The Daily Tay's Best Week Ever

Friday, May 31, 2013

And just like that it's already the last day of May.
Breathe summer in right now my friends, because starting June 1st the days will fly by far too fast.
They always do, so take advantage while it's just beginning.

But enough chit chat. I've got a lot to discuss this week given the fact I've slacked for the past two.
Let me just start by saying that for the past two weeks, and most likely for the next five weeks or so,
Amanda Byne's Twitter is having the best week ever.
Every twelve seconds she gets a new follower according to a stat I just made up.
Soon she'll pass Biebs and Gaga, she's just one breakdown short of taking over
Twitter world all together. This is happening.

But now let's move on to more important things, like the official return of
The Daily Tay's Best Week Ever.

Man, what a week this has been. You know what never gets old? Hearing people say,
"I just keep thinking today is Sunday," on Monday of this week.
 I said it at least ten times, usually to just myself. And for that reason,
Monday (for the first time since last Memorial Day)
 was off to a really solid start this week. But don't worry, everyone will be back to hating it in three days. Except for the evenings...

Because thanks to The Bachelorette,
Monday Wine Night With the Gals is back in full force.
Not for me, but for other people I assume.
I wonder if Riesling and Pinot Grigio sales actually spike during Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons.

I don't think I can bring myself to watch Des, I'm just not a huge D Fan.
DES fan. I mean Des fan obviously.
I'll only watch if they bring her brother on as the next Bachelor.

Okay, now this next one really gives me jollies.
Thanks to a website apparently called "Snapchat Leaked," it's rumored that every Snapchat photo
ever sent can be found on this site.
(And you're only feeling guilty right now if you are..)

So Molly Morals is the next person on my list having a great week.
i.e. the girl too nervous to send nudey photos to the boys like all of the other naughty girls were doing thanks to the freedom of Snapchat.
Teenagers everywhere must be freaking out right now.
And Creepy McCreepsters everywhere must be shouting hells yesss!
And I bet guys in their mid twenties must be quite amused that photos of their stool will be on the internet for all to see. I'm assuming...  I'm not a Snapchatter.

Speaking of weird stuff, anybody else see JCPenney's new tea kettle in the news?

And by tea kettle I mean Adolf Hitler.

It's one thing to think the two might look alike, but it's quite another that when the kettle whistles it's rumored that it sounds like it's screaming "CONQUER ALL."
This kettle has gotten so much heat since the billboard went up that JCPenney has taken it off their shelves and removed all advertising.
Luckily, a new billboard has already gone up in its place.
Olsen twins, you may forget, but we never will.

And this list just wouldn't be complete if I didn't end it with the mention of
Arrested Development.

I'm sick of all the negative nellies saying the new season sucks.
Give me the Bluth family any day and I won't complain.
I also happen to think Michael Cera is one of the funniest young comedians out there.

Honorable mention this week goes to Joanna Rohrback from Prancercise.

Please do yourself a favor and watch this video. Take in the music, the scenery, and Joanna herself.
Then freeze it around 3:28 when the music stops but she's still prancing. It's just too good.

And I'm going to call it right there. I've got a big Friday ahead of me.
It's officially festival season here in Chicago, cheers to the weekend!

BOOM this was just my 1,000th post. I almost forgot. I thought balloons would fall or something.
Guess I better celebrate with a bloody. You should do the same.

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999th Post

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tomorrow is my 1,000th post.
Considering I spend at least an hour and a half on every post, sometimes more depending on the day,
that means I have spent at least 1,500 hours blogging. Yikes, that kinda worries me.
Then again it's something I enjoy, so all that computer time can't be that bad, right?
Regardless, I made a decision last night I am going to make a conscious effort to step away from the digital world a little more often.
It's sickening how much I check my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, blog, your blog, four email accounts and ext ext.
So I'm going to do less. Not less blogging, just less creeping pretty much.
You won't even notice I'm gone.

I made this decision last night over dinner when I realized I had my phone sitting beside me right on the table as if it were my life alert or something.
I wasn't allowed to bring my toys to dinner when I was little,
why do I suddenly think it's okay to do it now? If I can't log out just for ten minutes while waiting for my drink to come I think that's a problem.  Unless I'm taking a photo of the food....
For as idiotic as I always feel snapping a photo at a restaurant, I know I have to suck it up because I genuinely enjoy sharing the great places and amazing food I get to eat here in Chicago.
Like last night's meal at Bavette's.

I always feel just a little more fancy eating fries that are called Pommes Frites on the menu.

And I'm always a sucker for oysters.
Omg was that just the worst pun ever? I think it was. 

The classiest place you'll ever order fried chicken.

And then I need to talk about this tank top from Style Lately I have pretty much been living in.
Whenever I see all the fancy fashion bloggers modeling their beautiful clothes with the coveted little
"c/o" (courtesy of) under the photo I always get super jealous.
Because I want free clothes. Who the hell doesn't?
The only downfall to this is you then have to photograph yourself in said free clothes.
The first time I put on the tank top to photograph for all of you this happened-

I decided to get into a water fight instead.
But as you can see in this photo I love this top because it's got one of those long backs,
perfect for leggings, which I tend to wear way too much...
And yesterday when I put it on again to take a photo this happened-

I went into frozen-dog mode. You know when you put a shirt on a dog and it suddenly freezes?
That's what happened to me, frozen-blogger mode.
So go here to see this top on Style Lately, it's super affordable, just like the rest of their clothing,
and all very cute!

I'll get better at my pics, I swear. Just yesterday I downloaded the self timer camera app on my phone.
And I just realized how sad that sounded.
You wanna know how you know you're a loser? You download the self timer app.


Why Improv Has Made Me A Better Person

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

As of yesterday, I am only three classes short of completing my first year at The Second City.
Seems like only yesterday I nervously walked to class and paced outside the building for a few minutes
because I didn't want to show up too early on the first night and look like a dork.
I remember I quickly snapped this photo before walking inside, because even at the moment I knew how lame I was for taking it.
My caption read "bottoms up."

Bottoms up, indeed.
After I finish my last class next month it's not over, far from it actually, it just gets a lot tougher.
Before moving on you have to audition for the next level known as the Conservatory.
Conservatory time = head shot time= me being uncomfortable posing for photos.
So even though I just wanted to take my own selfie in a bathroom mirror using an Instagram filter,
I knew I better call in a professional.
So yup, this little gal got herself some head shots.

Guess who just got signed by Gap Kids?! I did!
Jk, these are actually my photos for
America's Next Top hey-this-girl-looks-just-like-your-cousin's-girlfriend Model.
Enough. They're my comedy school photos. Nbd.
And don't you worry, I'm going to write a full recap on my little "modeling experience" next week,
complete with all of the information on the wonderful photographer who managed to make my awkward self feel pretty comfortable behind her big fancy camera.

For now, let's talk about my first year at The Second City and all of the crazy shit I did.
I've always liked to imagine what an outsider might think if they ever happen to accidentally stumble
upon an improv class.
On any given day in a classroom at the SC you can find people screaming, hugging,
building fake sand castles, running around the room with their eyes closed, jumping on chairs,
climbing the walls, zip zap zopping, because literally nothing is off limits.
We're basically only one rainbow wig and a red nose away from being a clown college.
But a very good clown college, the type that only lets the best in like Lesions the Clown.

I'm not sure why I decided after twenty five years it was time to take classes here,
I still don't even know what I'm hoping will come after all of this, maybe nothing.
But I will never regret the time I've spent at Second City 
because I know I'm a better person because of it.
-Tony Robbins -Taylor Wolfe
No seriously though, that's all me. And before you click away because you think I'm being
such a Matt Foley hear me out.

Why Improv Has Made Me A Better Person:

1. Yes and.
This is one of the most important rules of improv, it's the power of coming from a place "yes" rather than "no."
As humans, we have a natural instinct to want to reject rather than accept.
In improv, we learn to yes and everything.
For example if someone says, "hey, we're in a hotdog suit,"
rather than responding, "no, we're in a classroom," you say something like,
"yes, and it smells like relish."
Try being the yes-person sometime, it's a lot more fun.

2. Be in the moment.
If you're thinking about about anything else than what is present you're not fully living in the moment that is currently going on. And chances are you're probably missing out on something...
I still need some work on this one.

3. Listen, listen, and listen some more.
If you're not listening to every single little thing going on in your scene you're basically screwed.
Same goes for life. Talk less, listen more, you'll be amazed at how much this simplifies things.
And unless it's an emergency, don't interrupt.

4. Always work to make your scene partner look good.
This one reminds me of those couples you see out at a bar or something when there is always one person talking down to the other. I've never understood this. Why would you want to belittle your significant other? It makes no sense to me.
Just like in improv, you're only as good as you make your teammate look.

5. Be authentic.
That ones pretty basic.

6. Leave the judgement at the door.
This one has been a wee bit hard for me to grasp. Not because I'm judging others,
(well okay I usually am) but more times than not I'm judging myself.
And it has been super hard for me to leave my snotty self behind and just say what the hell and play the part of the dancing cat if that's what I'm supposed to do.

7. Go all in, or go home.
It's so easy to spot that person on stage who feels dumb so they're half-assing it because they don't want to look stupid.
They only look stupid because they're not giving it their all.
If you're a chicken, you're a chicken. Don't be the girl too cool to cluck.

8. There are no rules of improv.
Just like in life, everyone has got their own ideas. So you gotta be ready to adapt.
Every single teacher I've had thus far at both SC and IO has said something that contradicts the other,
and they fully admit to this.

Because that's how life goes,
 I suggest you embrace it and just hope for a good drink special.


What Day Is It?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Every single year right at the start of summer as if on cue, black birds take extreme joy
in flying over my parent's pool and dropping poop on their cover.
I'm not just saying they casually fly over and happen to drop mid trip, they actually fly down from their nests with their droppings in their mouth, and deliberately place it right on the pool cover.
And it drives me insane.

So last weekend after I spent hours scrubbing the cover trying to get it ready for pool season,
I decided to do something about it.
I got out Knox's squirt gun and started shooting them with water every time they flew by.
It started out innocently enough, I'd continue scrubbing and then every time I'd see a bird I'd quickly grab the water gun and chase them off.

One thing lead to another and the next thing I knew my mom came home and found me sitting like
Drum Eatenton, gun in hand, guarding the pool like the crazy lady I am.
(And if you didn't catch that Steel Magnolias reference I suggest you watch that movie ASAP.
No one should lead a life having never seen Julia Roberts drink OJ as Shelby Eatenton.)

By the time Knox came over this had turned into a full out game that he wanted to be a part of,
as you can see below...
And so we "played" for the next four hours or so.
And when I say four hours I really mean twenty-four because that's what it felt like.

And the funny thing is most times Knox wants nothing to do with me, but as soon as he figured out I was good for something he would't let me sit down.
Every time I'd try to take a break he'd point his gun at me and say "Tay-Tay, up."
It sounds cute, but it got to be a little menacing with the way he'd aim that water gun right in my face and demand TAY-TAY, UP! or else...

The rest of the weekend was spent at Chris's cabin boating, fishing,
and trying to survive a tornado in the night.

It was a Sunday Funday, alright.
That is until Chris broke the key while it was still in the boat ignition and suddenly we were trapped in the middle of the lake just as the sun was going down.
When we first got on the boat the sun looked like this...

and then this...

and then I caught a fish right before it officially got dark.

About thirty seconds after Chris took this shot and I declared I'm the new Bear Grylls,
he stood up too fast and broke the key in the ignition with the force of his knee.
And we were stuck.
And it was dark.

After searching the boat high and low for a spare key and trying to get it going by every means possible we finally gave in and called The Flynn Tow Service to come rescue us.
Being the good blogger that I am, naturally I photographed the entire rescue right up until the end.

I jokingly said "hey, at least it's not storming out" as we sat and waited to be towed in.
Low and behold, just a few hours later in the night a storm blew in. A big storm.
It was around 1:15 a.m. when suddenly a huge gust of wind came hauling in out of nowhere.
We hurriedly ran to shut all of the windows in the cabin as everything close to them began to blow over,
it was just like my favorite scene out of Parent Trap.
Then the electricity went out just about the moment we started to hear the tornado sirens blare.
Suddenly a window shattered on the porch from the force of the 90 mph wind.
This is about the moment I started to panic, Harlow too.

We all just kind of stood around wondering where we should go, or even if we should go.
Eventually, Chris said the part of the storm with the tornado cell had passed us and we were all safe to go to bed.
For whatever reason, everyone seemed to trust Meteorologist Chris like he was
Jim Flowers (that one's for you, Nebraska) and all just went back to bed.
But not me. I didn't care what Chris's weather app said, I knew I couldn't fall asleep.

A tornado never touched us, but the thunderstorm continued on well until 5:00 a.m.
And I was awake for every last bit of it.
Not just because I was a little scared, but mostly because Harlow was really scared and insisted on sleeping right on top of my legs and would claw into me every time thunder would boom.
It was a long night. Which made for an even longer Monday.

Now I have no idea what day it is today, and I'm drinking coffee and it's 5:00 p.m.
I'm a little off track. Don't worry, I'll be back on by Friday, I hope.
Happy Wednesday.

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The Doggy Door

Monday, May 27, 2013

I keep forgetting today is Monday.
I also keep forgetting The Bachelorette started tonight, I think I might just keep forgetting that for this entire season.
I hate being tied to TV shows in the summer, I'd rather be sitting on a patio.

Anyway... between getting stranded on a boat for forty minutes in the dark,
and then taking cover that same night as the tornado sirens blasted and 90 mph winds swept through,
my weekend was pretty eventful.
So eventful in fact I'm way too exhausted to recap it right now,
it's going to have to wait until tomorrow.
Instead, I'm going to give you all a great Father's Day gift idea by showing you the adorable
Datevitation book I helped Knox make for his dad.
I've worked with Datevitation before when I created a Valentines book for Chris and I loved how it turned out, so of course I was excited to hear they have expanded their site with 200 more images so now Mothers/Fathers Day books are available as well.

Here's a few photos of the book I helped Knox create.

This is the cute wrapping your book is shipped in.

Books start at only $20!

Knox already has a hook shot, not even kidding.

Use the code: DAILYTAY10 and you can even get $10 off your order.

And he loves hitting golf balls around the house, real golf balls, not the plastic kind.

Just make sure you order by JUNE 6th to guarantee it arrives in time for Father's Day.

Personally, I love giving unique dad's day gifts so I was totally excited when I saw Datevitation had expanded their market to include more holidays.
(Knox was excited too.)

But his favorite thing to do is make cookies, he's just diverse like that. 
We'll see what his dad thinks about this one.

Even better, one of you will have the chance to win your own custom Datevitation book just by entering below.
The winner will be announced next week, good luck!

Come back tomorrow for a full recap of my Memorial weekend,
 including more photos of this little guy.

Forget potty training, Knox has learned how to use the doggy door instead.

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Eat. Pray. WOD.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Introducing Ace from Eat. Pray. WOD.
If you're looking for a little workout inspiration for the summer, I highly recommend
you read this post and then head on over to Ace's blog to read more.
She is one tough cookie, just look at the progress she has made already.

1. Your blog is called Eat. Pray. WOD. What does this mean to you?

Over the course of the past year, I went through a really difficult time and, essentially, my whole life changed. All of a sudden, my day to day routine was so strange and foreign. I had just started CrossFit and I found that it was really the only stable thing in my life. I found myself praying to…uh…any and every major and minor deity? that things would be okay and be resolved. And they were. Going to CrossFit on a regular basis, changing my eating habits, and becoming a family with the people at my box really changed my outlook on life and life itself. Oh, and WOD stands for "workout of the day"!

2. What is on your food menu for the week?

Chicken, chicken, and more chicken. I usually start out the morning with boiled eggs and some kind of berry fruit. I baked chicken for the week topped with sauteed mushrooms and onions. I also am planning on making some bacon and egg cupcakes to hold me over while I'm in San Antonio for CrossFit South Central Regionals.

3. Your workout routine is beyond impressive, how do you keep yourself motivated?

I keep a journal! I write down everything I do everyday in the box. I always make notations if I do something better than I could do it before (ie: last week I could only do 40 push ups, this week I can do 45 or setting a new personal record on a lift). If I'm ever feeling like I don't want to go, I can look back at that journal to see how much progress I've made and it'll motivate me. Of course, there are the days that the journal doesn't even cut it. I look at it and I think, "ugh, I still don't want to go." Then it's like my boxmates have freakin' ESP because I'll get a text or FB message that's like, "um, where are you? I haven't seen you in the box today." Love my boxmates…they're not gonna let me be a lardass.

4. What's your favorite music you listen to when you exercise?

Juvenile or Cash Money Pandora.
Because I'm clearly a thug.
Just kidding. Kind of.
I just love the heavy beats to those songs and it helps that they're the old stuff before all this Young Money crap came out.

5.. Any advice for people who might just be starting to work out?

Whatever you do, don't give up. You're not going to see results the first week. You might not see them the second week. But they will come. You are going to be sore and it's going to hurt. Being sore means you need to work out more. Don't ever focus on the scale because the scale is a liar. What you weigh has no correlation to how your clothes fit. Oh, and don't shy away from muscle. Muscle does not make you "bulky" (unless you're taking steroids. EW.) You WANT muscle. Muscle is what makes all those toned girls look the way you do. Muscle is what makes you have an ass and not a butt.
 And muscle eats fat, so that's good, too.


I told you Ace is incredible!
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Happy Saturday!


The Daily Tay's Best Week Ever

Friday, May 24, 2013

I got up nice and early today at Chris's cabin because I fully intended on being a good blogger
and writing a quick post.

I was sipping my coffee outside, watching the dogs play, and was just about to grab my Mac
when Chris showed up in the boat and all of my plans went by the wayside.

I traded in blogging for fishing today and I'm okay with that. 
Sometimes life gets in the way of the computer, and when that happens you gotta relish in it.

I'm not sure what I love more about being at Chris's cabin,
the way Harlow runs around like a little boy on summer break,
or the way Chris runs around like a little boy on summer break.

I came in from the bonfire last night around 1:15 a.m. after Harlow had eaten both of the hotdogs
I tried to roast, right off the stick I might add.
He thinks the rules don't apply at the cabin I think.

The moment the sun began to rise Harlow was at my side whimpering to be let out of the cabin
so he could run like a wild man outside.
I can't explain to you how incredibly nuts he acts here.
It's pretty entertaining.
His cousin, Vandal, doesn't exactly help his case.

He likes to think he's an alligator as he sulks around under the dock waiting for his next unsuspecting victim that he can scare.

And that's all I've got, sorry for straying from my usual schedule, I'm just in vacation mode.
I suggest you do the same.
Feel free to follow along on Instagram @taylorgracewolfe if you'd like to see more
Harlow-at-the-lake pictures.
And I might throw in a few baby Yorkie photos as well since my mom's dog, Izzy, just had three puppies last week. They're pretty cute.

Happy weekend, friends.