26, 2013

Tonight I was attempting to get a cute photo of Harlow as he slept soundly on the couch, his head propped perfectly on a pillow, his entire body wrapped tightly under a blanket, because it's National Dog Day after all and I hadn't posted a good photo yet. 

If you'd like a visual, this is the photo I ended up taking.

Precious, right? 
It was literally seconds after I took this photo when CNN broke into a story that I haven't been able to get out of my head. As of yesterday, 367 dogs have been rescued in what is known as the second biggest dog-fighting raid known to date. Nearly four hundred dogs were rescued from their horrendous conditions of living on dirt and pavement, wearing painfully heavy chains, most with zero food or water in sight. It's just almost too much to handle. 
The photos are painful, yet also a little hopeful. Because every one of these pups you see are currently being treated in a rehabilitation facility thanks to the miracle workers from the ASPCA. The flees are being removed, the open wounds are being stitched, and the empty emaciated bellies are being filled with fresh food and water. 
Stories like these resonate me. They resonate with me to the fact I will probably never forget about them. I'll torture myself and read every article I can find and look at every photo possible. 

But unlike the other animal abuse stories I read, this one actually has a happy ending. Because these four puppies in the photo below won't have to grow up in chains, or be trained to fight. 
I didn't intend to get on my animal abuse soap box today, but when a story breaks like this how can I not? Animal abusers are absolutely despicable to me. I hope the criminals involved in this case will rot in their jail cells. But sadly, I know they won't. Some are even being held on as low as a $5,000 bond. But actually forget the jail cell, let's tie them up and let them fight it out on their dirt patches instead like they've done to their dogs for so many years.  
I can hardly put into words the type of hatred I feel toward these people. Hate's a strong word I don't use often, but if you're abusing animals or babies I really and truly hate you. But even as I say that I know it's almost ignorant of me to think. It's easy for me to say I hate people who choose to abuse others because I've never been abused. I've lived a pretty damn charmed life. But imagine the children who grow up in homes where their dad brings home the pay check after a good night at the dog ring? How are they supposed to understand they're not supposed to hit a puppy when they themselves get hit every night? It's just a vicious vicious circle I will never understand.
So for now, I'm going to continue to think about the positive. About the fact 367 dogs were rescued this week. But so many more are still out there. If you're in a place where you're financially able to give a few bucks to the ASPCA, I've set up a very simple way to donate via paypal below, because they are going to be in desperate need of funds trying to treat all of these new pups.  I know I've never done anything like this before, but with Harlow sleeping safe and sound right next to me I feel like I have to try to do something. If we can raise $50 or $500, at least it will be something. 

And now I'm going to leave you with a few of my favorite photos from yesterday's rescue. Talk about the best National Dog Day ever.

If that's not a look of freedom I don't know what is.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you, more than he loves himself."
-John Billings
 photo signature-23.png
*And if anyone knows of a better donation button where it actually shows how much has been raised, I'd love to know and switch it out. Thanks!


  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I feel the exact same way, I couldn't get this story out of my head yesterday either. I volunteer at a rescue shelter and it's so hard to see some of the things these dogs have gone through, but it does help to know that they will go to homes where they will be loved. I'm counting down the days until I graduate college so that I can rescue one of my own.

  2. Sometimes, some humans make me so sick - really, I don't understand how humans can sometimes be the least humane in the entire animal kingdom. But hurrah for the humans that give us hope and light as well, like these wonderful ASPCA workers and people like yourself!

  3. So awesome that they were able to rescue these dogs. People are so cruel and evil!!
    Loving the photos of Harlow, I've missed him

  4. I made the mistake of reading this at work and I'm sitting at my desk with tears in my eyes. These stories break my heart. There is a special place in hell for the people behind things like this.

  5. Wow thank you for sharing this! As heartbreaking as it is, I hadn't heard about it (and thus hadn't donated yet). Thank you!!

  6. I started crying last night while watching this news story and then again reading your post. It's absolutely heart breaking what these babies had to go through. I'm so very thankful that they are now safe from these monsters!

  7. Preach it sister! I know, it is absolutely unfathomable to think of the horrors of animal fighting and what those dogs endure day after day. Thank goodness they rescued them though. That's the main thing!

  8. i linked to this post so all my readers can donate. amazing and heartbreaking. i just hugged scoobs a ton.

  9. I had to read the news article in pieces because I get so upset when I hear about these things. I regularly donate to the ASPCA and WWF because I too HATE people who abuse those that are helpless and I don't think saying you hate them is ignorant because I feel that's what they deserve. Someone who feels like they have the right to take out anger or whatever the hell their problem is on someone/thing smaller, and can't defend themselves are cowards. I also feel like people who abuse or abandon their animals to die should be punished by putting them through the same thing and I don't feel bad about saying that at all. Really appreciate this post and I bet you will bring in quite a few helpful donation to the ASPCA!

  10. Thanks for making me cry first thing in the morning Tay. I already want to to adopt every dog ever!

  11. I so should not have read this at work. In tears at my desk! People are so horribly cruel to take it out on dogs. It happens way to often and you can tell those dogs have been over-bred as well. Hope they all find happy and safe forever homes.

  12. People are awful. I am so glad we decided to adopt a shelter dog. Surprisingly, your post on my Facebook was the first I'd heard of this. Unfortunately I immediately went to ASPCA and sent a donation before I read down enough to see your button. I'm sorry I can't add more to your fund too =(

    1. Not a problem! It's all going to the same place anyway!

  13. Those pictures absolutely break my heart, I can't even imagine what those poor dogs have been through. Thanks for setting something up to help out.

  14. Ah, this story is so bittersweet. Poor dogs had to go through torture before being saved. One of our dogs is a pitbull mix, and it brings me to tears to think he could have been subject to dog fighting if we hadn't adopted him. Thanks for sharing such a touching story and something so close to my heart.

  15. Thanks for this Taylor. Makes me so mad. DONATED!

  16. Awwww puppies! This breaks my heart - but I'm so glad they're being rescued. My little Bandit was a rescue dog too. I know one of these days I'll have to write his story on my blog because I remember when I read it I KNEW I had to adopt him. Helping animals is awesome!

  17. Thank you for writing about this. I have a pit at home so this really really really breaks my heart, but makes me happy that all those dogs were rescued. I read that if convicted, they can face up to 5 years in prison. 5?!?!?!? That's definitely not enough!!! I'm like you and I have to look up articles like this and read and look at all the pictures. :( Thank you also for the donation button! I will be donating after I'm through with this. :)

    On a happy note, Mr. Harlow looks rather handsome and happy to be home again with you!

  18. I hate hate hate these stories BUT I am so glad to see a happy ending! Thanks for sharing!!

  19. Thanks for posting this today! People are so unaware of what happens to animals around us all the time. I could go on and on, but every post, tweet, word helps spread awareness!

  20. I have 2 pits at home and this really got to my heart. My older pit was abused and mistreated and seeing how she was when we got her and then seeing this, I just can't even understand it. I am crying right now...I do not understand why someone would ever do this to a animal. Thank you for posting this!!!

  21. Omg this breaks my heart! I'm totally with you on hating animal abusers, it makes me so angry that someone could do something so evil to an innocent animal! Good for you for raising awareness and donations for such a great cause!

  22. This is wonderful!! Made me a bit teary-eyed. When you have dogs, these kinds of things hit you a little harder and make you hug your pups a little tighter!

  23. Tay. I FRIGGIN LOVE YOU. Seriously. I volunteer at an animal shelter once a week, I inundate myself with these horror stories all the time on social media, and every friggin time i get teary-eyed. I LOVE that you're bringing attention to this. THANK YOU SO MUCH. You truly are a good person.

  24. My cousin has the sweetest Pit Bull [he's actually my bf, Max ;-) ] alive and seeing all those pits breaks my heart. I was hoping you'd have the info on how to donate.

    1. I clicked publish before I meant to. I also want to add thank you, I'll be donating. Woops!

  25. Thanks for taking the time to post this! Most people just turn a cheek and keep walking in the opposite direction when they hear or read things like this and it's terrible. Locally, there have been people stealing Pitbulls for bait dogs and it's awful. There are a group of people who are fighting to keep that from happening via Facebook and many other avenues. However, as far as you not being able to hate these abusers because you've never been abused or whatever.. I disagree! Highly disagree! I don't think that people who have been abused have an excuse to abuse others, whatsoever! I happen to know people who have been abused, one verbally and physically ALL of her life and she has gone on to have four children and she is the best Mother. There's no excuse for abuse to anyone or any living thing. I'll get off my soapbox too! Great post here! XO

  26. Thank you for this great post. I agree 100% with everything you said. It breaks my heart hear stories like that and see pictures like that. I just want to give every single one of them a happy home filled with love. I'm so glad they were rescued. Thanks again for posting this and doing what you can to help, I know I'll be helping any way I can!

  27. Ok..totally crying...all I can think about is my precious fur child at can anyone do this to an animal that thinks of you as their whole entire world and wants to do nothing but love you? Best National Dog Day ever is right. So happy they were all rescued and being treated and also so sick to my stomach to think it happened to so many of them in the first place. Thank you so much for this post an d setting it up so we can donate.

  28. It is so, so despicable to abuse an animal :( Thanks for sharing this, I hadn't even heard this story!

  29. I hate hearing about animal abuse cases. When they catch the people, they always get a slap on the wrist (my state is sadly one of the worst). It breaks my heart, and I wish I could take all of them in and save them. Even though there are many tragic stories, there are some happy endings.

  30. I'm BAWLING over here! I would adopt ever single one of these pups if I could! I will NEVER understand how someone could do this...

  31. thanks for making me cry at work haha. i actually saw some of this story yesterday but i couldn't look at the photos since i knew i'd get upset. but i'm glad these are all happy photos! i actually donate monthly to the aspca, but love that you put this post together for others to donate. i'll be tweeting your link to help you raise more money. stories like this make me SO sad, but i'm also so happy all this guys and girls are free now.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  32. I HATE animal abusers. I took an Animal Law class last year and learned so much about the plight of animal welfare. There is so much to be done, and so much more we could be doing. Not to get political, but why are we going so heavily on people who smoke pot, but people (it's hard to even call them that) that torture and abuse animals get off with a slap on the wrist most of the time. Then they go back to doing what they did before they were caught. Ugh. My ultimate goal in life is to be established enough as an attorney to do pro bono work for animal rescue groups and organizations. I want to help in the way I know I can.

  33. This just breaks my heart. We have 2 pitties and 2 wawas and they are just the best dogs. They bring so much love and happiness into our lives. One of the chihuahuas is a rescue from an animal hoarder so for many reasons this story really hits home for me. My Mr recently lost his job so I was only able to make a small donation but no animal should ever have to endure what these poor babies did. Thanks for sharing and thanks for making a difference. Please post what you are able to raise.

  34. I love you for doing this. Those stories break my heart so much. I missed your original donation b/c I wasn't blog reading yesterday, but I donated today in order of my own fluffy best friend, Ollie, who was once abused and has the blind eye and permanently bent ear to show for it. He is the sweetest thing, and I have zero understanding of how anyone could have ever hurt him. Thank you for doing this!

  35. You might ask Erin at Living in Yellow about the donate button. When she did it for Isaac nation, it showed how much had been donated.

  36. I've been avoiding this news articles and only reading headlines about it, because I know the content of the articles will no doubt leave me in tears. There is a special place in hell reserved for people who abuse animals. I will NEVER be able to wrap my mind around how someone can hurt a defenseless, innocent animal who ONLY wants to love you. Dogs are the most selfless creatures on the planet. It makes my heart hurt to think of worn down, emaciated, beaten near death dogs who STILL just want some love and affection from their worthless deadbeat "owners".

    I pray that all those dogs are able to be rehabilitated and find a loving home. One of the saddest articles I ever read was written by a man who adopted one of the few dogs who were able to be saved from POS Michael Vick's dog fighting ring. The author even said the dog may have been better off being put down, because its spirit was so broken. I'm hoping that dog, and all of these, will continue to improve and live our the rest of their days in safe, happy, loving homes with owners who think they're the best things in the world.

    Going home and giving my shelter dog a million hugs and kisses tonight. I wish I could adopt all these animals. Thank god they are safe now.

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