First Day of Filming “Yes +” Pilot

Before the camera crew arrived at my house yesterday morning I had a pep talk with myself in the bathroom mirror.
Do not be the Kim Richards, be the Kyle. Do not be the Deena. In fact, don’t be anyone from Jersey Shore. Or pretty much anyone from any reality show you’ve ever seen because they all end up looking like idiots.”

My goal was simple, I was going to think before I speak. Think before I speak… The cameras were set up, the lights were on, I was wearing a mic and ready to go.  The director, a really nice guy by the name of Ben, started asking me questions and just like that the flood gates opened. I started spilling. Turns out answering questions about yourself is kind of cathartic. I blame it on the fact I’ve always wanted to see a counselor and have never gotten the opportunity. So I talked and I talked. And I talked some more.

And after the cameras shut off I panicked. What on earth had I been rambling about for the last three hours?!

We took a break for a late lunch and the oh nos started to set in a bit. I didn’t say anything bad about anyone (just myself.) I didn’t spill deep dark secrets (because I don’t have any) but still, the feeling of what did I just do remained. What I did do was ramble on about my dreams and my fears of failing and my desire to write movies and be in movies and all of that stuff I’m hesitant to talk about because I know the rest of the world really doesn’t care to hear about yet another person aspiring to be an actress. But I resorted back into ten-year-old diary me and I just let it fly. In fact, I even read a few passages from my diary. So that was fun. I like to imagine little me writing all of my wishes and secrets down in my Limited Too diary so many years ago having no idea I would be reading the entries on camera some day in front of people I only just met… What would little me think? I think she’d say hells yea.

When Chris came home from work they put a mic on him and he sat down for his interview segment, a part where he talked about me and what he thought of all my comedy shenanigans. In true Chris form he sailed through every question. He’s just so damn likable and that translates on camera.

But we all know who the real star of yesterday was. Harlow. At one point Ben actually said to me “you need to get him a pet agent, he is a perfect TV dog.” Harlow was as funny and as animated as I’ve ever seen him when the cameras came out. He would suddenly belt out a weird noise in the middle of filming or slap my leg until I acknowledged he was there or even just show off his acrobatic skills jumping from the couch to the stools and back again. If anyone is going to come out on top from this show it’s Harlow.

Our dual Modern Familyish interview on the couch was by far my favorite part.

End of the day and I’m looking roughhhhh.

All in all, the first day of filming was a great experience. The crew is very sweet and obviously very talented. They were taking a lot of stills (mostly of Harlow) and they just seem to have an eye for catching cool images (again, mostly of Harlow.) Last night after everything was said and done and Chris and I were relaxing on the couch we saw a preview for a new reality show called “Amish Mafia.” If a show called Amish Mafia can get picked up by a network I feel like a show about young comedians and the iconic iO Theater should have a good shot of getting a network. Then again what do I know. If this pilot never gets airtime at least I can say it was a really fun project to be a part of, and at the very least I’ll have some cool video footage to share on the blog.

Have a great weekend! Follow along on Instagram @taylorgracewolfe for more reality show footage as well as my first set at the Laugh Factory tonight! Better yet, if you’re in Chicago come to the Laugh Factory tonight!

Paris Taylor

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