Fool Me Once Shame On You

What a weekend, I am just exhausted. I can’t keep up with the three-year-olds like I used to, they’re just a wilder crew than I remember. At least the kids were polite and let Knox blow out his own birthday candles. So much couldn’t be said my 3rd birthday…
On my 3rd birthday my red headed next-door-neighbor “Mel” who everyone in my neighborhood thought was my boyfriend, (which trust me he never was) pulled a sneak attack on me and blew out my candles right during the middle of “happy birthday to…” and cue Mel to blow out my candles. And then all hell broke loose. I absolutely lost my shit, I started screaming and wailing and throwing my tiny little hands manically into the air like I had just seen my entire family murdered in front of me. I might as well have because I was absolutely devastated. And I should add we have this all on video camera.
Luckily my mom went into damage control and simply lit the candles again. Second time around I think I blew out the candles only half way into the first verse. I wasn’t about to wait around to be made a fool of twice at my own party. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice and I’ll scalp the red hair right off your head, Melvin Crosby
*names have not been changed so I hope Mel is not reading.
Here’s a crappy Polaroid of me on my 3rd birthday. You can tell by my grandpa’s face he’s only just begun singing “happy birthday,” but I was clearly in the ready position. And excuse the bright flash mark, let’s just call it part of the old world charm.
But anyway, clearly I’m not entirely over that situation so let’s get back to the weekend. We spent Friday night at my sister’s house celebrating Knox’s birthday at the “family party.”

And Saturday morning was spent at Knox’s “kid party.”

I was a little tired…

But then I had a Capri Sun and managed to pull myself together. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Capri Suns don’t satisfy anyone. Those little packets need to hold at least three times more juice. At least. Let’s just make them into forty ouncers already.
I got back to Chicago late afternoon on Sunday just in time before the next polar vertex moved in. Rumor is it feels like -45 outside. So that should be fun. I’m at that point where I feel like summer never even happened. It just seems like a mythical faraway time that was too good to ever really be real. Drinking wine on the patio? Is that really a thing? Going outside without wearing pants under my pants and socks under my socks? Does that really exist? Bring back, summer. Please, Mother Nature I am begging you. 
And now because I’m depressed thinking about how winter has at least three more grueling months I’m going to completely change beats and talk about something that makes me happy. Want to know what all of these outfits have in common?
The dress, the scarf, the amazing sweaters, they’re all from one place: Roe Boulevard. Roe Blvd is a hidden online gem that only seems to increase my sweater addiction. I own at least five chunky sweaters from this store and I live in all of them. And see that boyfriend maxi dress above? That’s pretty much my go-to outfit. 
I just ordered the Sophia Sweater below and next on my list is the crochet sweater vest in the middle.

And when I finally decide to stop hibernating in my house here’s a few of the going out styles I am going to scoop up.

What I love most about Roe Boulevard is the quality of their items. One might say I’m kind of hard on my clothes because I’m always doing something. I’m either walking miles in the city or rolling on the floor at improv class or bombing on stage at a comedy club, so I need something that is going to hold up. And Roe does just that.

The lovely stylists at Roe Boulevard are even offering a $10 off code  with no minimum purchase! Just enter the code: BLVD10 at check out to redeem the code. And did I mention their shipping is incredibly fast? Happy shopping!

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