43 Things You Might Miss If You Went To The University Of Nebraska

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The magic N card.

475 Ride, on the rare occasion they'd actually come get you.

History of Jazz. And by that I mean the history of not having to attend class.

Watering Hole wings.

Studying in the Crib.

Waiting in line for a treadmill at the rec.

Washboard man.

And his friend who carried the cross on his back. (Not Jesus. ) (I don't think so anyway.)

The "VIP booth" at the Rail. And basically everything else in the back bar at the Rail.

The smell of LaMar's donuts at 3:00 a.m.

Spotting athletic tags on book-bags. (Jersey chasers, that one's for you!)

The night before the first football game.

The morning of the first football game.

Pretty much everything involving the first football game.


Drunk schmigos.

The darkness of Barreymores.

Sitting in the waiting room at the health center. (Jk)

Val's grand buffet.

The gross coffee in CBA.

Watching people you know do the walk of shame down greek row. Watching strangers was always fun too.

Buying new Husker apparel from the Union just for the hell of it. (See magic N-card above.)


Graffiti in The Bar bathrooms.

Landing one of the only four close parking spots at the rec.

Tailgating at the North Bottoms.

Finding a computer and printer that actually worked in the lab at the Union.

Hot Carl shots.

The stray campus cats!

The fancy girls bathroom at the back of the Union.

Spicy chicken pizza from Lazzaris. And Lazzaris ranch.

$1 beers. $1 shots. $1 everything. I'm convinced Lincoln is the cheapest city to drink in ever. Ever ever ever.

The "great" intramural refs.

A midnight gyro from Gourmet Grille.

The morning the TNE came out.

Getting weird at Harry's Wonder Bar.

Seeing Bo Pelini run on campus wearing a black trash bag.

Boss Hogs.

Poop dollar at the Union (This one's for the Fiji boys.)

The Bathtub Dogs... If you're into boys snapping and singing acapella.

The bus to east campus. (Jokes!)

Fighting a homeless man for a spot to sit in the room with the fireplace at the Union.

That amazing feeling of coming out of your last final for the school year.

Oh Lincoln, the thing I love most about you is that I get older, but you stay the same age.

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  1. Pretty sure the washboard guy is still out there on the weekends :) UNL sounds like it was a good time!

  2. Do NOT touch the washboard guy's washboard...he doesn't take kindly to it... You'd think a street performer would welcome a little audience interaction...nope!

  3. Don't mess with Johnny's board. He's deaf, he probably doesn't know you're playing or thinks you're drunkingly trying to steal his board

  4. But for the most part this is correct, except the place to get a gyro is Ali babas, not disgusting gourmet grille.

  5. Can you still get "Burritos as big as your head" after hours??

    1. He is talking about oso and it is closed dt. There is one at 70th and van dorn.

  6. Nothing about Val's Pizza? How can you have a list and not have anything about Val's

  7. I got every single one of these except for poop dollar. Dietze should seriously consider featuring washboard man in a local commercial.

  8. What about the crazy blue coat lady?

  9. The things about the bars and alcohol I could not relate to, but some of the others I enjoyed reading, like the cross people. A few things from my list:

    * Surviving March softball doubleheaders when the temperature hovered around freezing.
    * Riding my bike between campuses for fun.
    * Good Fresh Local at CPN.
    * Hey, I was one of those "great" intramural refs in 2008-9. ;)
    * Neihardt ghost tours.

    There are many more, but I might make my own post on this sense!