Things Bloggers Love Part II

Thursday, February 6, 2014

With Valentines Day just around the corner and love in the air, I figured it was about time to write a follow-up post to something I wrote nearly seven months ago: Things Bloggers Love. And thus I present to you, Things Bloggers Love- Part II.

We love turtle necks, am I right or am I right? No? That's just me who likes to dress like Mona from Who's The Boss? That's okay.

#1. New fonts on PicMonkey
BlackJack in the house!

#2. When we get an unexpected increase in traffic because a new blogger just added us to her blogroll.
Seriously though, thanks for that.

#3. Coffee mugs. 
Not only do we love our cutesty coffee mugs, we love taking photos of them because we're just weird like that.

*Mug can be found here.

#4. Tutorials. 
Hair tutorials, makeup tutorials, DIY tutorials, food tutorials, how to skin a raccoon tutorials, how to put your pants on tutorials, they're all out there. I've never watched one, but given the amount I see on blogs I'm assuming they're a hit with someone. 

#5. Oddly shortened comments on Instagram.
This one is pretty humorous to me. Instead of commenting on a photo and saying for example, "I love your shoes!" Someone along the line decided that was just too much so they shortened it to "those shoes!"and that's it. And then the other day I actually saw one that just said "Shoes!" and that was it. Literally just "shoes." Pretty soon we're just going to look at photos we like and simply grunt while only typing "#%^" as a comment.  Maybe I'm the only one who finds these comments funny. 

Never mind let's move to #6.

#6. New Blog Designs. 
I get oddly jealous when I see someone roll out a new layout that I like and it instantly makes me want to change mine.

#7. Monograms. 
I haven't had anything monogrammed since my grandma gave me a towel wrap in the seventh grade. But then Crystal Faye entered into my life and brought out the Southern Belle inside of me.

It's a little hard to see, but I am in love with my new circle rope Monogram ring. It fits like a gem and I've gotten so many compliments on it.

And then we've got this dainty little monogram oval mirror. Both would make great Valentines gifts for someone out there... just an idea.

Click here to see a better photo.

#8. Nail polish. 
I think I'm the only one who doesn't blog about nail polish. I posted a photo one time on Instagram of my nails and someone commented "eww." So I never did again.

#9. Holidays.
Brace yourself for the Valentines Day posts that are about to overload your feed. I can't wait.

#10. Instagram.
This ones a repeat offender. But I can't help it, I love looking at photos all day every day. And if you follow me @taylorgracewolfe you know the main thing I love to photograph is Harlow and Bloody Marys.

I guess that's all for today. 
That'll do pig, that'll do. <----  I want to get that tattooed on my arm someday I just decided.

 photo signature-23.png


  1. Yep (no other words necessary) ;)

  2. Replies
    1. comment! (seriously though, i died laughing at #5 on this list and then this comment just made me resurrect and die again. literally. seriously. dead.)

  3. I cant stop using Black Jack... I second Sarah's comment, so witty that one!

  4. HAHA this post is EPIC. I can't even begin to describe my love for this.

  5. It is so hard to take a picture of your hands and not have it look like an 85 year old ladies hand....hence nail polish pictures are not at a minimum now.

    Meet @ the Barre

  6. I really really like your monogramed ring and mirror, a lot! They're so pretty. There are so many things I just don't get about instagram, I've definitely noticed those one word comments. Proper sentence structure and grammar are things of the past.

  7. You forgot taking pictures while tucking their hair behind their ear and looking down at their toes. Bloggers looooooooove that.

  8. I can't get enough of cute coffee mugs. Blogging and coffee go hand in hand. I look forward to doing blogging stuff while having coffee in the morning. Tutorials have saved my life since I'm new to blogging. Thank you to everyone that posts them!

  9. And that's why checking instagram is a fill my need for doggy pics and booze :)

  10. haha #6 yes. <- see what i did there. it was a shortened comment. that does crack me up. i get too excited about pic monkey stuff. and for the record I'm wearing a turtleneck today.

  11. I never knew I loved monograms until I joined the blogging world.

  12. Haha really love this article. I can so totally find me in this!

    Love, Felicia

  13. LOL at the 'eww' nails comment. I never post mine b/c I know I'd get the same response. #manhands

  14. Loved this post!! And yes, I love nail polish posts...and tutorials, sometimes I watch/read them even though I know how to do it xD

    Rosie's Life

  15. haha nodding along with all of this. shoes!

  16. I love the Black Jack font. I am wearing a turtleneck sweater so I died laughing reading that one. We are an easy bunch to please.

  17. I got married in the era of the monogrammed towel bridesmaids were so, so lucky and received one of those from me as their thank you gift. I know....too cool

  18. Omg, that would be the best tattoo ever. Ha. Also, I love this list. Sometimes, I do things that are considered "normal" in the blog world (aka any of the stuff on this list) and I'm around my non-blogger friends, I'm like yeahhh, this is a little crazy. Oh well haha.

  19. You sure hit the nail on the head with this post! Don't even get me started on the blog designs! It's a constant battle.

  20. I already post "$%#" on Insta as a comment. Ha. In the meantime, I'd encourage you, and anyone else who loves to take photos of drinks, to use the hashtag #ITakeInstagramsOfMyCocktails. You know, for mutual support.

    And yeah, obsessed with monogramming. WTF is that about? I live in New Mexico.

  21. i like to comment on all things with the emoji face that has heart eyes. saying i love that with just one emotion. sometimes if i really love it, i'll comment with two faces.

  22. I feel like this is you writing a Valentine to me, and I don't hate it.

  23. THIS POST!!! <3

    See what I did there? Cool cat, I know.

  24. Babe for the win. I say that quote far too much!

  25. "Blogpost!"
    lol I had to!!!
    this is all so true!!!

  26. Ok now my real comment. As always, hilarious and so very true. I found myself nodding along quite frequently. You know what else bloggers love? Always commenting on a post with something THEY do. Always making it about them. Amiright? For example I am totally hooked on blog designs. It's the first thing I check. Web version only please.

  27. AHHHH blog designs! I just redid mine and I am loving it!!

  28. My favorite IG shortened comment by far is "I.Die"-- it's the best. And I happen to love Harlow & Bloody Mary photos.. I live vicariously through those boozy photos!

  29. #3, #7, #8, and #10. Blogging has changed my life for the better, indeed. Love #1, just because it's silly. :)

  30. I am definitely an offender of #5 - ain't nobody got time for full sentences/thoughts!

  31. TRUTH!

    Yeah... but really. Tutorials and printables are where it's at. I have no shame in admitting I ADORE them!

  32. Haha. "that'll do pig, that'll do." We say that in our house all the time. Babe for life, lol!

  33. I'm so excited about the font on pic monkey! So thrilling! I love this post!!!

  34. 5 and 9 are so true, I'm guilty of shortening all my comments these days!

  35. Tattoo!!!

    Haha. This was the first post of yours that I read, and I loved it! :)

  36. I seriously have about a hundred photos of my favourite mug, and yet I still keep taking them...

    The London Project

  37. My sister in law gifted me that monogrammed ring after I married my husband (with my new initials, of course). I love it!

  38. Ahhhh I'm ALWAYS saying "that'll do pig. That'll do." NO ONE understands and they look at me like I'm insane.

  39. #%^

    Oh, I thought that was acceptable as a comment now... Thank you for always making me squirt adult beverages out of my nose. You'd think I'd learn to not drink tequila while reading your blog, but I'm starting to get used to the burn.

  40. #thatlldopig.thatlldo I.Die!!!

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