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Friday, August 29, 2014

Top by Style Latley/ Necklace by Mildred & Bernice

I'm doing this new thing with my hair where I ... don't do anything. Besides the old bangaroos, I haven't cut or colored it in almost five months. And I must say, it really looks like I haven't cut or colored it in five months. I'm going for the Joe Dirt look, you know? In photos two and three I almost nail it. When I lean just right my hair looks like a mullet. But not just any mullet, one of those fancy mullets the white trash kids had in your third grade class after every summer break.

But anywho, enough bragging about my mull. I typically like to come here with at least an idea in mind but today I'm just free balling it. It's Friday, why not?

So here's what's on the docket for tonight: first things first, stop staying docket. I don't know where that just came from. It's such a dad word.

Docket for the night:

Go to iO Grand Opening.

Catch as many amazing shows as possible featuring favorite comedians.

Afterward DON'T follow around said favorite comedic celebs like Tim Meadows, Jack McBrayer or Stephanie Weir and try to talk to them.

And absolutely do NOT start reciting David Koechner's monologue from Out Cold to David Koechner. I can already assume he just doesn't want to hear it.

But do sneak a pic with Eric Stonestreet because it's CAM!

iO is going to be so full of my idols tonight I can barely stand it. But I have to stand it. Because I'm running their social media and I have to be a professional about it. So chances are you won't see any pics, but perhaps just a few creeper pics I try to take without them knowing...

The fun starts tonight at 7:00 p.m. and I'll be live tweeting everything from @iOChicago so follow along if you're bored and want to see me sneaking up on celebs (chances are I'll be doing this on my insta as well @taylorgracewolfe.) And if you're actually in Chicago hurry up and buy any remaining tickets and get your butt to iO tonight because it's going to be an amazing night.

And then Saturday is the first Nebraska football game!!! There's just so much going on. I also just remembered Monday is Labor Day. Which of course means we all need to get the most out of our white pants and shorts for the next couple of days because everyone knows you have to put them away after Monday. That's the one fashion rule I remember my mom telling me when I was a kid, but then again my mom had one skinny long braid with beads on it that was at least 6 inches longer than the rest of her hair for most of my childhood so .... so any fashion advice was taken with a grain of salt if you catch my drift. Just kidding, mom! You rocked that side rat tail in the early 90s!

I'm just too excited to keep babbling. So I'm going to have to wrap it up. Have a great long weekend, everyone! And go big red!

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  1. That sounds like a fun night! Have a great time and good luck sneaking a few pics!

  2. CAMMMMM. You're such a dope professional.

  3. I am so excited for you, sounds like SO much fun. I felt that way during the Del Close marathon, floating on a cloud of excitement, waiting to see my future bff Amy again. That is so awesome that you're running iO's social media! I'll have to follow along while I'm sitting in my office tonight.

  4. this is awesome!! also joining you on this docket (total dad word for sure) of doing nothing with my hair

  5. Does sound like a great time and you look so nice not as nice as Harlow but nice

  6. You maybe have the coolest job. May all your stalker dreams come true :)

  7. Ahhh give Cam a hug ... because its cam. This must have been so awesome!

  8. sounds exciting, i'll be awaiting creeper pics! ;)