Seven of the Best Bloody Marys I've Had In Chicago

Friday, June 20, 2014

It's the weekend and I've got one thing on my mind. When and where I'm going to get a Bloody Mary. Luckily for me this city is not short on them. Below is a list of some of my favorites.

1. Dunlays on Clark.

This classic Bloody from Dunlays never disappoints. Dunlays is one of the first places I brunched when I moved to Chicago so this Bloody will always have a special place in my heart. And what's not to love about getting a pony boy of Miller High Life on the side?

It's like a relish tray in a Bloody and it's delicious. Au Cheval is probably one of my favorite spots in the city. If you come to Chicago, come to Au Cheval.

My photo doesn't do this Bloody justice. Let's just say there's a reason Twisted Spoke continues to make everyone's list for having the best Bloody, because it's just that good. And so is their food. Get their breakfast chilaquiles and your life will never be the same.

For obvious reasons. And because I'm just a fan of Home Slice in general. This place has it figured out, there's never been a time when I've come here and it's not completely packed.

5. Two Sparrows.

I love when Bloodys are a little darker than usual. And anything when a side of jerky is good in my book.

6. Eleven City Diner.

Just like their food portions, this Bloody comes oversized and overly good.  I was pleasantly surprised with how good Eleven City's Bloody is. It has just the right amount of garnishes and spice.

I also love the meat and potatoes Bloody from Bangers and Lace, as well as the Bloody Mary from Publican with a beer back of Zombie Dust,  but I'm struggling to find my photos of them at the moment. And honestly this list could go on and on but now I'm hungry so I need to wrap it up.

The bottom line is this, Chicago is full of great Bloody Marys. I know there's hundreds more I need to try. The next places on my list to hit up include Fountainhead, Longman & Eagle, Smoke Daddy, The Grid and The Savoy. Know somewhere else I should go? Comment below!

And #7 (honorable mention) goes to Chef Chris for whipping up these bad boys in our kitchen a few months ago.

Hope you all have a bloody good weekend!

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  1. I say this every time you post about it, but I really, really want the pizza garnish bloody mary from Homeslice. There has to be a place that does this in New York, right?

  2. They all look delicious! Great recs as I'm visiting in Sept and was looking for a good brunch & bloody mary spot to check out.

  3. Well this list is a PERFECT way to start off my weekend.

  4. If i ever come to chicago and happen to see you I will make you take me to get a #TaysBestBloody

  5. I intend on visiting Chicago again (loved the first time I went) and this use will come in handy. Score!

  6. You're a girl after my own heart! I always swear a great Bloody can fix anything and the more stuff that comes with them, the better!

  7. I am taking a trip to Chicago over 4th of July Weekend to visit my best friend and I am so excited to add some of these to our brunch tour!

  8. I love Au Cheval. I go more then Id like to admit for their amazing burgers, plus my boyfriend knows one of the cooks there.

  9. I LOVE bloody marys and am heading to Chicago at the end of next month, obviously I'll have to stop into one of these places!

  10. I have never tried a Bloody Mary, I've always been the mimosa type. I really need to get on broadening my horizons!

  11. You must try the one from Johnny Green's on State on the Sloop. I wish I had a picture of it! Honestly though, I used to live right there but no longer do, so I can't speak as a current authority, but they were the tits about 3 years ago!

    x. lauren

  12. Those Bloody Mary's look great! Maybe you've already seen it, but there is a blog about Chicago's Bloody Mary scene (didn't know how else to describe it). This will give you a lot more places to try!

    Jenny B - Honey & Birch