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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Introducing Rachael from The Rachael Way.

Hey there Daily Tay-ers.  It's Rachael from The Rachael Way!  I'm so excited to be on Taylor's blog (I mean who wouldn't, homegirl is #famous).  So you're probably wondering... who am I and what do I have to say that's so important, right?!

Overly fancy blogging headshot #yolo

Let's start simple, how did you choose the name The Rachael Way?
Well, my blog used to be named Pretty in Pink.  Which was confusing and stupid.  I changed my blog name to The Rachael Way because it fits me more.  TRW (which is an abbreviation I completely made up), is where I write about my life... including dating, friendship, Netflix, and my love of cheese and wine (no, but really).  The name The Rachael Way just fits who I am and what I write about... just living life, the Rachael way.  

You're going to China soon to teach, what made you decide to do this?
I wish I had some dramatic moment to share where I just KNEW I wanted to go to China to teach, but really I didn't.  I was at a job fair, and heard about the opportunity to teach abroad for a year.  The perks were awesome, and I just didn't feel ready to follow the traditional teaching route quite yet so I said yes.  I haven't looked back since, and am so excited for my adventure to start in August!

Going abroad to teach is so brave and such a leap of faith! Are you nervous about anything involving this new adventure? 
I am nervous about living in a completely different culture with completely different people.  I'm nervous about saying something wrong, eating something I'm not used to (seriously), and having students that are completely different from what I've ever dealt with.  But I know I can do it!! It will be an amazing adventure!

Can you share any blogging tips you've learned along the way?
Be real.  Be genuine.  Make your blog a safe space, where people can read what you have to say and express their opinions.  Respond to comments.  Interact on twitter.  And above all, do you.  

What are two of your favorite posts you've written?
I'm one of those bloggers who writes what's on my heart and sometimes people can relate.  My post called Enough is about feeling like we are never good enough as a person, partner and friend... I think a lot of us feel that way!  I also really liked the post I wrote about the things I learned in college.  It was fun to think about all the lessons I learned about in those four years.

If I'm not blogging, I'm usually hanging out with unicorns or live tweeting The Bachelor.  Come say hi!! xoxox

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