My List Of Things To Do Before Summer Ends

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Whenever August rolls around, I feel like people automatically start to go into "fall mode." They're suddenly just ready to throw summer by the wayside in exchange for fall booties, chunky sweaters, and dare I even say it... Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

 But I'm not ready. Summer doesn't even arrive in Chicago until the middle of June so I like to see it last through at least September. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of fall (hello, I'm a girl, I have to be) but I just don't like to see summer go too fast either. This summer in Chicago has been especially cold so it feels as if it's hardly even been here, I've almost spent more nights in jeans than I have shorts. I feel like I've got an entire list of things I still need to do before the seasons start to change.

A list that looks something like this:

*Drive to a beach up north just because it's nice to get away from the city beaches every once in awhile.

*Make it to at least one movie in the park. Chris and I always mean to go to the park in our neighborhood when they're showing movies, yet we always forget.

*Rent a boat on a Wednesday evening to watch the Navy Pier fireworks.

*Bike down to Obama's neighborhood. I don't know why but I have a big fascination with his house.

*Spend an afternoon drinking beers and eating tacos at Big Star.

*Rent a paddle board and try to sneak Harlow on it like Matilda from The Right Fits.

*Grab brunch at Little Goat.

*Catch a show downtown.

*More patio drinking. Always more patio drinking.

I probably sound like an old man when I say this, but drinking a beer on the patio just tastes better in the summer. There's just something about those long hot summer nights that I absolutely love. Whether we're getting ready to go out, or if it's just a night where we're staying in. I absolutely live for the nights spent outside with good friends and good drinks.

Right now my go-to beer of choice is Bud Light Lime. The nice twist of lime in there just tastes like summer to me.

This summer, Bud Light Lime is bringing you the flavorful, refreshing twist of lime that will keep you ready for spontaneous fun all summer long. And now, the perfect beer for whatever happens invites you to click here to prove that you’re #upforwhatever.

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  1. ALWAYS make time for patio drinking. Happy Thursday!

  2. I AM NOT READY EITHER. NO. it's still summer dammit. and I will drink like it is (actually I do that whether it is or not)

  3. I'm not ready for summer to end either. It's been cooler than normal here too. I have been in jeans and in need of a cardigan more times than I'd like to admit. It's sad really. This is a great summer to do list! A movie in the park sounds like such a lovely evening. And if you do take Harlow paddle boarding please take lots of pictures, I feel like it would be the most adorable thing ever!

  4. Thanks for the share! Matilda feels famous.

    I'm not ready for summer, but maybe since we had such an awful winter, we'll have this long lasting summer that keeps going through November...

    1. Not ready for summer to END :) That's what I get for sneaking in some social media during the work day...

  5. Definitely love patio drinking! I can't wait to explore Chicago in Sept. So much cool things to see!

  6. This has been the weirdest summer, hasn't it? Not hot, way too short. What is going on?

  7. I made a whole list of things I wanted to do this summer in Chicago- and I've barely done anything. I NEED to get to a movie in the park one of these days. I did see Motown the Musical though, and we're doing my sister's bachelorette party at Grant Park's dance fesitval at the end of the month. Then the day after my sister's wedding our family got a chunk of tickets for the White Sox. (Technically it'll be fall by then... but better late than never!)

  8. Did someone say pumpkin?! Just kidding.. I'd take summer over fall any day. Shared this with Whitney, so I'm going to share it with you too. My perfect Florida beach beer:

    1 can frozen limeade
    1/2 a can of your favorite tequila measured out in said frozen limeade can
    2-3 Bud light limes (your preference)

    Mix in blender, serve over ice or frozen. I like mine frozen, but I'm normally too impatient to wait for it to freeze! Enjoy! :)

  9. I'm not a fan of summer, but this summer has actually been okay in my book because it hasn't been sweltering. We're heading to Chicago over Labor Day weekend, and I'm hoping for mild weather as we haul A all around town.

    Even not being a fan, I'm not ready for the pumpkin things yet.

  10. patio drinking for the win. drinking on a patio is way better than drinking pretty much anywhere else. Except maybe on a kayak on a river.

    Hope you get to tick most of those things off your list! :)

  11. my go to is any lime beer, heck any lime drink. I am with you on summer so hopefully no one expects boots sweaters and lattes on my blog till at least October

  12. Love summer patio drinking! Such a great list, I may have to borrow some for my end of summer to-do list!

  13. I def agree with you >>> I love to live out summer to the very end (which lasts til about November down here... just kidding ;) we have a few weeks left before school starts and I am so SO in need of a fellow beer drinking friend for these hot & humid summer nights in TX! One of my faves for summer while soaking up some sun rays & splash time at the pool. I love your must do's before summer's end!

  14. I completely Agree that people just throw summer aside--football, back to school, jeans, boots, candles from BBW--ugh--those things are good at the start of October, not August! And PS- loooove Bud Light Lime!

  15. Have you ever been to Howard Beach/Park? It's this teeny-tiny beach off of Howard Street. You can get most of the way via the lakefront path, and it's super peaceful and quiet. Hardly anyone ever there (at least the times I've gone)! It's a real gem in the loud, bustling city :)

  16. I hope you get to do it all before summer is over!