Yammering Yankee

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Introducing the hilarious Meg from Yammering Yankee.

1. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging when I relocated to the South. When I moved I didn't know a single person instead of drinking beers with my buddies between the hours of work and sleep I found myself with a lot of free time. Since I can only spend so much time with my husband without getting stabby (that's normal right?), I decided I needed a hobby that would allow me to record my journey in the South and offer an outlet for my love of designing pretty things...Boom blogging. 

2. You're a Northerner relocated to the South, what do you miss most about the North?

Oh jeez how much time do you have? I miss so much about the North (p.s. never thought I'd say that) but what I miss most is Northern sarcasm. Southerners are truly the nicest people on the planet, so they keep it classy and offer up a "bless your heart" or a "how nice" when they are feeling punchy. Which makes me feel like a terrible foul mouthed person considering the garbage that comes out of my yapper on a daily basis. Also I have to mention how much I miss REAL CHICAGO DOGS! My husband ordered one when we first moved down here and the restaurant committed the Chicago Cardinal Sin, "Thou shall not put Ketchup on a hotdog". Good try NC. 

3. And what about the South, there's got to be something about it you like, right?

Surprisingly enough I have found many things I love about the South, but I'd say the number one thing would be the weather. Sorry Northerners Chicago dogs and sarcasm can't keep you warm when its 20 below and snowing, I'd choose a 70 degree sunny December day quicker than you can say Da Bears. 

4. Tell us a little more about your two pups.

Ohhh brother our dogs are something else. We have a huge Yellow Lab (Mack) and Airedale (Godfrey) who we have lovingly nicknamed Fatty and Goofy. Mack's favorite pastimes are following me from room to room, sharing pizza rolls with my husband and barking at the neighbor kids. Godfrey enjoys eating bees, staring at blank walls, and prancing when he gets his "do" did. My husband and I are completely convinced that Mack and Godfrey are the canine version of Step Brothers. Godfrey is of course Dale because he is a curly headed well you know...

5. Lastly, what is it that you most enjoy about the blogging world?

I love all the people I have met through blogging and how much they make me laugh! There is nothing better than visiting a blog you connect with and knowing that you are going to get your daily does of laughter from their posts. Bloggers are also great at serving me up a huge piece of humble pie when I need it. Whenever I get too princess mopey pants I come across a post about another bloggers personal strife and it makes me snap out of it and appreciate all the great things going on in my world.



  1. She is TOTALLY right about Southerners! We are really nice. I'm a born and raised southern gal and when I spent a month up north, people thought I was crazy when I would hold doors open for them, say thank you, or tell them to have a good day. However, I have quite the foul mouth for the Southern Belle I'm supposed to be!

  2. I moved to Texas last year and it is so true! "Look at that darn awful dress she's got! Bless her heart!" They'll use it as a punch line for any mean comment, to attenuate how nasty they could get. LOL. And I love it!

    Nice to meet you, Meg!

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  3. I love it whenever Meg talks about her dogs. Cracks me up!

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