Karly Kim

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Introducing the very funny and very gorgeous, New York blogger, who also happens to be the queen of Instagram, Karly from Karly Kim.

1. So how is life in New York? 

New York life is amazing, it's very different from the suburbs of Seattle (where I hail from).  Everyone wants to stay up late, which is hard for me because I have the body of an 80 year old lady who wants to go to bed at 10pm.  I don't think I'll ever get used to meeting for "dinner" at 11pm.  11pm is called FourthMeal, and you get it from Taco Bell at the end of a shameful night.

2. On your "Meet Karly" page, which is hilarious by the way, you say that you love to take pictures. What is your favorite thing to photograph?

Engagement pictures and Hufflepuff (my dog).

3. If you had to choose, would you rather have a career in writing or photography?

My very own Sophie's Choice.   Photography is my genetic Asian skill and writing is my first love.  I pick writing, because if I learned anything from The Notebook it's to save yourself 7 years and go with your first love.

4. What would be the book title of your life?

I Thank Thee Lord For Eyeliner.

5. If you had one super power what would it be?

I wouldn't want a real super power, that's too much pressure to be spandex ready in my outfit at any given moment.  I would pick self-transportation.  Then I could make it around the city without having to ride the subway anymore.


Karly, I'm dying to know how you walk in those shoes? And would you stop being so damn photogenic already?

Happy football Saturday everyone!

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A Husker Survival Guide

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The first Nebraska football game is just two days away. I realize to many of you this means absolutely nothing. But to my people in Nebraska, this means everything. It's basically what our state lives for, and I happen to think that's actually kind of cool. Perhaps "cool" isn't the right word, I guess I should say I think it's awesome.

Since I've lived in Chicago I haven't been able to make it back for the first home game, but such is life. Even though I am not there physically, I am there mentally and spiritually. See that first home game is always quite the challenge to make it through in one piece. What with the late August heat and the intense crowds of people dressed in striped overalls and just the wave of excitement that runs through the air in that lovely booze filled town called Lincoln. Stinkin Lincoln, how I love thee.

Because I care for the well being of all my friends and readers, I've put together a simple do's and don'ts list that I would suggest you follow when it comes to Saturday if you happen to be lucky enough to grace the streets of Lincoln.

Do start the day off with a Bloody at The Bar in the beer garden.

But don't snarl and glare at all the beautiful young college people you no longer recognize, you already had your time. And envy isn't a good look on anyone.

Don't get to the North Bottoms too early, as it becomes a death trap of tailgating you'll never be able to escape.

Do have a pitcher of Elk Creek Water at Sandy's, but don't gawk at all of the farmer's wives in their best jeweled Husker attire while you're in there. They don't know any better.

Do stop by for a drink at the lovely outdoor area at The Tavern, but don't get feisty if the doorman doesn't let you in because you forgot your ID even though you are clearly twenty-five and several workers know you and your age and you are with your parents, no less. Just don't, save the 'tude for the Downtown.

Don't feel tempted to go buy a new Husker shirt at the Union just because you're there and caught up in the moment (dad.) But do buy some beads, beads are always fun.

Do stop by every tailgate you can, the bars will be waiting for you after the game, but don't expect the tailgate food to be waiting for you at the end.

Do head into the game on time, but don't tear up when the tunnel walk song comes on. Some little girls from Norfolk just weren't meant to play defense on a D1 football team. Life goes on.

Do get a slice of Val's pizza, but don't try to eat the cheese that is stuck to the cardboard, just chalk it up as a loss and order a Runza.

During the game, don't get huffy if the person next to you is taking up "your leg space." Instead, do just rent a stadium chair for $8 and save yourself the stress!

Following the game, don't wait for a photo with a player if you're over the age of ten. It's just a little weird (dad.) Jk, my dad doesn't do that. But my brother does...

Don't go into Brothers Bar afterward no matter how cheap they claim their drinks are. Unless of course you're dressed in Affliction and/or a Jersey dress, then by all means Do Brother it up!

If you're able, do cut the line at the Rail. And if you're not able, don't get mad at those of us who are.

Once inside the Rail, do check your judgement at the door. The Rail is a judge free zone, especially in the back bar. Just don't touch anything in the bathrooms. Or the freezer...

When it's time to move to The Bar, don't stop by the hotdog man first. Do realize mustard stains all Husker clothes.

When you finally make it to the Bar, kick back and enjoy yourself. Don't worry about a thing. Do remember, it's just the start of another Husker season after all.

And don't forget Lazzaris after "Take Me Home Tonight" starts to play and the dreaded lights to start to turn on.

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Harlow & The Almost E.R. Visit

I didn't intend to write every single post about dogs this week, I truthfully try to space them out so this doesn't turn into an accidental dog-blog. But after last night when I was literally five seconds away from rushing Harlow to the Chicago Animal ER I've really got no other choice.

Let me just start by saying I've been known to "overreact slightly" when it comes to Harlow's health, according to Chris anyway. One time when he was a puppy I rushed him to the vet in tears because I was certain he was choking on something and couldn't breath and I thought he was going to die, when in fact he just had a large amount of dry cereal caked to the roof of his mouth... Let's just say in the three short years of Harlow's life he's been to the vet no less than fifteen times. 

Without going into too much detail, I'll just say that for the past few days Harlow's been having "flu-ish" like symptoms. I actually tried to get him into the vet yesterday morning, but cancelled after he seemed to be doing much better on Tuesday afternoon. He was fine again all day Wednesday, but after dinner last night he started acting very funny. He wouldn't come near Chris or I and instead chose to just lay near the front door; something Harlow never does. I took him outside and the poor thing just plopped down on the ground and refused to move. He just collapsed on his belly with his big droopy eyes looking up at me begging me not to move him. He eventually started throwing up again and then shaking profusely. 

After a while, I coaxed him back inside and sat on the ground with him as he crawled into my lap with his muscles shaking and his breathing getting heavier and heavier. And then I started googling things, which only lead to me full on panicking. My biggest fear was that he somehow got into rat poisoning, which is actually pretty prevalent in a city. However, Harlow is never more than five feet away from me, so I knew the chances of this were pretty slim. But never the less, it was all I could think about. 

It got to the point where Harlow was lying on his back, feet in the air, panting heavily when I said enough was enough and I was going to pay the $200 to take him to the emergency vet. I would sell every last thing I own to pay for medical treatment if Harlow needed it. Luckily, Chris tends to be a little more logical than I am and suggested we maybe take him for a quick walk before we rush him to the E.R. and subject ourselves to more Harlow medical bills we can't exactly afford. 

We hadn't so much as got around the block when Harlow spotted a rabbit and suddenly his tail started wagging and he was excitedly pulling on the leash to go after it. This was my first indicator that perhaps whatever was ailing him wasn't quite as serious as I thought. The second indicator was when we got to the park and took him off leash he dashed right for his favorite drinking fountain. And even went after a few squirrels on the way there... At this point I started to feel a little silly for all of the tears the way I overreacted and figured that perhaps a trip to the vet could wait until the morning like Chris originally suggested. 

Long story not very short, as of now Harlow seems to be doing much better. If anything, he's just a little more clingy than usual, which I don't mind one bit. He's sleeping soundly in my lap right now and hasn't been quivering or shaking for the past hour. But a trip to the vet and a few more bottles of Gatorade will definitely be happening today. 

In the meantime, I promise a more upbeat/nothing-to-do-with-dogs post will be coming later today. Can it just be Friday already?

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Life As Of Late

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

As of two minutes ago I just made a donation to the ASPCA for $345 because of all of you! That just makes me so very happy. So thank you all so much who were able to give, sending nearly $350 to help animals felt pretty good this morning. And if any other donations continue to come through they will immediately be sent to ASPCA, as well. I know the money will probably be spent on important things like medical treatments or making sure the facility is fully equipped, but this morning as I gave Harlow his breakfast of Greek yogurt and blueberries I imagined that it would be nice if there was a gourmet food fund where all of the abused dogs would get to try steaks for the first time in their life. And that's why I'm not in charge of allocating the donation money... But someday when I start the Harlow Foundation for abandoned and rescued dogs, there will be a gourmet food fund. There certainly will.

On another note, is anyone else feeling this August heat wave rolling through? It's as if August suddenly felt guilty for being so random in the beginning that it finally decided to throw all the scorching temps and high humidity into the last four days as intensely as it possibly could. Chicago has been in the high 90s all week long. To be quite honest, I don't mind the hot temps (unless I have to take public transportation for the day.) Harlow, on the other hand, isn't too fond of them.

When he spotted a public water bowl yesterday on our walk he plopped down with his head in the bowl and refused to move. At one point he was actually lying there with his snout under the water just blowing bubbles. And that's why I refuse to drink from public water bowls...

I finally got him up and we walked just a little further to the pond lookout. He stood like this for about five minutes looking at God knows what.

I don't know if he saw ducks or fish or squirrels, regardless, people passing by got quite the kick out of Harlow posed like this. Then again, perhaps he was just admiring the skyline? Har loves Chicago as much as I do.

Today is one of those days where I'm feeling a bit scatter brained because I have a lot to do, but no idea where to start. So instead I've chosen to take far too long writing this one, pretty short, pretty uneventful post. I think I'm distracted on account of Saturday. You know, the first Nebraska football game of the year. It's always a special time for me. But I'll save this talk for tomorrow.

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For The Dogs

Monday, August 26, 2013

Tonight I was attempting to get a cute photo of Harlow as he slept soundly on the couch, his head propped perfectly on a pillow, his entire body wrapped tightly under a blanket, because it's National Dog Day after all and I hadn't posted a good photo yet. 

If you'd like a visual, this is the photo I ended up taking.

Precious, right? 
It was literally seconds after I took this photo when CNN broke into a story that I haven't been able to get out of my head. As of yesterday, 367 dogs have been rescued in what is known as the second biggest dog-fighting raid known to date. Nearly four hundred dogs were rescued from their horrendous conditions of living on dirt and pavement, wearing painfully heavy chains, most with zero food or water in sight. It's just almost too much to handle. 
The photos are painful, yet also a little hopeful. Because every one of these pups you see are currently being treated in a rehabilitation facility thanks to the miracle workers from the ASPCA. The flees are being removed, the open wounds are being stitched, and the empty emaciated bellies are being filled with fresh food and water. 
Stories like these resonate me. They resonate with me to the fact I will probably never forget about them. I'll torture myself and read every article I can find and look at every photo possible. 

But unlike the other animal abuse stories I read, this one actually has a happy ending. Because these four puppies in the photo below won't have to grow up in chains, or be trained to fight. 
I didn't intend to get on my animal abuse soap box today, but when a story breaks like this how can I not? Animal abusers are absolutely despicable to me. I hope the criminals involved in this case will rot in their jail cells. But sadly, I know they won't. Some are even being held on as low as a $5,000 bond. But actually forget the jail cell, let's tie them up and let them fight it out on their dirt patches instead like they've done to their dogs for so many years.  
I can hardly put into words the type of hatred I feel toward these people. Hate's a strong word I don't use often, but if you're abusing animals or babies I really and truly hate you. But even as I say that I know it's almost ignorant of me to think. It's easy for me to say I hate people who choose to abuse others because I've never been abused. I've lived a pretty damn charmed life. But imagine the children who grow up in homes where their dad brings home the pay check after a good night at the dog ring? How are they supposed to understand they're not supposed to hit a puppy when they themselves get hit every night? It's just a vicious vicious circle I will never understand.
So for now, I'm going to continue to think about the positive. About the fact 367 dogs were rescued this week. But so many more are still out there. If you're in a place where you're financially able to give a few bucks to the ASPCA, I've set up a very simple way to donate via paypal below, because they are going to be in desperate need of funds trying to treat all of these new pups.  I know I've never done anything like this before, but with Harlow sleeping safe and sound right next to me I feel like I have to try to do something. If we can raise $50 or $500, at least it will be something. 

And now I'm going to leave you with a few of my favorite photos from yesterday's rescue. Talk about the best National Dog Day ever.

If that's not a look of freedom I don't know what is.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you, more than he loves himself."
-John Billings
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*And if anyone knows of a better donation button where it actually shows how much has been raised, I'd love to know and switch it out. Thanks!

Twerking & Spinning

Friday, August 23, 2013

So... notice anything new around here? Thanks to the amazing Sarah, The Daily Tay got a little face lift. I don't want to be annoying and boast about how cute I think my blog is, but I can't help myself. Sarah just did a wonderful job and literally created exactly what I asked for. I feel like I can't do her justice trying to explain to all of you what a great experience it was working with her, but it simply was. I sent her like three ideas and she was somehow able to magically capture everything I was hoping for, including all of the adorable pages you see above. She's just so darn talented I can barely handle it. So basically I would recommend Sarah ten times over to anyone who is thinking about getting a new blog design. Stop thinking about it, just contact her already. You won't regret it. 

And now on to other things...

Like the fact I’ve discovered something more intimidating than doing stand-up. It’s called taking a new exercise class in an unfamiliar setting. I was reminded today how awful it is to feel out of your comfort zone and like a total idiot. I won’t get into details as to why I decided to be adventurous and try a spin class downtown this morning at 7:00 a.m., but I did. Turns out “spin classes” have changed a bit since the last time I dabbled in the sport. If memory serves, my most recent spin class was in 1994 in my parent’s basement on their gold Schwinn Air-Dyne. And let me tell you, that baby could really get going. If you pedaled fast enough the fan between your legs actually whistled as if cheering you on. And if you pedaled really fast, you could get the speedometer to completely spin out of control just in time to jump off the bike to watch in delight as the bike pedaled itself.
Anyway, when I walked into this facility, a facility just for “spinners” I might add, I knew I was in over my head when they asked me what size of shoes I’d like. 

“Oh I brought my own, thanks though,” I said as I showed the woman behind the desk my sassy new Nikes so she knew I wasn’t kidding around.

She shook her head no and showed me the soccer cleats I was supposed to rent instead. Perhaps they weren’t actually soccer cleats, but that’s what they felt like, and that’s how they sounded when I awkwardly walked around the place hoping I didn’t look like as big of an ass hat as I felt. I followed the rest of the spinners into a dark room full of bikes. From there it was up to me to figure out how to adjust the bike, and even worse, how I was supposed to lock my soccer cleats into the pedals. I’m not an idiot, but when I feel slightly uncomfortable and think that everyone is watching me (which they weren’t) every second I couldn't figure out how to lower my seat felt like 100 minutes. Eventually the kind girl next to me showed me how to do it.

The class started with the instructor announcing, “Happy Friday everyone! What a great way to start the morning, I seriously wouldn’t rather be anywhere else, or doing anything else. Like seriously.”

And then I couldn’t help but feel bad for the instructor. I mean I could think of about ten places I’d rather be, just off the top of my head; in my bed, the beach, on vacation, in bed, drinking a Bloody, on my couch, in bed, at Starbucks, just to name a few. But the girl had to do her job and I got that. 

And from that moment on, the biggest challenge of the forty-five minute spin class for me was trying to figure out what time it was. But there wasn’t a clock in the room, I know because I checked every single corner and crack looking for one. You know how some people say times flies when they workout? Well they’re lying. I think time actually stops. Or it certainly slows down. Numerous times the instructor would yell “just a couple more seconds!” Do you know what a couple means? Two. As in one, two. Yet we’d pedal for at least thirty more. Because time slows down. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being active, I could walk/run Harlow for days and absolutely love it. Same goes for yoga or barre classes, I just don’t think spin classes are my thing, not until I buy some padded shorts anyway. 

Not to mention I was completely confused every time Barbara Bicycle would get super excited and start yelling at all of us to "Twerk! Twerk!" She wanted us to twerk? I mean I guess it made sense, we were all in a dark room with techo/club music playing. Is this how the kids work out these days I wondered? Just as I was about to unlatch my soccer cleats and give my best Miley Cyrus version of twerking, I realized she was actually yelling "torque! torque!" as in she wanted us to increase our resistance. Now I just felt silly. And also inspired to start a spin/twerking class.

All in all, I will admit I felt kinda good after it was all said and done. It was 8:00 a.m. and I already had a killer workout under my belt. But then I remembered the shitty part; I had to bike home. I feel like that's as bad as having to run home from a track meet.

To make up for the fact I accidentally strayed from doing a Best Week Ever recap today, (sorry!) I'm going to give you all a chance to win a custom phone case from my new favorite site, Casetagram.  I have to share with you the adorable case I made a few weeks ago for my iphone-
It's just all my favorite things in one place. The hardest part about designing the case was simply choosing which photos I wanted to use from my Instagram. Other than that, it's easy peasy. If you'd like to win your own case just enter below!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the calm before the storm.... the storm of football season is just seven days away. GOOOOOOOOOOO BIG RED. GO BIG RED. 
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Laugh Factory Part II

Thursday, August 22, 2013

So I gave the Laugh Factory another go last night. And I don't know if it's the weather changing, or the fact that Harlow's been at camp for three weeks, but I'm starting to get more and more addicted to doing stand-up.

I don't know, it's just a cheap thrill that I can't seem to get enough of lately. I'd like to think I'm getting more comfortable on stage, but I'm pretty sure I still black out for about 75% of the act. One second I'm grabbing the mic saying hello, and the next second the red light is blinking telling me my time is almost over. It's seriously the weirdest time warp I've ever experienced.

Because Chris doesn't love me wasn't able to make it last night, I got bold and asked the host if he wouldn't mind grabbing a few photos for me. I figured he'd judge me for it, but thought what the hell. I could either a. admit I'm a blogger or b. tell him the photos were for my mom. 

What do you think I said?

"My mom's from Nebraska and she like doesn't get what a comedy club is, so like, would you take a few photos? For my mom..." Sorry mom, I didn't mean to throw you under the bus, we both know you've been to more comedy clubs than I have, but I had no other choice. Admitting I'm a blogger to a comedian would have given him way too much material. And it didn't help that I was the only female onstage for the night. 

Creepy comedy hunch is in full force here.

As you can see the lighting isn't exactly forgiving on my light skin and light hair... In fact, if I stand in front of the sign I pretty much disappear completely into the wall like that serial killer from the old Lifetime movie When A Stranger Calls.  And now I'm officially freaked out remembering that movie. If you haven't seen it, don't. You will have nightmares until you are nineteen and an unnecessary phobia of thinking there is always a person painted into a brick wall.

Wonder what part I'm going into here? I bet it's the "Hey look if I raise my left arm high enough I become Bethany Hamilton" bit. I'm kidding, that's not in my act. B Hamilton is an inspiration and my personal hero and she knows that. Big shout to her on her wedding this past week by the way. Really though, Soul Surfer is like my favorite movie. Carrie Underwood is one of the most underrated Christian actresses, if you ask me.

Anyway, here's one more blurry photo for your enjoyment.

I've had a few of you kind souls out there ask about seeing a clip of said stand-up, just to make sure I'm actually doing it and not just taking photographs on stage I'm sure, I didn't take any video last night but I assure you it will be coming.

And that's all I've got. Now I need to get ready for Harlow's homecoming. It's been nearly three weeks since we sent him off to camp for the second time this summer because of all our of our out-of-town weddings and I've missed him so bad. Streamers are about to be hung and peanut butter toys need to be filled. I also need to get some toys ready for Harlow as well... Wait for it.

Happy Thursday.

Conservatory & Stand-Up

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

And just like that I officially have my first Conservatory class under my belt. Yesterday as I was riding my bike to the Second City I had a bit of an "ah ha!" moment when I realized that I was actually excited to walk into a class full of strangers. My how far I've come from last year at this time when I was lingering outside the building for my very first class debating on whether I should go in, or just say screw it and skip on home to continue being the creepy little loner that I used to prefer.

I will say it seems as if I'm with a much more "theatrical" group this time. I think I'm the only one in the class without a degree in acting or theater, so there's that. I'm just an actor, but they're act-orrrrs. If you catch my drift... Jazz hands top hats and all. Seems like a really good group of people though. Sadly I know better than to get attached to them because nothing is permanent in the Conservatory. I'll be with this group for only sixteen weeks before there's another cut. Rumor is round two of cuts are even more brutal than the first round. I'll just pretend that thought isn't already weighing over me.

The thing that I found pretty interesting is that the class is mostly girls. And even last night when I did stand-up, again it was mostly girls. The females are starting to rise up in the comedy scene my friends, and I'm liking it. In a world dominated by guys, it kinda seems like most times the girls have to work twice as hard to be funny. Because if you don't think there's a stigma with women in comedy than you're just kidding yourself. Of course we've come a long way from where it used to be, but still today a good guy comedian can hit it with five great jokes, but for the girl who follows him to be considered on his same level she has to hit it with six. At least that's what it seems like from my perspective anyway.

But anyway, last night I did stand-up with my pals Ricky and Kathleen. We went to the Monday night open mic at Merkles in Wrigleyville. It was a good time with a long performance list a talented comics, I'm thinking they get a good crowd because you get a free shot of Jamison right when you get done. It's the little things... It also doesn't hurt that the hosts are both insanely funny and actually want to be there. I'm writing a lot of new stuff right but luckily I had Kathleen and Ricky along to politely tell me before going on that perhaps some of the new material I shared with them wasn't quite ready yet... Such as the impression of the "man on bath salts auditioning for a Klondike bar commercial" I'm kind of playing around with. But what would you do for a Klondike bar? And yes, the actual joke is just as awful as you think it is.  New material sometimes takes a while to work itself out. Or just work itself back into the trash.

And now because I'd like to give you all a little chuckle for the day I'm going to leave you with one of the head-shots of mine I never intended to share with anyone because I look like that big of a creep. But now it's just funny to me so I can't help but blast it out there.

I call it my "serious Stephanie Tanner" look. 

Why I was never scouted to be a professional model is still beyond me... I can obviously work a camera.

Why You Shouldn't Have The Mondays

Monday, August 19, 2013

1. Because 10 years ago you most likely weren't settling into your Monday morning by reading a few blogs.

2. You also weren't checking Twitter, Instagram or Facebook...

So how on earth did people waste time on Monday mornings is what I'd like to know?

3. You could have been texting, but there's a good chance you didn't have texting on your plan yet so you were probably just playing Snake, instead.

4. At least you had Get Low to jam out to on the radio. Or Ignition. Or Crazy In Love.

5. And you could change into a comfy velour tracksuit when you got home...

6. With Uggs of course. 

7. Reality TV? You got it! How about that cute family show The Osbournes?
I remember when this first premiered I was so confused. I just couldn't grasp the concept of cameras simply following a family around acting as "themselves." 

And Kelly, AKA queen of fashion police, you may forget the early 2000's but we haven't. 

8. But because reality TV was just too weird for me I was more into The O.C. 

Mischa, where are ya girl?

9.  And the Bachelor was only in it's 3rd season (Andrew Firestone)... But it was probably the most dramatic season ever, never the less.

10. But most importantly, the biggest indicator that today is better than 2003 was the fact "My Space" was our main social media platform of that time.

Anyone else remember Tom?

That's all I've got, go take on your Monday.

Tacos & Tecates

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tomorrow is the first day I will not complain about having "the Mondays." I can't tell you why or how, just that I'm determined not to let the start of a new week get me down, but instead I'm going to grab the bull by the horns and make tomorrow the first day of the rest of my life. Or something like that... I'm sure as hell going to try anyway.

It feels like I've been gone so much this summer that is was finally nice to spend a weekend in Chicago. Because Chris and I are a couple of sixty-year-olds, we spent a few hours on both Saturday and Sunday watching the air show. I'm usually way too cool to spend my afternoon looking at the sky, but for some reason this year I actually kind of enjoyed it.

Following the super exciting jet show, we jumped on our bikes and rode over to Wicker to grab some tacos and Tecates at Big Star.

I swear I'm not trying to pull off the whole "non-smiling" thing for this photo, I gave up trying to do that like ten years ago, Chris just happened to catch me mid-smile and I know better than to shamefully ask him to take more than one photo when we're out in public. I think it hurts both of our pride, really.

And just the best bean dip ever. 

Chris loves being photographed for blog photos, as do all guys I'm sure. 

But anyway, for those of you not familiar let me tell you a little bit about this place called "Big Star." It's basically just a taco restaurant with a few other things on the menu, but the line is always insanely long. We came at 4:30 p.m. and didn't get seated until 6:15 p.m. For tacos! And even though we always complain about the wait and say we're just going to go somewhere else, we always end up waiting. It's weird. But I, like everyone else in Chicago, love the outdoor seating and the overall ambience of the place. People watching in Wicker Park never disappoints. And I'd be selling the place short if I didn't mention the fact that their food really is pretty incredible. Like really really good. 

We intended to head home after our taco feast but the wonderful Chicago weather got the best of us and we ended up riding around the city for two more hours, and about twenty more miles. Let's just say those padded biker shorts I've always made fun of don't seem so bad to me now. 

We ended the night by the harbor listening to an impromptu live band, with an amazing view of the skyline shimmering off the water in the background.

This photo kinda sucks, but I swear it was a gorgeous site. 

I've got a good feeling about this week. Tomorrow is my first day of Conservatory classes at the Second City and I'm also going to hit the stand-up scene again after a few weeks off. It's time to get the ball rolling, times a ticking.

Over and out.

PS- congrats to former Chicagoan Chelsea at Little Lessons in a Big City for winning my Blog Bday giveaway last week!

Head to Toe Chic

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Introducing Angela from Head to Toe Chic.  Check out her fall wish list when you're finished below. I'm loving every item she's lusting over, especially the fall booties.

1. Why did you start blogging?
-I started blogging almost 2 years ago because I wanted something where I could channel my obsession with fashion (and to justify all the clothing purchases I make!). I look forward to blogging everyday and I love that it's something my husband and I do together (he's the photographer most of the time). Now if only I could get used to taking pictures in public...

2. Tell us a little bit about your fashion sense and some of your fashion icons.
-My fashion sense is usually causal, feminine, and trendy. I'm not afraid to try new things, and you will rarely see me without a chunky statement necklace! Some of my fashion icons are Rachel Zoe, and also some amazing bloggers like Kendi Everyday and Cupcakes & Cashmere.

3. What are some of your must-haves for fall?
-You can see my fall wish list on my blog! I'm definitely on the search for printed long sleeve dresses, comfortable ankle boots, and dark lipstick. I'm ready for cooler weather (and pumpkin beer!).

4. What have you learned most since you started blogging in the fashion world?
-I've learned not to be afraid to take chances when it comes to fashion, like mixing prints or trying out new trends. It might not always work out, but at least I tried! I also learned that I need to stay true to myself. It's easy to get caught up in the blogging world and wear something because you think other people might like it, instead of because you like it. And also, l learned I probably don't need that fourth bubble necklace...

5. Lastly, what is it that you most enjoy about the blogging world?
-Meeting new people! I've made some amazing friends from blogging (I've even met some of them in person). I also feel so lucky to be able to co-host a North Carolina blogger meetup (NC Blogger Buzz) every quarter with one of my friends. It's a great way for us to socialize and learn something from each other!