A Face For TV

Sunday, August 10, 2014

I make some of the weirdest faces when I'm on stage. Take for example this one from the Laugh Factory on Friday night. 

Or this lovely shot from the Second City last week.

Why I've never landed a TV commercial is beyond me. I've clearly got a face for it.

And now to share a few photos which will explain why I am going to be eating healthy all week. Let's just say Chris and I had a bad weekend. And by bad, I mean good. Way too much good food. I'm eating popcorn as I type this and feeling very bad about my choices.

Saturday we had lunch at Little Goat in the West Loop. We've been to Girl and the Goat a few times, but never to Little Goat and we've been meaning to go all summer. It did not disappoint.

Crab dip served with good ol' Ritz crackers. Just the way I like.

The Sloppy Joe gone goat. I've always been a sucker for sloppys.

And fries upon fries upon fries.

We headed over to Wicker Park for a late night dinner at Big Star.

I feel like this crappy photo doesn't do this chorizo taco justice. But trust me, it was delicious. And I think my favorite thing about Big Star is the price. Our bill was under $30 because the tacos are like $3 a piece.

On Sunday we decided to finish our weekend of eating like crap on a high note and went to the Hot Dog Festival in Lincoln Park. We both had high hopes for our first hot dog fest in Chicago. So we were pretty bummed when we saw we had to pay $5 for a scrawny half, of a skinny little dog. I mean c'mon, does this look like a Chicago hot dog to you?

It was a pathetic little serving to say the least. So we skipped the fest and headed to Chicago's Dog House.

This was more like what we had in mind.

And we ended the day at Half Acre Brewery in Lincoln Square. Like I said, it was a rough weekend. Notice Chris's stickers. He also had two more on his back he didn't know about for the remainder of the day because I'm just a five year old like that.

And that concludes the weekend we ate Chicago. Not pictured: the yogurt we just got from Forever Yogurt piled high with Oreo crumbles and gummy bears.

According to my sore throat and itchy eyes at the moment I'm going to wake up in the morning with a full blown cold. So I'm really looking forward to that. Cheers to another great week ahead...

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  1. Yum. All the food. I want it. Now. I ate Mexican food all weekend. Literally every day this weekend

  2. i agree you have a face for tv, especially those expressions

  3. Thanks for the information... I really love your blog posts... specially those on Local Tamil News

    1. Oh word? Local Tamil News? Fascinating.

      I love the way you two eat. That sounds more creepy than Maalaimalar. Sorry. But it's true. PS diggin the hair.

  4. annnnd now I am starving on an early Monday morning.

  5. the faces, lol, the first one is like WTF is that guy saying and the second forgive me please is an awesome Jim Careyesque face. and now I am thinking of non appropriate breakfast foods and instead have to stik with my chocolate yogurt because that is so much more appropriate for the A.M.

  6. Several years ago I went to a show at Second City, that's awesome that you're out there doin your thing girl! :) You could be famous with those faces ;). Or at least a well employed comedian.

    All of that food looks delicious. DE. LISH. US. Especially the chorizo taco, even if the picture doesn't do it justice. :P

  7. and now i'm hungry. that little hot dog is a joke. i would be starving after that!

  8. I need to stop reading your posts at 9am because I always leave needing booze and good food. Crap.

  9. sooo much good food. Now I feel hungry. starved even haha

  10. That is the cutest pic of Chris! #fangirling

  11. Uhmmm #1. I LOVE your hair! #2. did you get your nose pierced? #3. that food looks ahhhh-mazing! #4. It blows my mind how shitty you eat and still look like you do in a bikini!

    Happy Monday!

  12. I was just in town last weekend and I'm still extremely jealous of your binge fest. I used to live near Little Goat so I know the nap you probably felt like you needed after that meal. Love that place!

  13. Oh my goodness, yum! When do we get Taylor's food tour of Chicago?

  14. you make me hungry when skies are gray

  15. Fries on fries on fries...LOVE! I am loving your bangs too girl!

  16. First: HAIR. Love. Second: Now I want to drink beer. It's 10 am. This is never a good thing. Third: DID YOU PIERCE YOUR NOSE?!