The Power of Positive Thinking

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I've never been shy about the fact I'm a big believer in the power of positive thinking. I've pretty much read countless books and articles about it because I simply can't get enough of the idea that surrounding yourself with positive energy truly effects what comes your way. Anyway, when I saw this article in partnership with Hallmark and the power of positive thinking I knew it would be a great one to share on this lovely Sunday afternoon.

Hope you enjoy it, and continue to think positive! It's better than the alternative, after all, right?

The Power Of Positive Thinking

Why It’s So Important To Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Wasted Energy

Negative thoughts can drain all of your energy from you, and stop you doing the things you need to do.  Dwelling on the past, worrying about the future or getting anxious about the present all take their toll on your mental wellbeing.  A small concern can snowball into a source of real worry if you allow it, which will negatively affect both you and your family.  It’s not the easiest think in the world to change the way you think about life; but it can be done.  There are different activities and exercises you can undertake that will help you think more positively, and get rid of any unnecessary stress or anxieties in your life.  After all, problems are problems whether you worry about them or not.

Don’t Dwell On The Negatives

One of the most important things you can learn in life is that nobody is perfect.  Everyone has their own set of morals and rules by which they choose to live their life, and sometimes they won’t be the same as yours.  The important thing is that you manage to co-exist well with people with whom you are different.  Don’t dwell on either your mistakes or the mistakes of others, it’s pointless, and will just make you feel more negative in the long run.  Always apologies when you are wrong, and always accept an apology when it is offered.  Life is too short to hold grudges for no reason. Learn from your mistakes, and try not to repeat them.  Try not to judge others for mistakes they’ve made, it’s impossible to know how anyone feels at any given time, so treat others with the caution and respect you would like to be treated with yourself.

Try And Change The Tone Of Your Thoughts

This is easier said than done, without a doubt, but is far from impossible as long as you want it to happen.  It’s easy to fall into a routine of associating negative thoughts with people, places or objects that have given you bad experiences in the past.  It’s important to let the past stay in the past, wake up every morning with a positive mental attitude.  Every day is new, unique and has unlimited potential. talks about the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people, as well as reminding your self of the things that you are currently grateful for, which are both great ways to increase the positivity in your everyday thoughts.

Find The Right Activities For You

Certain activities greatly increase the potential for positive mental thinking.  Yoga and meditation have both been proven to greatly reduce stress, and increase positivity.  But any exercise on a regular basis will also change the way you think and feel; if you have a healthy body you are far more likely to have a healthy mind.  Make positive changes to the way you do routine things, make sure you make every special occasion memorable with the extensive range of gifts and presents from Hallmark .

Most importantly, by overcoming the negativity in your life you are regaining control of yourself, and happiness is doubtless to follow a more positive mental outlook.

Ashley Carter looks at the importance of positive mental thinking, and what you can do to achieve a happier outlook on life.

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  1. i've been having a crappy time with some coworkers and really needed to read some of those suggestions! thanks for sharing :)


    p.s. not to get all gushy, but i've been reading blogs forever now and by reading, i mean looking at pictures. except yours, i actually read every single word you post because you're hilarious, girl. keep it up :)

  2. i had one of the worst days / weeks / months at work right now and i really needed to see this. thanks, Tay. Furealz.

  3. I love that quote! I used to be great at positive thinking, but fell down the well of negativity for a while, the older I get the harder it seems to be positive all the time, but I am going to post that quote on my fridge for a little reminder!

    Great post as always!

  4. Positive thinking is definitely where it's at! I'm cheating a bit b/c I already read today's post, and besides feeling sad for ya, I'd def encourage you to keep the faith and look at the larger picture. If stand-up is what you want above everything else, keep working hard, think positive and God/the universe will grant you what you desire.

    If all else fails, send your jokes to SNL--or even The Mindy Project! Could you imagine becoming a writer for a show like that?! (Poehler, Fey, Kaling, Silverman, Handler, etc.---they all started small and now look at them! If you think and FEEL it, it WILL come--if not for you, then at least for Harlow, hahaha)

    After all, as Destiny's Child said, "If I surround my self with positive things, I'll gain prosperity!" XO!

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