Reading Outloud My Negative Comments

Two weeks ago I wrote a post called Inside a Woman’s Mind at Target.

I typed it up, hit publish, and then didn’t think much about it and went on with my regular Friday routine. Within a few hours I noticed it was starting to attract a bit more traffic than others. That’s neat, I thought, and once again continued on with my day.

Four days later I decided to submit it to Thought Catalog, an online magazine, because they’ve published some of my stuff in the past and I thought it seemed like an article they might like. Less than twenty four hours after Thought Catalog picked it up things started to get a bit… weird. It began with a few texts from friends and family telling me that my post was randomly showing up on their Facebook and Twitter feed. And then a few emails came in and a few more texts. And again I thought, oh that’s neat. And I also thought a little bit of oh shit. 

I was curious to see how many times it had been shared so I decided to check for myself.  According to Thought Catalog it was shared over 170,000 times in the first few days. And then I really thought oh shit.

Let’s be honest here, we all know what happens when a post starts to garner a bit of traffic: the comments start to come. Lots and lots of comments from strangers all across the country. Some are funny. And some are really funny. I’ve chosen some of my favorites to read in the video below.

Happy Friday, internet world. Go take on the day.

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