That Night At The Funny Bone

Monday, June 2, 2014

Friday night was just too much fun. I did an opening set for the hilarious comedian, Brad Williams, at the Funny Bone in Omaha in front of more friends and family than ever before. So yes, in case you're wondering I was pretty terrified. It's one thing to do stand-up in front of a large audience, but it's even more nerve wracking when you know almost half the audience. At least it was for me, anyway.

(This is Brad Williams in case you haven't figured that out.)

Before the show I met my childhood pals, Jeni and Mallory, and their husbands for drinks and dinner. Although after only one drink I realized I was way too high strung to eat so I headed over to the Funny Bone to hide in the greenroom before my set and go over my material.

Shortly after I sat down in the green room Brad came in and I stood up to shake his hand. Which felt very uncomfortable given I was wearing heels and standing up only made me that much taller... He was just about to ask me for another drink when I think he was also taken back when he realized I was a comedian and not the cocktail waitress. "Oh wait. You're the other comedian?" he asked. "Yep," I responded, trying to fake my confidence unlike the last time at the Laugh Factory when I was practically shaking when I met the other comedians. Not this time. I was determined to act like I was totally cool with everything. Hanging out in greenrooms drinking beer with pretty famous comedians is what I do all the time. It's totally normal...

And then I realized that the other two comedians were sitting clear across the room and I was the only one sitting on the couch by Brad. And it dawned on me that perhaps I was overstepping my boundaries as a nobody-comedian. So I looked at him and said, "Oh shoot, should I not be sitting here? Is this the headliner's couch? Am I breaking the rules here?" And he laughed and said no. But I having a feeling he was thinking yes dumbshit, you are. Move off my couch. But at least he didn't say it.

Sometimes being a girl in comedy isn't that bad.

When it was my turn to go I was surprisingly comfortable on stage. As I looked into the audience and realized a. I wasn't panicking and b. I was as calm as I've ever been it made everything 100 times better. Unfortunately it also made my time go that much faster. When I got "the light" I was only half way through my set. I could have talked for at least twenty more minutes.

When I got done I went back to the greenroom and Brad was kind enough to give me some nice words and even some suggestions for my material. As a new comedian, I can't get enough suggestions and advice, especially from an established comedian like Williams. He also happened to mention I look eerily similar to his ex-girlfriend. Remember how I've mentioned that I get told I look like people all the time? Naturally I wasn't surprised. But then he told me she was a dwarf. Now that's one I've never heard before.

All in all, it was a great night. I was so impressed with the Funny Bone and already can't wait to go back. And of course I was so happy to see everyone who came out to watch. More friends and family showed up than I could have ever hoped for so I really can't say thank you enough, including fellow Nebraska blogger Jen from That's What She Read!

And to finish off here's a few remaining photos from last week, my time in Nebraska, and back to Chicago again.

Harlow likes to blend in with his surroundings.

I eat salads so I can also eat burgers with eggs on them.... DMK gets me every time.

And on Saturday night Chris and I discovered a new little gem a block from our house with the cutest little patio and the best pad thai, Noodles in the Pot. The best part is it's BYOB. I have a feeling we'll be going here a lot this summer.

And now I'm going to be real honest with you and give you a little forewarning about the next few days. Let's just say after we moved last month I was feeling extremely broke so I took on a few more sponsored posts than I normally do and now quite a few of them are un-expectantly hitting this week. Ugh, I know. But sometimes you gotta be a sell-out to pay some bills. I hope you'll understand. But if you want to roll your eyes and hate on me for it, I totally get that too. We're all guilty.

Hang in there with me, guys. I'll be a millionaire soon enough and all content will return to normal.... Happy June, summer is here.

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  1. Thats pretty awesome, Id be terrified to get on stage, I hate talking on the damn phone lol
    Glad it went well!

  2. sounds like you did great, and encouragement from a fellow comedian must feel good.
    sponsored posts never, ever bother me. in fact sometimes they're interesting, so do what you gotta go.

  3. I can't be the only one who is begging to see more videos of your stand up. Share!

    And don't feel bad about sponsored content. You put SO much good stuff into blog world. You've consistently got killer content. No need to feel bad about making some moolah.

  4. That's awesome, glad you had such a great time! And forget the sponsor haters, you gotta do what you gotta do!

  5. We've been trying to retell all of the jokes that made us laugh that night! we are totally not doing them any justice! I love love love that Brad gave you props on Instagram too, he's right, you totally have a future in the business! My girlfriend who came with is now binge reading your blog! The only thing that wasn't perfect was that you didn't have more time on stage. So cool to watch you make your stand up dream come true! You're just as charismatic in person as you are in "blog land" it was so nice to "meet" you!

  6. I love hearing that you are living your dream!

  7. haha. That's so funny that he was all "you look like my girlfriend except she was a dwarf". I think I would have busted up!


  8. Eggs on burgers is my weakness! SO yummy. Go you, Ms. confident comedian ;)

  9. how awesome! What a great week, I cannot wait to see more of your stand up, and hopefully one day in person! :)

  10. I'm so happy to hear that your show went well, that's awesome! I have to come see you someday, in a non creepy way, of course.

  11. Sounds like a great night. You are doing this. How cool is that!?!

  12. Woohoo you go girl. Hitting the big time! Glad your show went well.

    As for the sponsored posts ... do what you have to do.

  13. Congrats on the Funny Bone! How exciting!!

  14. I just discovered your blog today and I am so impressed that you're funny enough (and brave enough!) to do stand-up. That's so badass.