(ironic) Gift Ideas For Mom!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

With Mother's Day just around the corner I thought today might be a good day to share some great gift ideas. I don't know about you, but my mom is one special gal and she deserves nothing but the best on this day.

1 Free Class At The Apple Store
So mom can actually figure out how to  use her phone so she stops calling everyone from her pocket ten times a day. It would also be nice if she learned the difference between texting and emailing. Whenever I get an email from a phone number I always think it's the government trying to kill me. Nope, just mom.

A Mystery Box
Whenever I visit my parents house and accidentally leave something lying around, let's say my Mac or car keys, the next day I can never find them because my mom has "put them away" in some mysterious part of the house I can never find. It would be nice if she just had one mystery box to store all of the items she mysteriously likes to hide from everyone.

Custom Design Paper Towels
Paper Towels specifically designed exactly how mom wants them. If there's anything I've learned from my mom, it's that finding that perfectly cute seasonally appropriate paper towel is just hard to do. Why not let mom design her own so next time she cleans up that dirty counter it can be with the face of her favorite child or favorite yorkie.

A Big Chunky Colorful Necklace With All Different Sized Jewels And Weird Silver Dangly Things
Because moms can never have enough of these.

1 Free Day To Call Everyone She Knows To Tell Them About Every Wedding She's Invited To This Summer
Your mom will lose her shit over this one.

A New Trendy Bible
Mom always needs a new bible for the newest bible study group of gal pals she's joined.

1.5 inch Curling Iron
Because those quarter inch curling irons just aren't cutting it for moms' one curled under bang.

1 Unlimited Day Of VoiceMails
Wait she does this anyway, scratch this one.

5 New Phone Chargers
Because moms always lose theirs and they blame it on everyone else.

A Twitter and Linkedin Tutorial
Because she's been telling me for over a year now she really needs to "figure out those twitters and la-kadien things."

An Unlimited Supply Of Craisins
Craisins go good in anything! Literally anything.

1 Free Hour Of Unwarranted Advice
This one is going to hurt everyone involved.

Or Any Other Gift That She Can Just Re-Gift Or At The Very Least Put In That Drawer She Has Full Of Other Gifts That She Plans To Re-Gift Eventually

Moms really are the best.

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  1. haha these are fantastic ideas - my mom could really use some technology tutorials :)

  2. 1 hour of unwarranted advice... after 9pm... with wine... might. actually. kill me.

  3. Yes to all the technology/social media things on this list!

  4. Hahaha love the craisins one. Because, seriously, your'e right. They're soooo good. And they make custom paper towels?! That's probbbbably one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. What WILL they think of next?! ;)


    1. I'm not sure if they do, but they should. My mom would love them!

  5. My mom is more of the unlimited shopping spree at Hobby Lobby type. But the Craisins and mystery box are definitely making my list.

    1. Haha yes! I should have added Hobby Lobby for sure!

  6. You nailed it on the weird dangly necklace, also, perhaps a Chico's gift card? All mothers go NUTS for Chico's;)

  7. This list is great! Totally with you on the Craisins. My mother thinks they should be the not so secret ingredient in everything.

  8. LOL this list is perfect. The voicemail one killed me... SO TRUE! hahaha

  9. My mom told my brother she would like the largest Margarita we can find for mother's day this year. She wins. Although I'm afraid of the advice and voicemails that would come from that.

  10. My mom really could use a class at Apple! Would save me a lot of long phone calls trying to explain simple things!

  11. Hahaha, and then I notice myself starting to do things my mom does or say things that she says, and I'm like .... "well crap, what am I even headed for....."

  12. This is SUCH a great post and damnit Tay.. can you call Apple and tell them to open a store here? Pensacola, FL!!

  13. Yepp.. getting my mom a mystery box. Because too many of the other ideas would require me to be drinking.

  14. I like that mystery box idea my mum could use one of them at her place

  15. This is great. Your mom and mine must be related! That picture of you and your mom is GORGEOUS!!

  16. you are TOO FUNNY. the curling iron and the necklaces killed me. i never realized just how much all moms have in common with each other.

  17. 5 phone chargers it is! My mom has them stored in her bathroom drawer, purse, car and yet still manages to loose them. Too funny!

  18. Definitely good ideas have to share and i think so iphone5s also best choice. I love such kind of expensive gifts. cheap kids christmas presents