Because of Jackie

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Introducing a favorite fashion blogger of mine, Meagan from Because of Jackie. 

1. Let's start simple, how did you choose the name Because of Jackie?

My blog had a name before Because of Jackie (Coastie Girl Chic, YIKES), that I felt didn't show who I was and what I wanted my blog to be. I tossed around a few names, but it turns out I cannot come up with blog names to save my life. It's hard! My sister in law actually came up with Because of Jackie, it ties in my love of Jackie Kennedy, who was one of my first real style icons that I've always admired. While I don't dress like her much these days (pearls don't work with young kids!), I think my entire style evolution started with her, hence…Because of Jackie. The only issue now? Most people think my name is Jackie! I'll take it;)

2. Have you always been in love with fashion?

I have always been a girly girl and loved anything twirly and pink and sparkly. I've definitely veered from that (grunge in the 90's!), but anything that has to do with style has always fascinated me. That being said, I never really knew what to do with this love until my 30's. I was a pretty boring dresser for most of my life, and never thought too much about what would make me happy, style wise, beyond the next new purchase at Forever 21. Fast forward to two little kids in 17 months and I ended up losing who I was. I wore jeans and tees and didn't make any effort. 

Two things changed everything for me: I found style blogging, and I turned 30. The first gave me a window into how real people style clothes and was a jumping off point for me to rediscover myself and my love of style. It forced me to think more out of the box, (and it also gave me an idea of what NOT to wear after seeing some of my archives!) I found I could take more risks and try things I never would have tried before.

All this also happened soon after I turned 30, which opened up a whole other mind set when it came to my personal style. I started to not care what other's thought of me and began dressing just for ME. All of the things that scared me (floral headbands, mixing weird prints, harem pants, crop tops), became possible when I let go of caring about what others thought. It's actually really liberating. I dress to make myself happy, and I think that shows through on my blog.

3. What are some fashion trends you are loving this summer?

I tend to like ALL of the trends and can get sucked into whatever is new and exciting. Seriously, there are bloggers that can sell me anything (which I suppose is the point, hmmmm?!) Two trends I have enjoyed are crop tops and Birkenstock sandals (which I know are a love/hate for most people.) I like wearing a crop top with a high waisted skirt, so it only bares a sliver of skin at the ribcage. It is surprisingly flattering and easy to wear. As for Birkenstock's, I love how they are really comfortable, because often what is IN is not comfortable and to easy to wear! It's a trend that fits into my lifestyle with my two young children, and I'll happily wear them long after they go out of style (again.)

4. Can you share some style tips?

I think the biggest style tip is to stay true to yourself. Wear what makes you happy, obviously, but experiment in your closet, too! You can be comfortable and still look good, you just have to try different things. I like to do a mass try on at home at night, sort of like my own personal clothing store. I take whatever time I have and come up with four-six looks that I love that I can grab quickly in the morning. I DO also wear yoga pants and workout gear a lot, but most of the time I am more dressed up than the average person, because that make me happy. Also, bright lipstick always saves me when I'm wearing a more simpler look! I always get compliments when I have red or hot pink lips, because it draws eyes up to your face!

5. What are two of your all time favorite style posts?

I recently did a post when I wore a really pretty, embroidered dress that I got a lot of feedback on. It's one of my favorite for myself, but mainly because I could actually wear a dress again after that CRAZY winter! 

The second post that surprised me the most was when I took some style photos and came home and saw how AWFUL I looked! I decided to post them anyway under the title, "I hate this outfit!", and found that my readers loved this. We ALL make mistakes and dress horrible sometimes, and I like to share these looks when they pop up and talk about what's not working. 

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