It's Showtime...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Friday's the big day.
The day I take the stage and make my improv debut at The Second City.
It's not the main stage, it's not a big show, and I'm sure most of it will be downright ugly.
But I'm excited as hell.
Because all I can think about is how Tina Fey did this exact same thing.
And so did Farley and Belushi and Carrell and a slew of so many amazing others.

If I'm being completely honest, I've dreamt of studying at the Second City for a long long time.
I didn't admit this my first class, I pretended I just "happened to sign up."
Nobody just happens to sign up, we're all there for a reason.
My reason happened in 1996.
My 3rd grade class won the honor of broadcasting a live news program to our entire school,
and I was cast as anchorwoman.
This was a big deal. Big.
It was a role I fought hard for. Like most women anchors, I'm not proud of what I had to do to land it.
But that's a post for another day.

This is what I looked like in 3rd grade, so you can see landing this role had nothing to do with "looks."
Sunflower attire, perhaps. But I definitely wasn't soft on the eyes.
I had beautiful "summer teeth" at this age.
Sum were here... sum were there...

It was the day of our first pilot broadcast. I was beyond excited.
 I hadn't eaten in weeks in order to fit into my Limited Two three-piece business suit.
The weather kid finished with his update on the playground and it was my time to shine.
As soon as the camera panned to me I suddenly knew what I had to do,
I threw out the designated script and proceeded to recite my own news stories,
each in a different, very bizarre, and "incredibly inappropriate" voice.
My peers loved it. My teacher was livid. I had "made a joke of her serious news show."
But c'mon, we all know the show became a joke the minute she cast Mindy Johnson
as "fashion coordinator."
The girl wore light-ups in 3rd grade for God's sake.
I was immediately fired from my position.  But I didn't care. I'd found my calling.

But you know what? It's scary to admit you're chasing your dreams.
(When you're twenty five I mean, it's totally fine when you're nine.)
Because people judge you for it.

For the longest time I hated telling people I wanted to go into a career in a comedy.
Because you've always got that asshole who responds,
oh so you think you're really funny?
No dick, I just love comedy.
And I love working with funny people.
And yeah, I guess I often laugh at my own jokes even when no one else does...So what.

Anyone pursuing a career in something more on the creative/entertainment side of things is always taking a pretty big risk if you ask me.
Because people want us to fail even more.
I'm guilty of it myself. I remember when kids from my high school went off to California
(which is where all Norfolk teenagers dream of moving)
to try to model or act and I'd always think
oh they'll never make it.
I'd hope it too.

What a snatchy thing to think.
Pretty sure I was just super jealous.
But now that I'm doing it, now that I'm actually trying to do what I love, I don't feel like that anymore.
When this girl announced she was picking up and moving to LA with her husband so he can purse a career in acting I was genuinely happy/excited for the both of them.
And I don't even know Bon's "hubs."
But let's be honest, we all feel like we know blogger's significant others.

I have no idea where I'm going with this.
I guess I'm just trying to say I'm beyond excited about Friday.
Even if I tank, at least I can say I tried.

And la dee fricken dah for that.

Chase your dreams kids, what's the point of making a living
just to live doing something you hate.


A Lot On My Plate- kinda.

If I seem a bit preoccupied as of late, I apologize.
There's just a lot going on this week.
And for someone who doesn't usually leave their house during the weekday,
or have social interaction with anyone who has less than four legs,
I've found myself quite busy.
As I mentioned before my mom is in town, but what I didn't mention is that my boss,
(for that one job I kinda try to pretend I have but it's still a weird situation too hard to explain-
as are most my illegitimate jobs usually)
flew in from Dallas and has been "training" me for the past few days.
It's going okay I guess, I'm just really struggling with the whole "sit" and "stay" part.
But I can balance a treat on my nose like it's nobodies business.

The real icing on the cake this week is the fact that in just two days I will be taking the stage
at The Second City for the very first time.
These are the hooligans I will be yes and'ing with.
AKA improvising.

We are formally known as "My Friend, Matt"
and informally known as the "Diet Cobras."
At least I think we are, our name changes weekly.
I am nervous, I am excited, I am... about to live out one little part of a life long goal.
And the fact my parents and sister will be in the audience to watch me act like a complete fool
and probably fall flat on my ass gives me the eebie jeebies.
I'm going to write a full post about it tomorrow I promise.
It's just that right now it's 5:30 a.m. and I haven't slept a wink and I'm supposed to be getting up
around 7 a.m. to meet my boss...

So like I said, don't hate me for straying as of late from my normal blog routine,
I've just got a lot on my plate right now.
But fear not, I'm going to give you a brief rundown of two blogs I am really loving right now.
For realsy.
First we've got the lovely Gay from the blog fittingly named
A Girl Named Gay.
Recently, I've been living vicariously through Gay's instagram photos because she was just on an amazing vacation in Hawaii not too long ago.
You can read about that vacay here.
Not to mention it's also always fun to look at the life of a stylish SoCal Momma
and adorable little kiddos.
Read more about Gay below.

And then we've got beautiful Setarra from The Burghal Gurl.
Setarra totally amazes me because she is professional dancer living her life to the fullest in New York.
Just check out this post about her twinkle toes to see what I mean.
She's sassy, fun, and I have a feeling that the next time
I'm in New York I will definitely be giving her a call.
Read more about Setarra below.

Q&A with A Girl Named Gay
Jennifer Gardner would play her in a movie, Jerry Maguire is her inspiration,
and Aretha Franklin sings back up. Read on...

1.What song title would best describe your blog? 

You Make Me Feel like a Natural Woman. Sing it, Aretha...with soul!

2. Why did you start blogging?
No one said it better than Jerry Macguire, "YOU....complete me!" Little did Renee Zelwegger know, he wasn't talking about her. Shockingly enough, he was talking about...blogging. While this started as a great way to document, after a while I was all, Hold up, I love this! And so the for real blogging began. And so to echo Mr Maguire, I confess...Blogging completes me, y'all. What can I say?!

3. Hollywood just called, they're turning your blog into a movie. 
What's the title and who plays you?
The Doozies of Desperate Housewife Numero Uno
I'd go ahead and give Jenn Gardner the privilege of playing me.

4. What were your childhood dreams, what are they now?
To be a mama. Always wanted babies! Now that I have no babies but lots of kids, those dreams are shifting. Call it cliche, but I want to live a passionate life. My new goals are chasing passion and making life awesome.

5. What's your favorite part about blogging?
I love being vulnerable and sharing my weaknesses, my humiliations, my fears, my trials only to have other people say, "Huh uh! Me too!" It takes me from a place of feeling like it's me against the world to realizing...we're all a bit more alike than it seems.


1. What song title would best describe your blog? 
"Supercool". Because ... I'm like ... Supercool!?  I'm in love with this song by the Bullitts. It lifts me up whenever I'm in a funk. It's become the anthem of my life this past year. My blog is a reflection of my life so it only makes sense.... And if they hate then let them hate and watch the money pile up ;)

2. Why did you start blogging?
2 years ago, I moved up to NYC from DC for a new job just 3 weeks after tearing my ACL during a dance rehearsal. A crazy decision but I feel so blessed to currently work for one of the top ranking higher ed dance programs in the US. The transition wasn't easy tho. Despite all the people that live in NYC, it was really hard trying to meet new people and I was this close to moving back home. That's when I realized that I was spending too much time focusing on the negative things in life instead of the positive. So I pushed myself to stop waiting on other people and went exploring NYC by myself. That's when I thought "Nothing lasts forever so I should document this." And BOOM! The blog manifested. It started off with me posting pics from my first trip to the Caribbean last June and the rest is history. I'm so glad I stuck it out in NYC and took the jump into blog land :)

3. Hollywood just called, they're turning your blog into a movie. 
What's the title and who plays you?
"The Burghal Gurl", it's the name of my blog and I'm sticking with it. The person who would play me would be a younger version of Kimora Lee Simmons (before she had kids). She's mixed, I'm mixed. She's funny, I'm funny? She's artistic, I'm artistic. She's a biotch, I'm a biotch ... sometimes. She's an entrepreneur and at some point I would really like to work for myself. In high school, everyone called me "Phat Phat" because I was always wearing pieces from her Baby Phat clothing line. It just fits.

4. What were your childhood dreams, what are they now?
My childhood dream was to move to NYC, dance and book a gig touring with Janet Jackson as a backup dancer. I accomplished the New York part, but have yet to dance since I'm still recovering from having knee surgery. Injuring myself forced me to think "What happens when I can't dance anymore?" I thought I was gonna hate it but surprisingly, I've found that I enjoy working behind the scenes just as much as I love being on stage. I honestly don't know what I want to do with my life but what I do know is that as long as I'm involved in the arts, specifically dance, then I'll be just fine. Hopefully I'll find an answer soon! (talk about quarter century mid-life crisis)

5. What's your favorite part about blogging? 
That there are NO rules. I can blog about anything; I can cuss if I want to ... Wellllll not as much anymore since I just found out my Grams reads my blog! She sent me a message the other day saying that she would prefer me to say "booty" instead of "ass" ... So aside from taking my Grams into consideration, I blog about different topics that generally revolve around food, exploring NYC, dance and everything in between. There really is no right or wrong to blogging. There may be a preferred or suggested method to becoming a successful blogger... But at the end of the day, I blog because it makes me happy. People are gonna like what I'm blogging about and stick around ... Orrrr they may not and move on to the next blog. It's a free world in this blog-dom. But you know, there is a little part of me that would really love if you stopped my blog and said hello ;)

PS Congrats to Ashley from Embracing the Everyday for winning The Daily Tay giveaway.
And for those of you that entered the $1500 giveaway a few weeks ago Brittany C. was the winner.

A Little Chit Chat

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

If you want someone to stir the pot a bit, that would be Raven.
I like to think I write without boundaries, but truth be told this girl puts me to shame.
She writes what most people are thinking, what some are afraid to say,
and what a few just don't want to hear.
And she makes no apologies for it.

So when I got the chance to sit down with Raven (virtually) and ask her a few questions,
let's just say I was pretty excited about it.
She asked me a few, as well (some the same, some different.)
 Let's compare answers, shall we?

About the blog:

Q. In a perfect world, what would be "The Daily Tay's Best Week Ever?"

Me: Monday- I win the lottery. Powerball isn't until Wednesday so this means I won a big scratch ticket. That's fine, I'm not above scratchies.
And then I celebrate the rest of the week on a beach with friends and families,
drinking Coronas, while listening to Mumford and Sons perform live.
(Because if I'm a millionaire I obviously flew them in.)

Q. Why exactly shouldn't we Quote The Raven? Or do you really think we should?

RavenNo, never. Why? Have you read my blog?

Q. Why did you start your blog? 

Me: I had just (fake) graduated college (don't worry I real-graduated six months later,) 
moved to Kansas City for a job and left all of my friends and family behind in Nebraska.
I was bored and had no one to share my snarky thoughts with, so I started writing them online. 
It took me about six month to finally share the site with anyone else.
And then about three more years to decide to share it with other actual bloggers.

Raven: To make my life seem more fantastic then it really was. 

Q. How does Chris/Rob feel about the whole blogging thing? 

Me: It's funny because Chris likes to say he reads my blog "in bulk," which means he won't read for three or four months and then he'll take an hour or two to catch up on what he's missed, or so he says...
But as of late he's really taken an interest to reading all of the wonderful comments that are left,
those are seriously his favorite and he's actually started quoting some of them.
As for the "over sharing of information part," he's just convinced someone is going to figure out where we live and come kidnapp Harlow. So if you're considering this, don't do it. 
I've got boobie traps set up all over this place that makes even Kevin McCallister 
look like amateur hour. 

Raven: Rob hates the whole blogging thing. He thinks I spend way too much time on it and wishes I would spend that time having sex with him instead. His words not mine.

Q. Do your kiddos know about the blog? Do they even know what a blog is?

Raven: Why yes, they in fact do. Both my 2 and 4 year olds have written guest posts on my blog. You can read Gunner's here and Colt's here.

About life off the blog:

Q. What's your idea of a really great day?

Me: My best days occur in the summer, hands down. 
An ideal day for me would be waking up early,
(this rarely happens but I like to pretend it's common)
then Harlow and I would walk to Starbucks, we'd sit outside and I'd write a blog post while he'd bark at the homeless man who always tries to pet him. We'd go home and make some lunch, 
(my summertime go-to is smoked salmon salad with capers and egg whites)
and then we'd head to the dog beach for a little sunshine and relaxation.
I'd have a drink in hand by 5:00 (probably a sea breeze) and we'd sit on the patio and wait for Chris to come home from work so we could have a little grill out.
Nothing fancy, just give me a day of nice weather and a little bit of writing time and I'm happy.

Raven: Me: Sleeping in until noon, being brought mimosas in bed, taking a long, hot shower (maybe not alone)  and then heading down to the pool, where I would lay in the sun with no interruption, while being brought a few cocktails, get a tan, read some trash magazines, head back home after a few hours, maybe take a nap and then go out on the town for some good food and of course, good drinks. And then I would rudely get woken up at 6 am by the sound of my children screaming because for my "really great day" to ever happen, it would have to happen in my wildest dreams.

Q. If you ever get some alone time how do you spend it?

Me: I get alone time ALL the time. Since I work from home, I'm alone 80% of the work week.
And I love it. So I usually spend it writing, daydreaming, Starbucking, walking Harlow, 
and watching bad reality TV.

Raven Dreaming of my really great non-existent day? No, my alone time is spent while the kids are napping, I pour myself a stiffy and watch good ol' Dr. Phil. 

Q. What's a perfect date for you and your husband?

Me:  First I'd like to mention that Raven and I have been off-blog friends now for at least a few months
(at least I think so...)
and yet she just discovered last week Chris and I are not married! 
We are still just bf & gf. Middle school styley.
But our perfect date consists of eating way too much rich food, drinking a lot of good wine,
and then relaxing the night away on our couch with Harlow close by.

Raven: Going out for mexican food, throwing back a few shots of tequila, maybe make a vlog together and ending it with some good trash reality TV (Survivor or Big Brother will do). 

About your creativeness 

Q. What inspired you to write a "children's book?" (ps my favorite part is when you called a little girl a hooker) <---- keep this part in your question!! ;)

Me: Well, I actually said "baby ho," big difference, Raven. Big difference.
 I was inspired to write A Bottle For You, A Bottle For Me after I watched my nephew Knox for five days. He was six months at the time... And I was miserable.
I've never had more respect/admiration/howthehelldoyouit feelings for mothers after that time.
So I decided to write a book about some of the lesser talked about things babies often do,
and why we all need a bottle of wine after encountering them.

About your wildness 

Q. Share one of your wilder moments with us...
(this is the one and only time I participated in a "fun" stripper workout class. 
I hated every second of it.)

Raven: Well, most of my wildest moments, again, should be kept in the locked vault that is my head, but I can tell you a "this would only happen to me" situation. I had just started a new job at the country club, but I was also working for my dad in magazine publication, and part of my job was to distribute the magazines when they came out every month. I had about twenty or so stops, but on this particular day, I recruited my sister to drive around with me because I felt very nauseous from the prior nights activities (aka I was hungover as blazes).

We were driving through a residential area, middle of the day, on our way to our next stop, and I immediately felt the urge and told my sister to "pull over now, no seriously right now I can't hold it in!" I then whipped open the car door, fell to me knees on the sidewalk and disgorged everything I had eaten in the past two days. As I kneel there trying to gain my composure, I look up and standing directly across the street from me was my brand new boss at my brand new job. He was standing in the driveway of his house talking to his wife and kids and they had all stopped and stared when they saw me jump out of the car and let it all go. "Raven?" My new boss inquired? I mean, what can you really say in that moment. Not sure how I explained myself out of that one but I must have been a hell of a waitress because I worked at the club for two more years.

Me: I don't even want to see my answer compared to Raven's on this one. 
Because I'm pretty sure at least one of her stories has to involve hanging with the Chili Peppers,
or accidentally running with the bulls in Spain, or punching Britney Spears.
And my so called "crazy" stories are all more along the lines of just stupidity.
Like getting a ride home from a cop because I fell asleep in the back of my car,
or accidentally stealing a golf cart and then accidentally tossing my friend off the back end...

When did you first try alcohol? And was it love at first sip?

Me: Again, compared to Raven, and most people for that matter,
I was a real late bloomer with alcohol.
I rarely drank in high school because I was training for the WNBA.
Or the Olympics.
Or whatever the hell else my naive little heart was working toward back in my teens.
But like most Nebraska kids, my first sip of alcohol occurred around a bonfire,
in an open field, surrounded by cows and horses with presumably
I Got Friends in Low Places playing in the background.
Only the best for this girl.

Raven: Would you believe me if I said I didn't touch a sip of alcohol until I was 17 years old? I was scared of it, I thought everyone who drank it was bad and I could still hear the echoes of my D.A.R.E teacher from middle school. It was one beer and I drank it in the bathroom of my parents house and cried afterwards. Obviously, I've since overcome my fear of the stuff and now only cry when I just got a good buzz on and realize I only have enough for one more drink.

Now let's say ten years down the road you've got some little hell raiser teenage boys,
 how will you react as a parent? 

Raven: We bust ass over here. Obviously not in the literal sense but Rob and I are no wussy parents and when it comes to raising our boys? We give them immense amounts of love however that also includes immense amounts of ass busting if they get out of line (again, not in the literal sense. For a few of you out there I know I need to clarify that). 

Me: No comment. Let's just quote the Raven on this one.

See, I knew it. I look like a librarian next to her.
Hungover as blazes, that right there is why I love Raven.
I'm sure you all already know her, but if you don't,
I highly recommend you start reading her now.


Bachelor Not Recap

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sorry dudes, no Bachelor recap tonight.
My mom's in town so I opted to go drink with her instead this evening.
And to be quite honest the phrase "fantasy suite" makes me painfully uncomfortable.
Don't worry, I'll be back tomorrow with something really cool.

I'm definitely giving the peace sign.

Glad to see both of our styles have evolved.
And now I'm off to introduce my mom to her first dose of Honey Boo Boo.
I'm pumped.
See ya on the Tuesdayside of things.

And The Oscar Goes To...

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I have been a longtime lover of the Oscars.
It's basically the only award show I watch.
And at twenty five I'd like to pretend I'm over my dream to someday attend.
But damn it, I'm not. You can judge me it's okay, I judge me.
I thought I would have shaken this goal by now, I seriously wish I could,
but it's still here looming over me like a dark get your shit together cloud.
And let me tell ya, those get your shit together clouds are the worst.
I've got my screenwriting itch again.
 I haven't worked on the old Final Draft software in almost a year now
because I decided novel writing is the way to go I gave up.
It's just so hard... Why can't my uncle be Ben Affleck or something.
To make matters worse I watched Juno about three times yesterday.
(And then read the script about four times immediately after.)
The dialogue in that movie absolutely kills me.
The fact that was Diablo Cody's first script blows my mind.
But now I'm just babbling, I think I'm still a little bit emotional about Jennifer Lawrence's trip.
That should have been me tripping...

Anyway, there were a few lesser known awards that were given out
that I'd like to acknowledge at this point.

Best 90s Prom Dress Goes To:
Anne Hathaway!
We haven't seen this much nipple in a prom dress since Carrie.
You just can't lose, Anniehasnopanties!

Best "Dance Moms" Look Goes To:
Amanda Seyfried

Best Worst Idea of The Night:
The Mani Cam.
What in the hell was this?
The only way this idea might have been a hit was if Stick Stickly was the host.
But since that never happened, I wasn't impressed...

Best Kate Gosselin Inspired Hair Award Goes To:
Charlize Theron
Let's just consider ourselves lucky Charlize didn't grab Kate's signature
side bang boomerang, as well.
(In case you forgot what I was talking about.)

Best Zack Morris Hair Award Goes To:
Ryan Seacrest
Except Zack is way cuter. And way more open about his sexuality.

Best Drop Dead Gorgeous Moment Award Goes To:
Amy Adams
And if you haven't already seen this movie we might have to end our friendship here.
Because it's one of my all time favs.
She's been singing and dancing since she was just knee high to a pig's eye.
Go rent it now. Or download it. Or however you young kids watch movies these days.

There was also a small side award-
"Why Reality TV People Aren't Usually Allowed Into The Oscars"
given to Brandi Glanho.
Brandi, c'mon girl. C'mon. C'mon.
Respect yoself before you wreck yoself.

What did you think of the show? Did you even watch?

And on that note, let's call it good.
I'm mentally exhausted from all of the self loathing I've done tonight.
Over and out.


The Saturday Takeover

Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm jumping the gun here and introducing you all to a new segment that will be going up
on my blog every Saturday for awhile now in an attempt to 
get us through this last stretch of winter.

The new segment I'm playing around with is called The Saturday Takeover.
It's like Chasing The Saturdays from E! except not at all. 
And if you have no idea what I'm talking about consider yourself lucky.

Every Saturday I will ask one of you a series of questions about yourself
and your blog.
So if any of you have ever wanted the opportunity to be interviewed, this is your chance.
Naturally, I've always wanted to be Barbara Walters, so really this is my chance.

And since we're talking shop, I figure now is as good as time as any to give you all 
a few stats as of late.

*Daily Page Views: 3,500- 4,000

*Last Month Page Views: 94,000

*All Time Page Views: 615,000

Followers via 
GFC, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook: 6,000

Now if you'd like the chance to share a little more information about yourself and your blog on
 The Saturday Takeover segment click here.

I'm going to go ahead and introduce you all to the first lovely blogger I've had the chance to get to know a little better...

1. When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging in Februrary of 2010.  I found out I was pregnant and I thought it would be a fun way to keep family involved and up to date with my pregnancy.  
Turned out I really loved blogging and sharing stories of our adventures. 

2. If your blog was made into a movie, what would it be called and what type of genre?
Huh...this is a great question!  I think Adventures in Mommyhood would be a great movie title.  It always reminds me of Adventures in Babysitting, and we all know that was a great movie!  
The genre of the movie would definitely be comedy, because life with a kid is always humorous, 
and I like to think I'm somewhat funny.

3. When you're not blogging, what do you do?
When I'm not blogging, I'm usually playing with my two year old son, Max.  I like to find educational/fun activities for him to do.  My husband works for the Phoenix Coyotes, so we love hockey and go to all the home games.  I'm also an avid reader so when nap time comes around you'll either find me reading or catching up on my predicable and dramafilled soap, General Hospital. 

4. What is your favorite thing about weekends?
My favorite thing about the weekends would be spending quality time as a family of three.  Whether it be going to the latest weekend festival (we just went to a chocolate festival...AMAZING), library, park, or watching a family movie.  I love time spent with my two favorite boys. 

5. What is your dream job?
My dream job would be to own a childrens book store like Meg Ryan's character from 
You've Got Mail.  1.) I love books.  2.) I love kiddos.   
You can tell I've thought about this a lot!

6. If you could have one super power what would it be?
Hmm...just one?  I actually just googled a list of super hero powers.  There are quite a few!   Maybe it's the mom in me, but I think if I had one super power it would be the power to heal.  
Kid has a cut-Bam healed.  He breaks a bone-Bam healed.  

7. What is your goal for your blog?
The goal for my blog is to keep up with updating family and friends about our adventures.  It's an online baby book, and I will one day turn it into just that.  People have seen Max grow up, and they'll continue to do so with him and our new addition in May.   Some might find it weird that I like giving people a look into our daily life (my husband included).  I love reading blogs, and am a self proclaimed blog whore.  Sad, but so true.

8. If you could do anything all day long what would it be?
Well I'm currently 26 weeks pregnant, and I could seriously eat chocolate all day.  I'm not even kidding.  I told my husband that I either need to do a sugar detox or just be hooked up to an iv of sugar.  It's bad.  If I wasn't pregnant and was instead acting like a normal person, I could spend all day at Barnes and Noble surrounded by books.  Talk about a good time.

9. What is your favorite thing about being mom?
Growing up I knew I wanted to have kids.  I love kids.  I was a 3rd grade teacher for 7 years.  When I became a's such a different feeling.  My favorite thing about being a mom is just that, being someones mom.  The first time I heard Max call me Mama, my heart melted.  I'm always going to be needed by him and his sister, and I love that.

10. Any advice for new moms out there?
My advice to new moms would be to take one day at a time. You learn as you go, and you know what's best for your baby.  As first time moms we tend to doubt our mommy skills, and we get a lot of unwanted advice from people who know all.   Smile and nod, and at the end of the day you're going to do great!

You can find Jennifer's blog by clicking here.

Follow Jennifer of Twitter @JenWink08
and on Instagram @JenWink08


The Daily Tay's Best Week Ever

La tee freaken dah it is the weekend! I am really excited about this, more so than usual.
This has been a big week and I've got a huge line up to go through so enough with the small talk,
let's get right into this.

Time for another edition of
The Daily Tay's Best Week Ever

First and formost I have to recognize

A huge snowstorm hit the midwest yesterday and according to Facebook 88% of you chose to celebrate the little snow holiday by either
a. making chili.
b. taking photos of your backyard.
or c. drinking heavily.
But 110% of you chose to Facebook about it in some way, shape, or form. And I love it.
How did people spread this relevant information pre FB?
Lincoln, Nebraska got hit so hard the National Weather Channel's own Jim Cantore showed
up to film the massive storm.
Here he is on TV yesterday enduring the worst of it.

That Jim is a brave man! I'd sure hate to be caught in all that... air.

And the next guy on my list having the best week ever is
this toddler.

Because this baby has proved once and for all he is the most annoying baby on a plane ever.
And if you've ever sat next to a baby on a plane, you know this is quite the accomplishment.
Ever since the beginning of time babies have been driving selfish childless people like myself absolutely bat shit crazy with their screaming and kicking antics.
Well this kid took it to such a level that the drunken man sitting next to him just said
enoughs enough
and up and slapped the little guy.

He just slapped him! Naturally, people all over are appalled by this man's antics.
But what I want to know is why was Jerry Sandusky allowed to be on a plane next to children?
*disclaimer: after travelling with Knox I no longer feel so coldly toward babies on planes. 
They can't help it. So don't get all huffy next time, buy the kid's parent a drink instead.

If you're trying to lose weight for summer you're really going to love this next one.
According to my sources,
The Special K Diet
has never worked so good before.
Then again, eating any cereal that contains "shards of glass" might help you lose weight, as well.
Gives new meaning to the term sharding...
Special K is having a "voluntary recall" for all cereals and bars at the moment.
But don't worry, they'll give you a free voucher to get a new box.
You'll get a new box, but not a new stomach.

Lindsay Lohan is not having the best week ever.
Shocker, right?
 She lost yet another lawsuit this week. This time to rapper, Pit Bull, regarding his lyrics
"I've got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan."
Freedom of speech won again, Lilo.
However when she heard the results she apparently just giggled and slurred,
"dogs can't sing!"
And her classy English twin just rolled her eyes once again.
You want to know the difference between you and I...

But of course the one thing that is truly having the best week ever
or I should say the best day ever, would be
Best friends, 
who are like seriously best friends, and just love each other, 
and like really really needed this night.
Do you want pizza?
Because today is National Margarita Day.

And I think we all know what this means.
Sloppy girls, drunken convos, spilled salsa,
basically all the makings for a great night.
If ever you needed an excuse to go get a round of margaritas with friends, you just got one.
It's cold outside but the tequila goes down hot.

Now I really want nachos.

Honorable mention this week also goes to Fergie and Josh's
Black Eyed Pea
growing inside of Fergie's sprayed-on abs!

Rumor is, if you listen real close to Fergie's belly you can actually hear the bass running running.
And running running.
And running running.
And running running.

Man, what a great week it has been.
Now I'm off to dress Harlow in his snow boots and go make some snow angels.
Have a wonderful weekend!

If you'd like to see photos of snow/chili/Harlow follow along on Instagram


Don't Mind If I Do

Thursday, February 21, 2013

In honor of the fact today is Thursday, 
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