28 Things Husker Fans Don't Love About Football Season

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

That first loss of the year... It always hurts the worst.

Cell service on game day.

Trying to cross the street in the sea of red.


When the kid in front of you is holding a red balloon for two hours because we are yet to score...

Sitting next to someone in the stadium who's leg is eating your leg. And on a hot day no less.

Not making it to your seat for kick-off because you're stuck behind a long line of people walking too slow.

Porta-potties at tailgates.

When other people like to bring up how "The Huskers used to be good."

When the top of your Val's pizza is stuck to the cardboard. Can you eat the cheese off the box? Of course you can.

Trying to get into Lincoln before a game.

Trying to get out of Lincoln after a game.

When your phone dies at 2 p.m. in the afternoon.

The line for the bathroom inside the stadium.

When opposing fans are just stupid.

When your own fans are just stupid.

Annoying Facebook statuses from people who have probably never played a sport in their life boasting how they could play so much better.

The cluster inside of Embassy Suites.

Getting a cold Runza.

When a college kid calls you "ma'am."

Accidentally leaving your debit card at the bar. Along with your pride.

The hot dog man (if you're scared of getting hit in the face with a hot dog.)

When your car gets blocked in by a 40 county driver.

Post game-day hangover.

And post game-day food hangover.

When you go into your favorite college bar and everyone looks twelve and you feel fifty...

When Lazzaris runs out of ranch. This hasn't actually ever happened to me, it's just always been a fear of mine.

When Bo Pelini makes this face.

Just kidding. This season we're all going to love Bo, right? Right. GBR. We all know the good outweighs the bad anyway.

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