Pork & Pineapple Tacos

Monday, July 21, 2014

On average, I eat tacos about three times per week. And I'm not even exaggerating here. Chris and I (and Harlow) are taco maniacs. If we weren't always running out of our favorite tortillas, we would probably eat tacos seven times a week.

I like them because they're easy to make, they're pretty affordable, and I like to think they're semi-healthy. And Chris grills all of the meat outside so the kitchen clean-up is super minimal. I'm all about minimal kitchen clean-up.

Because we're always eating tacos, it's usually our mission to put a new spin on them and recently our favorite recipe involves pork and pineapple. The combination of these two ingredients together is simply amazing. If you're doubtful, just give it a try and you'll see why.

In the photo above I used:
Thinly slice pork chops
Freshly cut pineapple
White onion

Chris grilled the pork, pineapple, and onions, but that's only because I'm a sucker for grilled pineapple. You could also serve it on top cold and it would be just as good I bet.

Throw it all into a tortilla and you're good to go. I put a bit of salsa on mine and Chris smeared his with Siracha because he smears everything with Siracha.

Have a favorite summer recipe you always make? Share it below, especially if it involves tacos...

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  1. Thank you for sharing this recipe! I'm a huge taco fanatic myself, so I'll definitely have to give this one a try!

  2. I'm always up for making tacos more exciting..these look amazing!

  3. I am addicted to everything pineapple! One of my favorite dishes I made so far is Pineapple Pork Loin. It was super simple.

    Pork Loin
    1/2-Full bottle of Trader Joe's Island Soyaki
    Red Potatoes cut in half

    Put all those things in a crock pot on high for 6 hours or low for 8-10 hours. Top with fresh pineapple and avocado if you wish! Super super simple for the lazy cooks like myself!

  4. Ah! This looks delicious! And easily adaptable to taco salad (I cannot have flour tortillas) Mmmmm!

  5. My family would love these. What is your favorite brand of tortilla? Also, I must agree that grilled pineapple is far superior to regular old cold pineapple.

  6. Looks so delicious!! Ans more importantly easy!

  7. I love putting fruit on tacos! So unexpected, but delicious!

  8. Those look amazing! I love the idea of pineapple and pork, definitely going to have to try that next time! I usually make taco salad once a week, which is a basically a taco mountain on a plate with tortilla chips. I highly recommend it :)

  9. Yum!! This is a great idea for a summer dinner. Although I have to say, since moving to LA I don't think I've made tacos. There's usually a truck around somewhere. Literally the very best thing about this city is the abundance of cheap Mexican street food.

    Love, Gigi
    Dolce and Gabriella

  10. Love these! They look awesome. Another taco idea is to just sprinkle some tilapia with chili powder (lightly sprinkled) and cook them in a pan with a bit of olive oil. Then cut up mango, avocado, and red onion, and squeeze lime juice over top, and you'll have the best fish tacos ever.