Update On The Pup

Friday, May 2, 2014

And the moving continues... I feel like I've been in a blur for the past few days and everything else has been put on hold while I've turned into a moving maniac attempting to piece my world back together.

Thanks to the help of my mom, we have one room almost completely done. The other rooms are a completely disaster yet...

Anyway, I found out last night that I didn't win the Funny Or Die contest. And I am so bummed about it! But on the bright side, thanks to all of you I did receive the most views/votes and I am so appreciative of that, so thank you! But in the end the judges chose who they wanted and that wasn't me. I've seen the guy they chose and he's pretty damn hilarious so I guess I shouldn't be that upset, this comedy world is just so full of talented people it kills me.

But all of that seems so trivial compared to the pup from Wednesday night. Thursday morning I got in my car ready to head back to my old place to grab some boxes and I happened to glance down and see an iphone stuck between the crevice of my seat and the console. I reached down and grabbed it and when I clicked the bottom button I saw a close up photo of a smiling black lab with his big tongue out and my heart dropped. Not only did this poor woman have to watch her dog get hit by a car she also left her phone behind in the madness of me dropping her off at the ER.

I immediately dialed her last missed call and left all of my information in a voicemail. About an hour later she called me back and I finally got to ask how her dog is doing. He didn't break any bones, but he had a little bit of internal bleeding so he had to stay at the hospital another night. In between heavy sobs she told me his blood pressure was dropping a bit but the doctors were still hopeful he would make a strong recovery. I just felt so damn bad about the whole thing. If it were Harlow in the hospital I would be an absolute wreck.

Anyway, I haven't got a chance to read all of the comments from yesterday because my internet hasn't been set up, but from the few I've seen it almost gives me chills to read all of the kind words and positive thoughts/prayers sent toward the dog and his owner. There's still a lot of good people left in this world after all.

I'm off to jump into a world of boxes. Have a good weekend, everyone!

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  1. My goodness. My fingers are still crossed for that poor pup. And I feel awful for her owner. So glad you found her phone. You really are her Angel!


  2. Have a great moving weekend and I hope the black lab will be ok!

  3. Oh that poor pup, I hope he makes a full recovery. Best of luck moving/with all the boxes this weekend!

  4. ah oh no sounds awful

  5. There are a lot of good people and one of them is you for helping that lady out!!! So glad to hear everything is going good! Now god luck with moving

  6. I didn't know you moved girlie... where did you move too? Good luck with unpacking & all.. I love those 2 chairs by the way! Too cute.

  7. Aww poor pup is still in my prayers, I hope he makes a full and strong recovery! Good luck with all the unpacking. It's my least favorite part of moving! :(

  8. I just got caught up - that's so sad, but kudos to you for being awesome.Glad pup is still hanging in there.

  9. I'm glad to hear the lab didn't break any bones and if the vet says he'll be ok, I'm sure he will. I'd like to think all the healing thoughts and prayers are helping him heal :)

    Unpacking in a new home in a chance to start fresh and try new things in the decorating world. Have fun with it!

  10. Still saying a prayer for that little guy! How traumatic. I'm glad you hear back some semi-positive news though