An Internet Scam

So I have a confession to make. I have a huge weakness for internet scammers. I love them in fact. I should clarify, I absolutely love playing with them. It all started back in college when I worked at a company that was similar to ebay and I would get emails from scammers all day long. Naturally I had to respond to every one of them. And I don’t mean to boast, but I got pretty good at it. One might say I started scamming the scammer. Perhaps you recall that time I catfished my catfish.

Anyway, a few days ago I got an email with the subject line:


So I responded:

“Sounds neat! I love charities.”

And then “Anna” got a little bit pushy with me after a few emails and the next thing I know the scammer is calling ME a liar. Imagine that.

I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say things got even more heated and Anna was very upset with me for even suggesting she cheated on her husband. I mean I guess I can understand, Mr. Anna is a Prince after all! So I shouldn’t just be throwing accusations around like that, especially considering he is being held captive at this very minute. I need to think about the safety of their five children.

After Anna got all pissy I even mentioned infidelity she threatened to take all of my money and “wire” it into her bank account and not even give me the dog charity she promised. Pretty messed up, huh? Well of course I hadn’t given Anna any of my bank account information, but she insisted she could find it all anyway. And I won’t deny I was just a tiny bit scared she could. The woman has lineage back to royal witch craft after all (she said.) Normally I wouldn’t believe this type of hippity dippity, but read the comments on this post I wrote from a few months ago and then tell me there isn’t witch craft on the internet. I finally had to shut comments off for that post because they were flooding my inbox all day long.

The point is I don’t trust the internet. So I did a little research (on the internet) and tried to figure out how secure I am online. I found this quiz (posted below) and gave it a try.

Turns out I’m not very secure. Like at all. So if I disappear in the next few days you guys know where to look. I’ll be with Anna and her five children in Eastern Europe somewhere.

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