The Summer Shag

Friday, August 15, 2014

I had about ten really great post ideas for today in an effort to make up for my absence yesterday. (Trust me guys, they were going to be life changing posts for sure.) But then I woke up with what feels like a lump in the back of my throat the size of a softball. I've been putting off this cold for almost a week now, although today I'd almost go so far to say it feels like strep throat... But I don't want to say that. Because I don't have time for strep right now.

On top of this fun little sickness for some reason the past few days I've only been sleeping about two hours per night. And I'm usually an 8-9 hours per night kind of girl. I never have trouble sleeping so I have no idea what's going on. I feel tired all day but then when I go to bed I just lay there and think about everything I have coming up in the next few weeks or everything I have to do and suddenly I can't sleep. Maybe it's like a mid-late twenties crisis I'm going through or something? Back-to-school time always makes me a bit crazy so that would make sense.

What I'm saying is I'm just feeling too crappy at the moment to bring you those life changing posts. I'm know, I'm disappointed in myself as well.

Anyway, I made a quick trip back to Nebraska while Chris jets off to Vegas for the weekend for the first big bachelor party he's attended.. It will be a miracle if all of the guys he went with come home in one piece. Don't get me wrong I love his friends, but this specific group is wild. Like really wild. And I'm just nervous they're going to end up in jail or the hospital or another country. Weirder stuff has happened to these guys before. Trust me when I say they have stories you wouldn't believe. I just can't think about it. I gave Chris a big hug before he left and said don't lose your phone and try to call me at least once.  At this point the last time I heard from him was 6:00 p.m. yesterday (when he had just landed.) I'll keep you posted.

And now a look at my "wild" past few days.

I feel like this photo sums up my relationship with Harlow. I coddle him and he's always annoyed with me.

But seriously, why does he refuse to sit on the ground like a real dog?

I take that back, when smores are around he'll sit on the ground.

Lola has the same face here as Harlow in the top photo.

And I can't come home without doing a quick photo shoot, obviously. I'm starting to call my new 'do the summer shag. "They look like curtains." That was my mom's first response when she saw my bangs. Moms are the best.

V-neck can be purchased here. 

And on that note, I'm off to see the children's doctor I've been seeing since I was a baby. What a great Friday I'm having. I'd much rather be in Nebraska at the children's doctor than in Vegas.

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  1. awe I hope you don't have strep throat!! No body has time for that. And I hope Chris comes home in one piece and a clean record (;

  2. Vizslas refuse to sit on the ground :) Much too regal. I love it.

  3. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that tee! Lol! I grew up in Nebraska and I still get a little crazy when football season comes around. Might have to order that!

  4. Commenting on my phone sucks. I'm sorry you're sick- at least you're with your mom, that cuts sick time down by half. Science.

  5. Love the shirt! Hope you feel better soon.

  6. What is strep throat I have heard of it but not a term we use in Australia.....................but I hope you do not have it

  7. I was starting to think you're getting the raw end of the Nebraska, Vegas weekend deal and then I saw all those sweet photos of Har Har <--sorry I just went there. Hardy Har Har---too far? Anyway...and THEN I saw the photo of sweet Lola and she is probably the best thing since individual pepperoni bites. We all know sliced bread is overrated.

  8. curtains?! hahahaha. i cut my bangs wayyyyy to short and now i look like a dweeb. pretty sure taza is the only one who can pull off that style, much to my disdain. also my dog is super annoyed with me always as well. while waiting for my husband to get home, we had an improptu photoshoot at the kitchen table and you can see the hatred eminating from her eyes hahaha. i feel ya sista!
    the little diary

  9. Hope you feel better very soon my friend!

  10. That picture of you and Harlow is priceless, haha! I love it!

  11. Ah being sick sucks, get better soon! Lot's of Harlow cuddles to keep you happy? ;)