30 Things You Shouldn't Say To A Blogger

Sunday, November 24, 2013

1. You sure take a lot of photos of yourself.

2. Don't you think blogging is kind of outdated?

3. Do you ever spell check your posts?

4. I didn't know people still read blogs.

5. People really pay you? Why?

6. Remind me again why you blog?

7. Does it make you feel bad when you don't get many comments?

8. Do you ever feel weird about sharing so much?

9. Don't you think blogging is kind of narcissistic?

10. Why do you act like this is a job or something?

11. You should make your page like more professional looking, you know?

12. How long are you going to keep doing this?

13. Do you ever wish you were like a real writer?

14. I know you have a blog, but I don't really ever read it.

15. I liked your blog better when you first started.

16. Do you know what would make your blog a lot better?

17. I just don't get why people who don't know you read your blog, no offense or anything.

18. Aren't you afraid of stalkers?

19. I'd start a blog, but I'm just so busy.

20. That photo doesn't look anything like you.

21. I just feel like your blog is way different now.

22. What's the point of blogging? I just don't get it.

23. All of your photos are just so similar.

24. Don't you ever feel like kind of a sell-out?

25. I have a great idea about something you should blog about.

26. Pretty much everybody has a blog now.

27. Are you going to turn this into a blog post?

28. I was going to start a blog, but it seemed kind of weird to me.

29. Blogging is just a hobby, why do you take it so seriously?

30. I feel like blogs are getting less popular all the time.

Have anything else you'd like to add? Tell me below!

*Feel free to click share if you can agree to any of the above!

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  1. No but srsly. People do NOT understand blogging...Most of the people that talk shit about my blog read it every time I facebook it...sooooo they should really just keep their mouths shut, right?!

  2. Because... well, because I mentally say this stuff to myself all too often. Maybe that's why I took a hiatus?

  3. I'm gonna have to post this on my personal facebook page.

  4. The "You should blog about this" drives me CRAZY. Or when something even remotely eventful happens, "This will be on the blog tomorrow!" Also my cousin who said to me, "I notice you have time to put up a new blog post every day."

  5. "That's only okay when I say it!" - Janis Ian.

    I think people who aren't bloggers that say these things attempt to understand the blogworld, but it will never happen. Only bloggers are allowed to say SOME of these because....well, they understand.

    Other things should just never be said. Ever.

  6. Hahaha I was nodding through each and every single one of these. And I've had one or more of those questions directed at me ugh haha xx


  7. So so so so true.
    and so soo so annoying.

  8. 27... if I had a nickel for every time I've heard that...

  9. Bahaha you nailed it . #22 & #23 askers deserve a punch , voluntery !

  10. Haha I feel like I have to defend myself once a day.... #bloggerproblems

  11. Love this. I spoke to a high school class about blogging and some of them tried to tell me they really wanted to but just didn't have enough time. I spared them the lecture about everything that I had going on and just smiled and nodded. Ha!

  12. "why do you always take pics of your food"
    BC I DO OK?!?!

  13. The ones about being so busy and why do you blog are my favorites. It's not like I'm sitting around staring at walls all day... actually...

  14. Oh yes...I especially loved this one:

    "14. I know you have a blog, but I don't really ever read it."

    Thanks, friend!

  15. Yes! Can't people get a clue not to say these things to a blogger? My favorite is "I was going to start a blog, but it seemed kind of weird to me". Thanks for sharing, and I'm glad you started a blog!

  16. This is priceless!!! I love it!

  17. PREACH. oh my goodness this is spot on. Some people...

  18. I hear these ALL OF THE TIME!!!! Although one I've been getting lately is "I stalk your blog sometimes. Sorry." Um... why are you sorry? That's the whole point! Stalk away and then share your stalking so other people can stalk!

  19. "Are you gonna blog about this?" The worst!!

  20. I hear stuff like this all the time and the only person it EVER comes from is my fiance. While he will take multiple pictures of me and understand why I take pictures of everything (because it could possibly be for a post), he makes fun of my loving to blog and "disses" it on the reg. He gets IRATE when we are sitting on the couch and he's watching some dumb swamp wars show (or something) and I want to read blogs-- he says that I am not spending time with him. Jesus God! I'm sitting next to him, listening to him breathe loudly.. what more does he want!

  21. Oh I hate when people say they would start a blog but are too busy. Oh so you're saying that I have no life obviously and spend all of my time behind a computer screen? This may be partly true but seriously?!? Also if you wanted to you could make the time :)

  22. i like to think the people who say most of these things (particularly the ones who think blogging is weird) just aren't brave enough to put themselves out there! and i hope blogs arent getting less popular all the time. i am just getting started!

  23. Oh I love this because it is so true!! I don't think people get how much time and effort goes into blogging. I certainly didn't when I first started but I don't know what I would do without it.

  24. This.
    I love when people tell me my blog is "useless" and "a waste of time." Especially when those same people spend hours a day playing video games and/or watching TV (instead of feeding starving children or rescuing puppies or getting a phD or whatever else I should be doing with the time I'm "wasting" with my blog)

  25. Seriously though it's so annoying when people say things like this!


  26. So you talk to and make friends with people on the internet you've never met?

  27. I liked this so much that I have shared it on Facebook, blogging is something non bloggers really don't get I talk about my blog friends all the time

  28. I don't think "lifestyle blogging" or whatever you call it is even that big of a thing on the Internet.

    KAYTHANKS. Thanks for telling me 40% of my time/life is a waste. Real nice.

  29. I just want to shout out to 12, 13, 16, 25 (!!!), and 27. Yes yes yes yes.

  30. This is literally my life in a post. LOVE


  31. Haha this is very good! You've hit the nail on the head!
    People just don't get us blogging kids!

    Charlotte xx


  32. Yes to all of it... .although I’m not a bigger blogger some of these really chap my ass!

  33. When I was in graduate school, the teacher mentioned blogs for some reason.. half the class laughed and said that they are outdated and no one blogs anymore. Umm... I do and had been for years when they said that. Little do they all know!

  34. Well if people ask about comments, i'm SOL cuz I don't ever get ANY. hahah.

  35. My own husband doesn't even read my blog. So that's fun. BLAH.

  36. Great list! My husband is one of the few people in my life who gets why I blog.

  37. Hahah I don't knwo why while I'm reading I'm imagining the girl from the "Selfie" song! so annoying haha.
    Loved this post, great one dear!! <3