The Best Week Ever + a Selfie Update

Friday, January 10, 2014

Let's kick it old school today and bring back a quick edition of The Daily Tay's Best Week Ever, what do you say? Sound good? Good.

I'd like to start by saying a huge congratulations to Emily Maynard on her engagement! You know what they say, the 9th times the charm! I have a good feeling about this one, said little Ricky. Me too Rick, me too. And I suppose if it doesn't work out she can always go on the Bachelor again.

Somebody had a birthday this week... and that somebody is North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. And what happens on your birthday? Well your bestie sings you happy birthday, of course!

So who's having the best week ever because of this? The online website that introduced these two love birds obviously, - a site where lifelong friendships are made, no matter how many uncles are put to death by starving dogs... 

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is taking some heat this week when it was leaked that he allegedly closed the George Washington Bridge just because he could causing huge traffic jams for days. And also because he wanted to retaliate against the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey.

I don't get what the big deal is? If the democrats want to get back at Christie so bad why don't they just close all of the McDonalds? And that joke was so bad it deserves a drummer's "ba da da" after it. Just for the record I kind of like Christie, whether he's big or not.

Speaking of big, I saw a headline today that read "Mesmerizing! Mom downs 72-ounce steak in under 3 minutes" and my initial reaction was ewww. But then I read the first sentence that said, Nebraska resident Molly Schuyler plowed through a 12-pound sandwich with a 1-pound side of fries in 54 minutes. And I thought hells yeah. 

And for this reason alone, Nebraska is having the best week. Keep on making us look good out there, Molly Schuyler! 

Like I said I'm keeping this short and sweet today, mostly because I have the pleasure of sharing a different hilarious post written just for you by the amazing Ady from When In Doubt,  Just Add Glitter.

Ady is one of those fabulous bloggers who writes posts that make me think, damn why didn't I think of that? If you're not reading her blog, you should be. I'll let her take it away so you can see for yourself...

Duck Face OUT Chirp Face IN

I couldn't have said it any better if I wrote it myself so I'm going to let Trey take it away.  
As Trey says over at Witty + Pretty.... 

"Hello, blog friends. I would like to address something that is causing me great anxiety and has become the bastard child of social media. Now don’t get me right, I love social media. Twitters, The Facebook, Instantgrams, Youporn–they are all amazing and consume just about 90% of my waking hours. However, with the good comes the bad. A dark side of social media has evolved. And I don’t mean FEM/DOMS on Craigslist; I am talking annoyances such as The Poke, Farmville, #VineAfterDark (please don’t look at that), political rants, #blessed humble brags, potty training posts, and so forth. But there is one granddaddy of them all that sucks mud. I am talking about the offspring of asshole and douchebag: The SELFIE."

"You know what I'm talking about.  That annoying picture you post of YOURSELF to remind the world just how attractive you are.  Shut the f*cking door. I can’t take it anymore (partially because I am not attractive enough to post a selfie).  Hey, pretty model with the fantastic ass, we get it.  You are pretty.  Thanks.  You don't have to post your face 45 times a day.  We don't need to see your cool new necklace that just so happens to sit between your gigantic store-bough and overly spray-tanned tits.  Oh and PS, if you still take mirror shot selfies for your MySpace profile, then quit reading this blog, sell your Buick Enclave, and never reproduce.

Now I know that YOU, cool reader, are not one of those who post a half trillion selfies a day, but I know you have a friend who does. We all do. Mine happens to be a D-list reality star who is so good looking it makes me reconsider gay. I can see him counting his “likes” right now whilst recounting his abs. As far as I know, he doesn’t own a shirt and has never eaten a carb in his life. Oh, and if you follow any promo girls on social media, you feel my selfie-inflicted pain.

To any of my nine readers who do post gazillons of selfies, hear me now. Please head down to the public library and search the card catalog for a book called The Dictionary.  Once you locate said book, look up the word HUMBLE. This will be a foreign word to you, but study it for some time. Also, because I care for you, I am here to help you overcome your selfie addiction. Here are a few guidelines to aid you in your quest to not being such a douche on social media:-It is still a selfie if you are holding a baby animal.-The only place a selfie is acceptable is on Snapchat.-Think of it this way: Does your grandmother post selfies? No. Unless she is a whore.  If so, tell her to Instagram me @furbustrey.

-Calling yourself out in the status of a selfie doesn’t make it ok. Hashtag #selfie doesn’t make it ok. Matter of fact, nothing makes it ok."

Ever since the selfie phenomenon new looks have come and gone but it's 2013 people, almost 2014, so cut it out with the duck face!

And if that wasn't enough Justin Bieber has now capitalized on the Selfie Phenomenon with an app called Shots of Me.  It's the selfie only sharing app.  Only the front camera can be used and selfies must be taken in-app.  Shots of Me has no comment system to restrict cyberbullying and it's free.  Check it out HERE.

I'm sorry (no I'm not sorry) but you make me extremely uncomfortable and awkward for YOU when I see you taking selfies.  You are in PUBLIC.  Cut that shit out.  It's just weird.  And we all know you don't take just one.... I'm tired of hearing your camera go off.  

Here's a hint. Be discreet if you must do it, turn the flash off, and silence your phone.  There's no need to post this endless crap either.  Send it on Snap Chat or to your boo PRIVATELY but your 50+ Facebook friends don't care.  If only there was a dislike button.

Here are some of the worst of the worst BEST selfies. 

Another one of my fav Atlanta bloggers wrote about the 16 Worst Types of Selfies HERE and it is spot on.  So go check Ashley and Trey out over at Witty + Pretty!

The only one that wasn't mentioned which you see ALL the time is the "here is where i'm laying out getting all tan / be jealous of my bikini body selfie."  I can't take seeing anymore of these.

Spare me.

Feel free to follow my selfie free instagram HERE.

Can't wait to see all your Sparrow Face selfies using #sparrowfacefi 

*Remember to achieve the coveted "sparrow" look, open your eyes wide and part your mouth slightly, "like you're a baby bird waiting" for a tasty worm.

To all my selfie loving white girls.... 

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  1. That is so funny, that Molly woman completed the steak challenge where I live too, she is a machine!! Here are the pics of her triumph from over here in Missouri!

  2. I watched the video of the woman eating the steak yesterday. Wow what a weird sentence. She made it look so easy, I was impressed. And Christie and the bridge, oh boy. Sitting in traffic is the worst, completely unnecessary grudge traffic... don't get me started.

  3. ugh the laying down bikini body is always the worst. first of all, gross, second of all people think they are skinnier laying down but it just looks bad and i dont want to see your V!

  4. the mcdonald's joke, YES. man, Dennis rodman is aging so well for a girl.

  5. This is our generation's contribution to history. Compared to the founding of democracy and electricity, I think we're ranked pretty high up.

  6. Literally was just laughing out loud! hahaha

  7. that thing about Christie is national news!?!? gosh before I moved to NJ I didn't know a thing about it, and now that i'm here it feels like the world revolves around it! aren't there better things to put on the news!? I like the guy too though, even if he does pick on fort lee...

  8. THAT Steak, I've seen people attempt it here in Portland but that was amazing.

  9. Too many funny things to touch on all of them however that guy doing all the girl selfies.....I died...I have been seeing the "guy pose" going around with the ghetto hat I mean honestly give it a rest :-)

  10. I can't take anymore of the "back breaker" selfie ughhh just stop! lol

    Happy Friday!

  11. hahaha I love the selfie section of this post. You are the funniest blogger that I follow. Thanks for making me smile.

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

  12. Ya know what sucks about selfies... I hate them, the vast majority and the ones that are taken ALL THE TIME, but then I realized that the bloggers and IGers that I like post them from time to time. It helps to see the face, ya know?! I mean TAY. I can only stalk you properly if I have an idea of who I'm stalking.

  13. Well good for Emily Maynard! Hopefully this one sticks around.
    I don't think I would want to be friends with Kim Jong Um or whatever - what if he decides he wants to kill me off too?
    I've never been a good selfie taker, I don't have the patience for it.