31 Things Husker Fans Love About Football Season

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The excitement felt the night before the first game day. It's basically like the night before Christmas for Husker fans.

Walking over the bridge and witnessing the sea of red for the first time.

That first cold beer you have at a tailgate in a red Solo cup.

Chanting "GO BIG RED" at any given time and any given place and knowing people will join in.

Purchasing new Husker attire. Like the "Talk Herbie To Me" shirts obviously.

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Walking into the stadium for the first time of the season.

Hearing the tunnel walk song.

And watching the tunnel walk as the players run onto the field and realizing the season has officially began.

That moment the red balloons fill the sky for the first time of the year.

Having a Bloody Mary at Tavern on the Square. (Officially my favorite Bloody's in Lincoln.)

Val's pizza. Is it just me, or does it always seem to taste better in the stadium?

Trolling Husker internet forums the day after a game. Or is that just my dad?

Beating Iowa.

Saying GBR on Facebook. And everywhere else in life for the next few months.

Runzas for breakfast. And lunch and dinner.

Showing the opposing team's fans an awesome time in Lincoln.

Having an excuse to take a family photo like the one you see below. And yes, this is my actual family. See if you can find me (I'm the happy one.)


Tailgating at 7 a.m.

Washboard Man doing his thing.

Seeing all of the college kids have the time of their life and thinking back fondly on your own days at UNL. Or thinking back bitterly. Whatever suits you.

Sticking your tailgating flag on your car for the first time.

Pitchers of Elk Creek at Sandy's.

High-fiving strangers just for the hell of it.

Trying to catch a hot dog shot from the hot dog gun inside the stadium. Because hot dogs are better when shot through the air...

The North Bottoms. (If you're in college. Or if you just like to pretend you are.)


Watching drunk people try to keep their balance while walking up all of the curvy paths into the stadium. Or is it just me who finds this entertaining?

Seeing old college pals at The Rail and The Bar and everywhere in between.

Jumping between Lazzaris and Amigos after the bars close- one bucket of ranch to go please.

Feeling like nothing matters at the moment except for Husker football. Or tailgating for Husker football, one in the same.

Is it football season yet?... Cheers to being the best fans in college football.

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Have something to add that gets you excited about Husker season? Post it below. Have something shitty to add because you're not a Husker fan or because you simply enjoy leaving shitty comments on the internet (Carl)? Go ahead and post it, I'll probably just delete it. Thanks! 

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  2. My sister in laws boyfriend is gigantic huskers fan. He'd love reading this. I live in Nebraska but i'm from Ohio, so its conflicting for me because I'm a OH State fan... lol.

  3. LOVE this! We're huge Husker fans and I love this list! Going to have to forward it to my husband and gain some cool points for the blog world ;)

  4. Haha I love this! Go Huskers!

    xo, Taylor

  5. While I'm not a Huskers fan (Go Gators!) one of the best parts of game day is definitely people watching! Drunk people are hysterical.

  6. Bahaha. Go Big Red!! Also @fauxpelni's tweets are one of the best things to happen to me. Is that weird?

  7. Roll Tide Roll! I'm equally as stoked for football season. countdown is on!

  8. BISONWITCHES for the win! LOVE that place. And Runzas for breakfast is always a good idea!

  9. caNUfeel it?! We are so close I am so excited for this season! Sad that we are now down 3 defensive guys, though. Randomly found your blog today and immediately had to buy that tank! :)